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Tooth sensitivity, painful toothaches, and knocked-out teeth happen when you least expect. It can hit while traveling to Hendricks Park or during an important meeting at work. Dental emergencies are unavoidable. When you need a dentist immediately, Emergency Dental Pros can help.senior dental patient smiling after operation photo

Do not suffer in silence. Call us for quick and reliable emergency dentistry services. We handle common dental emergencies every day, so you can trust our emergency dentists to treat your broken tooth, root canal infection, loose filling, tooth pain, lost crown, and more. Patients with dental concerns should call our office and speak to our Eugene emergency dentistry expert right away.

When a dental emergency strikes, the pain and discomfort can be hard to bear. Bleeding gums are often accompanied by swelling and pain, leading to nights or weeks of suffering. If your gums are sore, swelling, or bleeding, it’s possible you have a root canal infection. An infected root canal is a serious dental emergency that requires immediate treatment.

We deal with dental emergencies every single day. Our dentists are trained to provide immediate attention and deliver same-day treatment when our schedule allows. Our friendly staff will schedule an appointment and review your available payment options. When it comes to our patient’s budgets, we want to be as flexible as possible.

If necessary, you may use measures such as a warm water rinse, cold compress, or over-the-counter medicine for temporary relief. Our dental emergency experts are trained to carefully inspect your teeth and conduct detailed examinations using digital x-rays.

Emergency room trips are not the best way to handle broken teeth or severe oral pain. If there is no medical emergency, contact our dental office and schedule an appointment. Call Emergency Dental Pros for prompt dental care and long-term solutions. You can check our website to learn more about the emergency and other dental services we provide.

Our Emergency Dentistry Services

It is essential to be able to gauge whether an oral problem requires an urgent trip to the dental clinic, or not. Knowing when to contact us for emergency dental care will keep you and your family’s teeth safe and prevent further damage.

Some dental issues can wait but move severe problems need urgent care, not just a temporary measure.

If you or your loved one is suffering from any of the dental emergencies below, do not wait for the next day. Set a dental appointment with our emergency dentist immediately.

  • Toothache 
  • Chipped Teeth 
  • Mouth Infection 
  • Lost Fillings 
  • Gum Bleeding
  • Missing Crowns
  • Broken Denture
  • Jaw Pain or Swelling 
  • Dental Trauma 
  • Other Common Dental Emergencies 

While some dental problems can wait until the next day, we suggest you contact our dental clinic to have our dentists address your crown, tooth, or other mouth issues. For a knocked-out tooth, you can store the tooth in a small container with saliva or milk and visit our clinic ASAP.

Our emergency dentists in Eugene, OR are well versed in treating problems that involve your soft tissues, root canals, and anything dental. Existing and new patients alike are welcome. Don’t suffer in silence. Call us for a same-day appointment and emergency care.

We know cost is always a concern for our patients. You can pay for your treatment with cash, card, or installment plan (with approval). If you have dental insurance, we will bill the insurance company first and review payment options if there are gaps in your coverage.

Dental Emergencies Can Be Avoided With Preventive Care

Dental Injuries, broken teeth, and gum bleeding are issues that are hard to avoid no matter how strict you are with your dental routine. But you can prevent oral emergencies if you make your dental health a priority. One way to prevent dental emergencies is to set an appointment for our dental services twice a year.

In addition to cosmetic dentistry, pediatric dentistry, and urgent care, patients can speak to our local dentist about preventive care. We perform more than just tooth extractions or root canal therapy, we also help you and other patients minimize the occurrence of cavities, abscesses, and mouth infections.

Preventive care is one of the many dental services we offer in Eugene, OR. Our dental care experts can help you learn the proper brushing and flossing techniques. Your oral health matters. We help you master the basics so you can develop a healthy dental care routine.Emergency Dental Pros in Eugene, Oregon

To keep your teeth and gums healthy, you need regular check-ups, and Emergency Dental Pros can help with that. Scheduling regular visits to our clinic allow us to you monitor your crown, dentures, and other mouth prosthetics to confirm there are no developing problems. To ensure excellent care of your teeth, schedule an appointment with our dentist for regular examinations, x rays, and cleanings.

Can a medical doctor help you diagnose and address common dental emergencies? Probably not. Generally speaking, doctors assist with medical problems like swelling in your neck. If the trauma involves your teeth, gums, or mouth, you should seek help from one of our professional emergency dentists.

We can maintain your dental health to help prevent a dental emergency. Call us anytime Monday to Sunday. Our dental offices are open with extended hours. Our on-call dentist will address your problem as soon as possible.

The Oral Care You Deserve

If you are in need of immediate attention and desire a long-term solution for your tooth problem, look no more. Our comprehensive dental services can solve your dental problem fast.

Eugene Emergency Dental Pros understands the discomfort and pain a patient will go through when they experience a severe tooth injury. Call or visit our office for help. Our dental care expert will set an emergency appointment to get you treatment as soon as possible.

Even without dental insurance, we can schedule your tooth extraction. If an extraction is necessary, we will also provide after-care treatment. We want every patient to have options. You can settle everything through cash, credit card, installment plan, or dental insurance.

Your painful tooth and other oral problems are our priority. Call our office to receive the treatment you need as soon as possible. Waiting for your regular dentist may only worsen the situation.

No matter where you are in Eugene, contact us, we have a local office nearby. We can provide instructions and basic first aid steps to temporarily address your pain. If swelling has spread to your neck or other parts of your body, we urge you to contact the nearest hospital. Let them address any potential general health complications first. After you receive medical attention, visit us to resolve your oral problems.

Every patient can expect friendly and professional treatment from our office staff even if it’s your first time seeing us. Your emergency dental concerns will be addressed promptly and efficiently.

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