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We are a nationwide emergency dental organization that has helped thousands of people to get out of pain quickly. All of our scheduling is fast and easy, and it is our aim to get people in the door ASAP.

Most Common Emergency Dental Q & A

Below is a frequently asked questions section that we find familiar to most of our patients.

How can I find an emergency dentist near me open now?

Only call in, and we will connect you with the most suitable dentist in your area that is open today. Since 2012, we have connected hundreds of patients who need urgent dental care to the right experts. We run a system that is up to date, and we continually deliver with precision. Once you come on board our service range, you do not need to worry about locating the best emergency dentist near you.

What If they don’t take my insurance?

We’ve got you covered! We will match you correctly with emergency dentists who take your insurance and will make sure you get the care that you need.

Emergency Dental Near MeIs my emergency dentist open 24-hours?

Yes! We take the pains to ensure that we connect you with a dentist of urgency that will be there whenever you need it.

What constitutes a dental emergency?

A dental emergency is a dental condition usually characterized as discomfort, swelling or pain and it is usually when a patient determines that they can no longer help themselves. It is important to understand that oral health challenges do not just fix themselves or go away. If you are experiencing a symptom that falls into any of the above-named categories, you can contact us to discuss your condition.

Do you accept Medicaid (Title 19) or DSHS?

We are not DSHS providers or a title XIX (Medicaid) Provider. We have a robust system that offers several payment options including no credit check in-house financing and credit cards. You can learn more about our financing plan when you contact us today.

Is emergency dental care expensive?

We ensure that each of the emergency dentists on our range is no more expensive than most dental offices. Although, different issues may determine the cost of the emergency dental treatment; we give unmatched convenience and high-quality dentistry.

I have a broken or chipped tooth. What should I do?

The enamel is the hardest part of your body; it is the layer that covers the teeth. Despite its strength, it can fall out or fracture under extreme circumstances. Tooth decay increases the chances of a chipped or broken tooth.

If you have a broken, fractured or chipped a tooth, you may or may not experience discomfort. Even when you do not feel pain, it is important that you see a dentist. The internal and delicate areas of the tooth may be exposed to the bacteria in the mouth if it is not properly treated.

When you have a challenge in this area, time is of the essence. You must quickly contact us so you can be scheduled to see an emergency dentist.

Are you open on holidays?

We are one of the few organizations that offer holiday dental appointments. You can call us to check hours and availability of our service.

I can’t afford dental care right now. What should I do?

We try to ensure that everyone enjoys optimal dental health. Based on the various channels that we operate, you do not have to worry if you do not have the funds to pay for treatment. We have in-house financing which requires no-credit-check and we have several different financing options. If you have questions about our financing or payment plans, you can contact us today.

What does indemnity basis mean?

We accept nearly all dental insurance plans on an indemnity basis. This means that we contact your insurance provider to determine your out-of-pocket costs, co-pay, and your coverage. If we are unable to contact your insurance company, we give options for you to pay for your treatment. We usually give you the total cost of therapy before the procedure begins.

What happens if I lose a tooth filling?

Once this happens, it is important to contact an emergency dentist. There are short-term measures you can use to ease the pain such as getting medication from a pharmacy. The use of Sugar-free gum can also be used to cover the cavity on a very short term basis. If the cavity is left unattended to for a long time, it can lead to infections and other dental complications.

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