Emergency Dentistry in Durham, NC

Broken teeth, gum bleeding, an infected root canal, and severe toothache are just some of the conditions that qualify as a dental emergency. A lost crown or tooth filling are also dental issues that require treatment as soon as possible.

Symptoms of severe pain, continuous bleeding, swelling, or unusual discomfort are absolutely dental emergencies. Whenever you are dealing with a dental emergency, it’s best to call our emergency dentist. Durham Emergency Dental Pros will get you the urgent treatment you need immediately.

Not all dental offices cover night hours, but our team does. We want to assure our patients that a skilled team of emergency dentists is on standby to provide emergency dental services even after midnight.

Come see us in the morning or even after working hours. Our dentist is eager to provide help at a time convenient to you.

Same-day Appointments with Our Emergency Dentist

Going through a dental emergency is never easy. A knocked-out tooth, for instance, can cause a patient acute pain and discomfort. Sudden or significant oral pain needs urgent dental care, so contact us through phone or email to see one of our Durham dental experts. For common dental emergencies, visit our dental office in Durham, NC, or call us on our toll-free number.dentist performing root canal photo

You can often schedule an appointment with our dentist in Durham, NC, the same day you encounter a broken tooth, gum infection, lost filling, dental injury, or sudden toothache. Patients can contact us for emergency dental care any time the need arises.

Emergency Dental Pros understands the urgency of treating a lost dental filling or severe tooth pain. Let us know whenever you need emergency dental care and we will squeeze you in for a same-day appointment.

Give us a call, to get the care you need right away.

Round the Clock Emergency Dental Care

Patients in North Carolina can visit our emergency dentist for emergency dental care any time of the day. Our dental office is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can visit us on a Monday, Friday or even on a busy weekend.

We have 24-hour dentists ready to treat your bleeding gums, swelling jaw, broken teeth, and more. Regardless if you are a new or old patient, we can accommodate your emergency dental care needs during and after business hours. Our team is well known as a top provider of round-the-clock emergency dentistry in Durham, North Carolina.

Call our Durham dental office and let our dentist know your symptoms. They will determine the severity of your dental emergency and decide whether immediate treatment is necessary; if so, our dentist will schedule same-day dental care for you or your family. Our goal is to provide pain relief as soon as possible.

What to do in a dental emergency?

A knocked-out tooth, severe toothache, lost dental crown or oral trauma require emergency dental care. We understand dental emergencies happen at the most unexpected times. That’s why we offer patients in Durham, NC emergency services 24 hours a day.

Our rule of thumb is anything that causes unusual oral pain is a dental emergency. However, some patients are torn about whether they should contact their family dentistry expert, go to an emergency room or settle for a home remedy.

Whenever you are dealing with a mouth injury, lost crown, knocked-out tooth, or anything causing tooth pain, you should call Emergency Dental Pros immediately. It is essential t0 get immediate care from a licensed and experienced dental emergency expert to restore your oral health. This will also protect your teeth and gums from further injury, infection, or complications.

If you are dealing with a knocked-out or broken tooth, hold it by the crown (without touching the root of the tooth). Rinse the tooth in clean water and keep it moist by placing it back in its socket or in a container of cold milk. Do not wait hours or the following Monday before taking action. Call us to set an appointment as soon as possible.

You can treat some emergency dental issues at home while waiting for your appointment with our team. For excessive bleeding of the gums, you may use clean cotton balls, gauze, or apply pressure with a clean towel. You can also place a bag of ice against your cheek to reduce swelling and take over-the-counter meds to treat tooth pain.

Most importantly, make sure to call us for a same-day dental appointment and head to our dental office right away for urgent care. Never delay treatment until Friday or next weekend. Your oral health is too important to wait. Any issue concerning your teeth, gums, or mouth can put you or your family at risk.

The longer you delay treatment, the greater the chance of getting an oral infection or further complications. Phone our team to get the dental care you need as soon as possible. Call our emergency dentist in Durham today.

Are emergency dental services more expensive?

Sometimes patients hesitate to set dental appointments because of cost. The reality is, quality dental work is not free. But, do dental emergency treatments cost more?Emergency Dental Pros in Durham, North Carolina

Typically, an urgent extraction or denture repair is more expensive than the typical family dentistry procedure. It makes sense that routine teeth cleaning costs less than an emergency dental care procedure. Some insurance plans cover a cracked tooth or lost filling and routine cleanings. It all depends on your plan.

Emergency dental rates vary depending on the complexity of the procedure. Dental emergencies come in different forms and are rarely the same. A tooth abscess treatment, for instance, is more complex than a broken tooth procedure. So it’s safe to say the fees you pay for emergency dental care treatment of your mouth, teeth, and gums are based on the severity of the injury and the work that needs to be done.

But you don’t have to worry. Durham Emergency Dental Pros offers flexible payment options. Feel free to phone us anytime convenient to you. Your smile and oral health matter. Let our experienced and friendly dentists in Durham, NC, examine your teeth and return a smile to your face.

Call Durham Emergency Dental Pros for all your family dentistry needs.

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