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There are many different causes why a dental emergency happens. Emergencies can leave you feeling upset and uneasy, regardless of whether you have a severe toothache or other unfortunate trauma to your patient during extraction photo

Most emergencies are accompanied by sensitivity, pain, and discomfort. Because ignoring the issue can cause it to worsen over time, therapy is both advantageous and essential to your oral health. Why endure the pain when you have a trusted emergency dental care company equipped and ready to provide you immediate treatment?

Patients are frequently pleasantly surprised when they visit Emergency Dental Pros for an emergency filling, tooth repair, or emergency tooth extraction. After receiving urgent dental care treatment, patients and their families frequently choose us for their regular dental care needs. Whether a patient comes in for emergency x-rays or tooth extractions, our knowledgeable emergency dentists and our office staff creates a warm and welcoming environment for everyone.

Our dentists collaborate to provide emergency dental care services that are both practical and economical. From our friendly office staff to our highly skilled emergency dentists, you can expect excellent dental services. You will leave our Hampton office with peace of mind and assurance that you received top-notch care.

Are you a patient at Buckroe Beach and Park or other areas nearby in need of immediate treatment? Call our office today!

Emergency Dental Pros Has Your Weekends Covered

A dental emergency can happen on a Monday, a Friday, or a busy Sunday. When a broken tooth or severe pain strikes, you need a licensed and skilled emergency dentist to get immediate dental care.

There are several emergency dental care facilities in Hampton, VA, but not all of these clinics can address dental injury, gum infection, bleeding from an accident, or extreme oral pain on the weekends. Emergency Dental Pros can.

Our emergency dentistry experts are skilled and fully equipped to treat new patients experiencing oral pain and other dental emergencies. They are licensed to provide emergency dental services, including surgery, cosmetic procedures, and more.

On top of that, our dental care experts are available on the weekend. They can treat a decayed permanent tooth, lost crown, a knocked out tooth, swollen gum, and other dental emergencies. Our local dentist in Hampton, VA, can definitely see you, whether it’s an appointment today or a scheduled dental service on the weekend.

Our emergency dental care services are available every day of the week, so there isn’t any reason to delay treatments for a mouth infection, damaged or lost restorations, chipped teeth, or periodontal disease. Our business hours are from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm, Mondays to Sundays.

Not sure what to do during a dental emergency? Call our dental office immediately. We have a dental hygienist, oral surgeon, general oral health experts, and a certified emergency dentist on standby.

Your dental health is a priority. So even if you encounter that exhausting dental issue on a Saturday or Sunday, call us for an appointment immediately.

Perfect Guide to Achieve that Healthy Smile

A dental emergency can happen to anyone, but you can lessen its occurrence by maintaining a healthy oral routine. Do the following to mitigate the costs associated with emergency care:

Observe Regular Brushing

Safety protocols that include an effective oral routine, are not hard to accomplish – simply brush your teeth regularly. New patients visiting our dental office are often asked how frequently they brush their teeth, and most fail to do so at least twice per day.

Patients are advised to brush their teeth after each meal or at least two times per day. Keeping your gums, teeth, and mouth clean is important to maintaining perfect oral health.

Flossing is essential too.

Aside from regular brushing, the use of dental floss is highly recommended. Patients tend to disregard the importance of flossing, but this important routine can prevent infection. Dentists suggest you floss after every meal. This can remove food particles stuck between your teeth that could lead to decay or a dental abscess.

Eat a healthy diet.

Yes, a dental emergency such as an injury and accident can occur, but the chances of this happening are rare compared to a tooth decay problem. And do you know what contributes to that? – fatty and sugary food intake.

To avoid cracked or knocked-out teeth, you must keep them strong. We can always provide the treatment you need, but keeping your teeth and gums healthy can save you money. Limit sugar intake, avoid hard-to-chew foods and eat more nutrient rich vegetables.Emergency Dental Pros in Hampton, Virginia

See our emergency dentist every six months.

Dental emergencies are inconvenient and draining, but there are ways to prevent them from happening and visiting the emergency room isn’t one of them.

During your first visit to our dentist in Hampton, we suggest you schedule your next appointment. We do not want our patients to unnecessarily experience a dental emergency where they need immediate attention or urgent treatment from our dentist. Why wait to set an appointment? Call our Hampton dentist to schedule a same-day appointment.

It’s recommended that you schedule a visit twice a year but for urgent dental needs, call our office immediately to receive treatment fast. We will provide you with an outstanding dental experience that includes oral exams, x-rays if needed, and same-day treatment.

Are you a new patient dealing with a mouth injury or sudden dental pain? We are here for you. If you are looking for an extremely friendly dentist in Hampton, call Emergency Dental Pros!

Dental emergencies are our expertise, and we will do an excellent job of repairing your broken tooth or dental injury or replacing a missing tooth with a matching prosthetic. If you are a patient with insurance, you will be pleased to know the cost of many of our dental services are covered. Our Hampton office accepts cash, credit card, and dental insurance payments.

Do not panic when you have to deal with dental emergencies. When dental issues occur, rinse with warm water, apply a cold compress if needed and speak to our friendly front desk staff. Schedule an appointment with our dentist to receive appropriate treatment.

With or without insurance, get treatment for that painful tooth today.

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