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Are you in need of a dentist to work on your broken tooth? Is the pain bothering you day and night? If so, you need fast relief! Dental emergencies need immediate treatment, and only a 24/7 emergency dentist can give you that. If you have a dental emergency, our dentists have the solution.dentist checking dental patient record photo

Not all emergencies happen during normal office hours, but that’s not a problem with Emergency Dental Pros. Our dental care experts are available 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week. You can call our dentist for help with a broken tooth during or after business hours or drop by our dental office.

Any pain or bleeding involving your gums and teeth is considered a dental emergency. When you have urgent dental needs, our professional dentist in Chesapeake, VA 23322, is here for you and your entire family.

A chipped tooth, broken brace wire, severe toothache, loose tooth filling, root canal infection, and injury are just some of the common dental emergencies dealt with by our emergency dentists.

Every dentist on our team understands the urgency of a dental emergency. Chesapeake, VA Emergency Dental Pros has competitively priced dental services and patient-focused professional dentists.

Our licensed dentists are highly skilled in family dentistry, cosmetic procedures, and emergency room treatment. Our local dentist will address your situation and alleviate your pain immediately.

Visit our dental office or call us right away for urgent care. Dental pain treatment is what we do, and we are happy to schedule a same-day appointment for you. Our emergency dentists will get you into our emergency room at 8 00 am or 8 00 pm to provide the relief you need.

How to handle a dental emergency?

It is impossible for patients to prepare for dental emergencies because they happen when you least expect them. You might be enjoying a day at the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science center when you suddenly realize you have a broken tooth or cracked crown. Or maybe you are asleep at home and are awoken by a sharp tooth pain in your mouth.

These situations are indeed terrifying, but you can effectively handle everything with these helpful tips from our dentist:

  • Call an emergency dentist immediately: Do not wait for the situation to get worse before you call our emergency dentistry expert. Priority is always given to our emergency patients. Our dentist will schedule a same-day appointment to stop the bleeding and get you relief. Our emergency dentistry experts are always available to answer your questions over the phone.
  • Submit yourself for X-rays and an Oral Examination: Upon your scheduled appointment, our family dentistry specialist or emergency dentist will advise you to undergo a series of tests and an x-ray to thoroughly check your mouth and identify the cause of your toothache, oral injury, knocked-out tooth, etc.
  • Wait for findings and final recommendations: Our team of experts will go over your results and come up with the best treatment so you can get the relief you need. Rest assured these recommendations are not meant to be temporary. They are designed as permanent solutions to prevent future dental emergencies. The estimated costs and duration of treatment are also included for your reference.
  • Get treated ASAP: Treatments vary depending on the severity of your dental emergency. Patients can expect our dental emergency experts to provide urgent solutions the same day they drop by for help. Emergency extractions, dental fillings, root canal therapy, and same-day crown restorations are just some of the treatments we recommend to patients.

When to schedule an emergency appointment?

Dental emergencies can strike any time, and sometimes there is not much you can do to prevent them. Knowing the methods to control bleeding and relieve pain is helpful but is that enough? Not in some cases.

Most patients don’t know how to deal with a severe dental issue. When in doubt, patients can check our dental services through our website or contact our emergency dentistry expert as soon as possible.

Even minor pain can be a sign of severe tooth infection. A dental emergency needs immediate treatment, and our team is here to help. A home remedy can provide temporary relief for painful gums but it should not be confused with proper oral health treatment.

Contact us whenever you have a chipped tooth, dental injury, knocked-out tooth, or lost filling. Don’t wait, call us and schedule an appointment with our emergency dentistry expert in Chesapeake, VA.Emergency Dental Pros in Chesapeake, Virginia

Your dental health is our priority. Whether it’s a problem with your teeth or swelling in your gums, you can contact our Chesapeake office immediately.

Is emergency dental care expensive?

The cost of emergency dental care services varies. Of course, it depends on the procedure the patient needs. For instance, a tooth extraction will cost less than root canal therapy because a specialist is needed to perform the latter.

Our dental care expert will examine the patient to identify the proper procedure before finalizing a dental plan to address the problem. Treatment options are discussed with the patient and dental insurance coverage is reviewed to determine if the cost can be covered.

General dental care appointments are not expensive. Sometimes our emergency dental care expert only requires an examination to decide whether your painful toothache needs a same-day extraction or a simple antibiotic prescription to treat tooth infection.

Call Our Office For An Emergency Appointment

Urgent dental problems require immediate attention. Using pressure and a clean piece of gauze to stop your knocked-out teeth from bleeding is a good start but you can’t stop there.

For urgent dental concerns, we encourage you to contact our office for immediate service. Whether you need help with your impaired braces, damaged teeth, or serious gum disease, our team will exhaust all means to treat you as soon as possible.

Emergency dentistry is our expertise. We will ensure that we address your problem and get you the appropriate dental care service when you need it.

Get in touch with us today, and our team will have you pain-free in no time!

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