Omaha Restaurants

Being the largest city in the State of Nebraska, Omaha undoubtedly has several eateries and restaurants that are designed to cater for the large population of around 450,000 persons. These Omaha restaurants can be categorized into the following types depending on their nature:

Ethnic Restaurants

These are restaurants that specialize in ethnic cuisines. They include Greek restaurants such as Jim & Jennie’s Greek Village, Feta’s Restaurant and Greek Islands Restaurants; Italian restaurants such as Vincenzo’s Ristorante, Malara’s Italian Restaurant, and Bravo! Cucina Italiana; and Chinese restaurants such as: Three Happiness Express, Panda House Restaurant and Jade Garden e.t.c.

Fast Food Restaurants

These are self-service eateries that operate at high speed. The customers typically pay for the food first after which they carry them from the counter to their seats on their own. Examples include: Runza Restaurant, Fazoli’s Restaurant, and Long John Silver’s e.t.c.


These are informal restaurants that mainly deal in hot light meals and snacks such as: sandwiches, snacks, pastries, cakes, soft drinks, and confectioneries. Examples of cafes in Omaha, Nebraska include: Bohemian Café, 11-Worth Café, and Old Fashioned Garden Café.

Brasserie and Bistro

These are premium restaurants that feature smaller eating spaces, finely-decorated interiors, fewer dining tables and seats, and finer foods which are usually charged at higher prices. They include: Dario’s Brasserie, Wave Bistro Restaurant, and Mediterranean Bistro e.t.c.


These are special restaurants that mainly specialize in the provision of barbecue cuisines such as grilled meats, roasted foods, smoked dishes e.t.c. Examples of barbecue restaurants in Omaha, Nebraska include: HartlandBar-B-Que, Beyond BBQ, and Jim’s Rib Haven e.t.c.

Buffet and Smorgasbord

These types of restaurants provide a variety of foods at fixed prices. The persons intending to eat pay a fixed amount of money after which they walk around and serve themselves the combination and quantity offood they desire. They include: A+ Buffet, Grand China Buffet, International Buffet, Cici’s Pizza, Golden Coral e.t.c.


These are restaurants that offer almost exclusively coffee and other beverages as well as light snacks such as cakes, pastries, sandwiches e.t.c. Examples of coffeehouses in Omaha, Nebraska include: Aromas Coffeehouse,Scooter’s Coffeehouse, and Howlin’ Hounds Coffee e.t.c.


As can be concluded from the foregoing discussions, Omaha restaurants are innumerable and are also of diverse kinds. It is therefore incumbent upon the individual who wishes to utilize any of them to conduct a thorough due diligence in order to ascertain the one that closely mirrors his expectations.

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