Top Notch Holistic Dentists in Dallas

The value that we give to the health of our patients is clearly seen in the way we render our services. We place a high priority on using the most effective means to handle your dental issues. One of the things that we value is the environment, your body mechanism and all that pertains to total health. We have continued to evolve in our dental practice to make sure we align to your body’s natural healing process. As a leading name in the city of Dallas, we have enjoyed many record-breaking accomplishments. Our approach to put emphasis on nature and advanced medicine makes us second to none.

A picture of a holistic dentist in Dallas, TexasOur quest is not just to give you a good oral health treatment; we are committed to your total health. We ensure that we use bio-compatible materials that are easily assimilated by your body. We keep away from any substance that is harmful to the environment. As leading organic or green dentists as some may choose to call us, we stay away from substances such as amalgam filling. Research has proven that the amalgam filling contains mercury which is hazardous to humans and the environment. Every holistic dentist on our team has put in many years of practice.

The composite resin that we use in our fillings is BPA free. We avoid the use of traditional x-rays due to the heavy radiation that it emits. We make use of digital radiography which does not require the use of chemicals in processing it. After endodontic or surgical treatments, we can offer you cranial-sacral massage. This is a light massage of the head, face, chin and the surrounding regions in order to increase the blood flow. It is important that we work with the best tools that help you relax your facial muscles and expedite healing. We are never at loss at what to do as our many years of experience prove a viable access to giving you a great and healthy service.

Some of the things we do include:

– Dental extraction
– Tooth filling
– Root canal therapy
– Root end surgery
– Scaling and root planing
– Teeth cleaning
– Dental bonding
– Tooth polishing

Our desire is to improve the quality of life of every patient that walks through our doors. There is nothing that makes a holistic dentist your ideal partner like the ability to stand with you till you are fully healed. We have a commitment to our patients that goes beyond the treatment process. We continue to monitor and examine the state of your health till you are back in full gear. We know that our practice is making a difference and this has been further entrenched by the testimonials we get from those that we serve.

We have a plan to keep growing our base so that we can serve more individuals in the future. There is no holistic dentist in our area that can match our level of service delivery. We are glad to help you get to a full level of health and you can quickly contact us today if you have any dental health concerns.

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