The Sporting Landscape of Omaha

The Sporting Landscape of Omaha

The sporting landscape of Omaha is evergreen with its variety, vigor and verve. The Omaha people are great sports enthusiasts. Therefore, the sports heritage of Omaha is an inseparable part of its cultural identity. In fact, Omaha and Omaha sports have flourished reciprocally. As the city has grown rapidly over the decades so has its sports culture.

Famous for its College Sports
Omaha is famous for its college sports. If you want to see college baseball at its best, you should come to Omaha. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) organizes Baseball championship in Omaha every year during the months of May and June. The Championship is a battle between the top 64 baseball teams in USA representing different colleges and universities to secure the best inter-college baseball team title. The tournament culminates in what is known as the College World Series (CWS) played in June every year since 1950. Although the format of the tournament has changed a number of times over the last several decades, what has not changed is the frenzy and excitement associated with it.

Home to Significant Sporting Events
A number of national and international sporting events take place in different arenas and sports parks of Omaha. Aksarben’s Rivercity Rodeo, the second largest rodeo in the world, is organized in Omaha every year. If you want to watch the top golfers of America fight to the finish, then you should not miss the Cox Classic, one of the major golf tournaments of USA held in Omaha every year since 1996. The city of Omaha has earned the distinction of being home to some grand sporting events of late such as the Swimming trials of the Summer Olympics 2008 and 2012 which were held in the Century Link Center in Omaha. These events along with athletic meets and other professional sports events are organized by the Omaha Sports Commission which is a quasi-governmental organization.

International Sporting Figures from Omaha
Omaha has produced many a sportsperson of international repute. The famous Baseball star Bob Williams who has won the World Series title twice was born in Omaha. It is also home to Gregg Olson, another major-league baseball player. Ron Prince, the famous American football coach belongs to Omaha. Many other internationally known sporting figures in various domains have their origin in Omaha. Gale Sayers, Johnny Rogers, Nile Kinnick, Eric Crouch are some of the famous names.

Varied Domains
Omaha has shined in almost all the sports domains of America. It registered its name in the US basketball history in 1972 by becoming the second home to the Cincinnati Royals, a major-league sports team of the country. The Omaha Storm Chasers, a minor baseball club, is affiliated to the Kansas City Royals, a major-league baseball team. Omaha has also made a name in domains like Ice Hockey, Soccer, Women’s Football, Women’s Volleyball, Wrestling, Swimming and so on.

Recreational Sports for Adults
As sports is blended into the way of life in Omaha, there is much scope for recreational sports meant for adults. People above the age of eighteen can join the Adult Sport League by applying to City Wide Sports, a conducting body of such events. City Wide Sports has the authority to give permits for sporting venues within the city of Omaha. For the adult leagues, it generally selects schools and community centers as venues. People either join competitions or play just for the sake of playing. The schedule can be obtained online or form the office of City Wide Sports.

Some famous sports facilities in Omaha are Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium, Morrison Stadium, Omaha Civic Auditorium to name a few. Omaha has as many as 225 sports fields including separate fields for baseball, rugby, soccer, cricket, softball and so forth. You will find some of the finest golf courses in Omaha. There are numerous parks and public gardens such as the Horsemen’s Park, where sporting events are organized by external sports bodies and sporting clubs with prior permission from City Wide Sports. The city voters created the Metropolitan Entertainment and Convention Authority (MECA) in 2000 to maintain the Century Link Center.

Over the years, Omaha has been setting international standards in the area of sports infrastructure, facilities, sponsorship and display of sporting talent. There are events taking place throughout the year. In summer, there is baseball in the air. Around fall, you have golf and other sports to watch out for. In winter through spring, you can see a number of adult leagues coming up in different domains. There is something or the other going on at any given point of time. That is why Omaha attracts a huge number of sports tourists every year from different parts of the world. You can also plan a trip if you are a sports enthusiast.

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