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Emergency dental care is crucial for many reasons. Severe tooth pain can affect your work and ruin an important planned event for the day. If you have someone to contact for immediate dental care, you do not have to endure hours of pain and discomfort.

Baltimore Emergency Dental Pros has been serving people in the city and areas nearby for many years. We are known for our 24 hour and affordable dental emergency services. Our patients come to us for their knocked-out teeth, severe tooth pain, broken dentures, loose crowns, lost fillings, and other urgent dental concerns.photo of a boy dental patient with dentist

Many people come to Baltimore to enjoy the variety of food and the beautiful Baltimore water front. Dental care is just one of Baltimore’s top industries. From unique cuisines to top-of-the-line dentistry experts, you have your pick of the best whenever you need a product or service. If you are looking for emergency dental care, contact our emergency dentist for fast, professional treatment.

We are proud to say that our emergency dentists are skilled, licensed, and experienced in a variety of dental specialties. They are well versed in handling common dental emergencies and can surely provide treatment for trauma or severe gum infection. Baltimore Emergency Dental Pros is your best choice for emergency care.

Once your dental care has been completed, you may pay using dental insurance, credit card, or cash. Whether you are in Maryland or other parts of Baltimore, our services are available for you and your loved ones. We offer a variety of dental services at affordable prices, which sets us apart from most dental providers.

For appointments, contact our local hotline or visit our office. Our emergency room is always open for patients in Baltimore, Maryland, and areas nearby. Call now to get expert urgent care from our emergency dentists.

With or Without An Appointment – Our Team Has You Covered

Our accessibility 24 hours a day is the real value to our patients. We offer our patients same-day appointments and our team will make you pain-free as soon as possible. Our staff is trained to provide efficient and compassionate emergency dental care services.

If you are in Maryland and dealing with a dental emergency such as a knocked-out tooth or mouth injury, contact our local office immediately. We will get you into our emergency room right away, regardless of whether you have an advanced appointment. Our team of emergency dentists in Baltimore is always on standby to give you the prompt urgent care you need.

We understand dental emergencies happen at the most unexpected times. Your regular dentist is unlikely to be available at midnight to examine a broken tooth or gum infection. Time is never an issue with Baltimore Emergency Dental Pros. Our patients can visit our office, with or without an appointment, for urgent care treatment.

Our team of dentistry experts will take care of any pain caused by mouth injury, knocked-out teeth, trauma, and more. You can see us Monday or Saturday, or if you prefer regular business hours, Thursday or Friday, with no worries at all. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide you and your family quality emergency care.

For same-day appointments, please call our emergency hotline in Baltimore, MD. Our emergency dentist will deliver the dental care you need. Don’t wait for the following Monday to have our dentistry expert treat that infection or injury. Keep your mouth, teeth, and gums healthy. Contact our friendly staff today.

Common Dental Emergencies in Baltimore, MD

Not all dental issues are considered emergencies. Some can be remedied by over-the-counter drugs and do not need the expertise of an emergency dentist. But if you have a knocked-out tooth, infected gums, broken teeth, loose crown, or severe bleeding, then you need to get treatment immediately.

We have listed below some common emergencies that require urgent dental services. Baltimore Emergency Dental Pros is here to help, so call us and let us schedule that appointment immediately.

Tooth Infection (Severe Toothache)

Unbearable pain in your tooth can indicate a deep cavity. A tooth infection can lead to days of disturbing and persistent pain. But there is no reason to wait when you can see our emergency dentistry experts in Baltimore right away.

Our team will do a thorough check of your teeth and mouth to identify possible tooth decay or infection. A tooth filling or root canal therapy is a common treatment for such cases. If you want results, schedule an appointment with our emergency dentist in Baltimore, MD. We will ensure you get the dental care you need.

Gum Bleeding and Swelling

Traumatic dental injuries can cause swelling and bleeding of the gums. These often happen if you are active in sports like boxing or football. When an activity involves running or jumping, the possibility of getting a mouth injury, even at the Port Discovery Children’s Museum, is relatively high. Gum bleeding from lacerations can be caused by accidents, eating habits, or food intake. If bleeding continues or is accompanied by acute pain, call our dentistry experts as soon as possible.

Please don’t put your oral health in danger. Let our emergency dentist disinfect and suture the affected area for proper healing. You never want a dental injury or ongoing problem to escalate into a severe infection of the gums. Please call our office today and speak to our friendly staff for immediate care.

Knocked-Out or Broken Teeth

A knocked-out tooth can be the result of an oral injury or accident. This can be painful and requires the expertise of a dentistry professional. If you can, recover the lost tooth and avoid handling the root. Bring your knocked-out tooth to our office in Baltimore, MD right away. Time is of the essence if you want to save your natural tooth. Our licensed and friendly dentist will take care of your knocked-out or broken teeth, so be sure to call for dental services as soon as possible.

Lost Crown or Filling

When a crown or tooth filling loosens, you may need to seek emergency care. Only a certified dentist should attempt to treat this condition. A filling can dislodge from your tooth if the tooth is affected by decay and has changed its shape. When this happens, you or your family member should visit or call our office and get a quick repair.

Emergency Dental Pros in Baltimore, Maryland

Your oral health is essential, so visit us any hour of the day or week. We are always open and never closed, so rest assured we can accommodate you whenever you need a service call.

What Do You Do During a Dental Emergency?

The only thing you have to keep in mind when dealing with an emergency is not to panic and see our dentist as soon as possible. Contact us to get advice from your dental professional on basic remedies for a knocked-out tooth, crown problem, or other oral conditions. We suggest you call us to better understand the steps necessary to handle your dental emergencies.

Any dental emergency is painful, so it’s best if you stay calm and alert. A regular oral check-up with our emergency dentist can help you avoid dental emergencies as much as possible. Our schedule allows you to set an appointment on Friday, Saturday, or whenever you are available.

Emergency Dental Pros offer 24-hour services, accepts insurance, and covers the greater Baltimore, Maryland area. Contact us today and leave your dental health in the hands of our experts.

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