3 Tips For Taking Care of Your Teeth While Traveling

Taking care of your choppers while on the move can be tricky. It really isn’t that hard but we find ourselves failing to take proper care of our teeth when traveling because of poor planning… and feeding! As if forgetting to pack your toothbrush or some dental floss isn’t enough, you gobble down on everything you can get your hands on along the way. That’s a No-No…

There are simple tricks you can use to ensure that you maintain proper oral hygiene even when it’s impossible to brush your teeth as often as required in a day (at least after every major meal… which is about 3 times). In addition to bacteria that attacks your teeth due to eating sugary food stuff (sometimes causing stinky breathe!), there are foods and beverages that discolor your teeth.

So what do you do when traveling to ensure that your teeth are having just as much fun as you are? How do you prepare before starting the trip?

Tip #1: Plan and Pack Wisely

The first thing to do before leaving your home for any journey is checking whether everything is packed. Prepare a list to help you remember what to bring with you if that would help. Cross off every item you pack to keep track of what’s already in the bag and what’s yet to be packed.

The number one thing to remember is your toothbrush. You can also pack dental floss rolls if available. The other important thing you must have at all times right from the time you leave your home is water! Thing will work even better if you can have some mouth wash with you especially if you won’t find enough time to service your teeth throughout the day.

Did you know that you need to check whether your insurance is in order before traveling just in case of emergencies?

Katie Dillon from La Jolla is one creative writer and she highlights a few things each traveler must always be aware of with regard to oral hygiene while on the move. Here are some of her views:

6 Tips for Good Dental Health While Traveling

Having gone through my fair share of mini travel toothbrushes as well as the ones that are complimentary plane or hotel amenities, there is just no replacement for packing your own. While complimentary options are much appreciated, these toothbrushes usually hard and don’t do the job as well. Plus, people with sensitive teeth need soft or extra soft brushes.


Forgetting a toothbrush and floss happens. When it does, buy suitable replacements…

…It is always good to understand what kind of dental and health insurance coverage you may or may not have while on vacation, just in case of an emergency. Plenty of reasonably priced plans can supplement your current policy. Accidents do happen, even with your teeth… find out more oral hygiene traveling tricks


Tip #2: Watch What You Put in Your Mouth!

Everyone enjoys eating when traveling… I mean who doesn’t? But be warned, what you put in your mouth with limited time for proper dental hygiene can be detrimental (in the long run i.e. plaque and decay on in the short run i.e. bad breathe). One of our most prominent dental practitioners tells us that “most of the foods we enjoy chewing on or drinking when traveling can also stain our teeth terribly and take that bright smile away!” Chocolate, coffee, berries, wine and some habits like smoking can really stain your teeth.

The best way to keep a clean mouth and almost clean teeth without brush or flossing is by rinsing your mouth with clean water every time you chew on something. You can also chew on sugarless gum or an apple. The WebMD website has shared some nice tips on how to take care of your teeth in general and this also applies to your vacation time. Here are 16 tips to keep your mouth clean and fresh all day, every day:

Slideshow: 10 Secrets to Brighter, Whiter Teeth

The deep color of these fruits and veggies gives them their nutritional punch. But blueberries, blackberries, and beets leave their color on teeth as well. Eat up for your health, and prevent tooth stains by:

* Brushing teeth immediately after eating.
* Rinsing your mouth with water.


Find out more on maintaining a white smile


Tip #3: Some Gum Will Please…!

Rembering to pack a few minty flavored gum can save you some really embarassing moments. In addition to fresh breathe, chewing gum collects the food particles stuck on your teeth to help you maintain a clean dental profile. In fact, related medical study has proven that chewing is just about as effective as flossing.

On this video from the DNews channel, Amy Shira Teitel breaks down the importance of chewing gum and how it helps you keep a clean healthy bacteria free mouth! Watch and listen as Amy gives you clear facts on oral health and the advantages of chewing gum:

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