Reliable Emergency Dentists in Charleston, SC

There’s a reason why a dental emergency is considered an emergency. Your chances of making a complete and painless recovery increases the sooner you visit our clinic for treatment. Ignoring a toothache may result in a tooth extraction rather than a tooth saving root canal.happy dentist in a clinic photo

Time is of the essence when an emergency arises, so call our office immediately if you need urgent dental care.

When you come to our office for urgent dental care, here’s what you can expect:

World Class Dental Work

Emergency Dental Pros takes pride in mentoring and training our highly skilled emergency dental care experts. Training is regularly updated and each dentist is exposed to a variety of emergency dentistry procedures.

Every emergency dentist – Charleston is expert at resolving common dental emergencies. Many of our dentists are certified by the American Dental Association. They can resolve a variety of dental emergencies such as a broken tooth, severe pain, a chipped tooth, mouth infection, swelling, and more.

We equip our oral health experts with the tools to ensure that your emergency treatment is delivered smoothly and efficiently. We understand waiting time could be crucial. We minimize any delays with our prompt emergency dental care service.

Your dental health is as vital as your general well-being. So when a dental emergency strikes, don’t waste time. Call our emergency dentist. Do not settle for just any dental care facility. You deserve only the best, and Emergency Dental Pros is known for our world-class dental services.

Be at Ease Before and After Treatment.

Dental emergencies are terrible. They could be a real nightmare for someone dealing with it for the first time.

We understand the pain and discomfort that accompanies a dental emergency, but you can count on us to see you right away. From the moment you arrive at our dental office, our friendly staff will make sure you are comfortable while you wait for our Charleston dentist.

There are times when taking x-rays will be necessary to ensure we can properly determine the cause of your bleeding and identify any possible infections. Even if you are a new patient, you have nothing to worry about. We treat our current and new patients with the same great service.

While you wait for our dentist in Charleston, SC, you can relax on one of our couches, watch TV, read the latest news or browse through our magazines.Emergency Dental Pros in Charleston, South Carolina

Our staff will call you right away once our dentist is ready to see you.

Great Treatment and Flexible Payment Options

Some patients are hesitant to seek emergency dental care over concerns about their budget. Even patients that have dental insurance will sometimes hesitate to set an appointment for an infected tooth because of concerns about extra or hidden charges. That is not a problem with Emergency Dental Pros.

Our team offers the best and most reasonable emergency dental care services in Charleston, South Carolina. We provide relief for toothaches, loose fillings, broken dentures, bleeding gums, and other dental emergencies without straining your bank account.

Yes, urgent dental care comes with a price, but it doesn’t need to be overly expensive. We provide a free estimate, upfront pricing, and flexible payment terms to all our patients. So don’t hesitate to call our practice for urgent dental care, whether it’s tooth decay, on and off tooth pain, a broken tooth, or gum infection.

No patient should suffer just because they are concerned about the cost of their emergency dental treatment.

A warm water rinse, cold compress, or pain reliever could surely help, but this won’t eliminate the risk of infection. If you have a dental complication, contact our team in Charleston, SC, for further treatment options.

Skip the Emergency Room – Request an Appointment!

Call our practice if you are dealing with any of the following:

  • Broken Teeth
  • Root Canals
  • Missing Crown or Filling
  • On and Off Toothache
  • Bleeding and Swelling
  • Cracked or Fractured Teeth
  • Damaged Soft Tissues of the Mouth
  • Other Dental Emergencies

Knocked-out teeth can occur while eating your favorite food or playing at West Ashley Park. When this happens, we recommended you contact our office in Charleston and schedule an appointment immediately.

If an immediate appointment is impossible, get to us as soon as you can. In most cases, a same-day appointment is best to ensure a minor dental issue doesn’t escalate into emergency dental care.

Don’t wait. Visit our office or contact us to schedule an appointment. Our experts will take great take care of your teeth, gums, and mouth.

Your oral health is a priority. See us today!

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