Immediate Dental Care in Honolulu

No one expects a dental emergency to happen, but the truth is, it can happen anytime and anywhere. You might feel a minor toothache after eating yummy ice cream at Ala Moana, or suffer bleeding gums while participating in an extreme sport in Kapiolani, patient showing where he is having tooth ache photo

Obviously, no one wants a dental emergency. Unfortunately, it is impossible to stop one from happening. The best thing you can do is to be prepared when tooth pain occurs. We all have an idea of how to deal with a fever or how to deal with fire when it happens. But what do you do if you end up with a lost filling or broken teeth? It is easy to schedule a dental cleaning, but how do you handle a dental emergency?

It’s simple. Call an emergency dentist. Urban Honolulu Emergency Dental Pros is here to manage your pain right away. Our expertise in providing quality round-the-clock dental services is tested and proven. Any patient who has been treated in our dental office can attest to that. Our prior and current patients in Ala Moana, Waikiki Beach, Kapiolani, and other areas in Honolulu, HI vouch for us. Our staff receives great feedback as do our dentists and emergency room facilities.

As a team, we believe dental care should be accessible 24 hours a day and available to every patient in Honolulu, Hawaii. A cracked tooth may cause a patient severe pain in the middle of the night. This could escalate into a serious infection if not treated immediately. You do not have to suffer hours of pain when you have a reliable dentistry expert available 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week, including holidays.

Honolulu Emergency Dental Pros has years of experience conducting dental x rays, tooth examinations, and professional treatments. We have skilled and friendly staff ready to provide professional care so you can get the dental job you need. Our dentist will get you immediate relief and resolve your root canal problem. On top of that, our office in Honolulu is equipped with the high-end facilities we need to prevent needless hours of suffering.

There is no need to wait for Monday to get your toothache addressed. Your smile and dental health are important, so make sure to see one of our dentistry professionals as soon as possible. Even minor oral problems can cause needless suffering, so take action immediately. Call our local office in Honolulu, Hawaii, and get that beautiful smile back on your face as soon as possible.

When Should You Visit An Emergency Dentist, Urban Honolulu?

For most patients, it can be quite challenging to determine if their pain needs immediate treatment. In some cases, they might settle for an over the counter pain reliever and see a dental clinic visit as the last option. If the pain is too much to bear and managing to smile is a struggle, then we suggest you call us today, visit our office or set an appointment with our dentist right away.

Compared to some medical conditions, dental pain causes and treatments are not widely understood, so patients may not be sure whether they need immediate treatment or if it is okay to delay their visit until Sunday. Some problems with your teeth have no symptoms, so it is important every patient know the criteria to look for to easily identify a dental emergency.

If you experience the following, don’t hesitate to visit our dental office to get immediate same day service:

  • Loose Teeth – as a result of dental trauma or infection.
  • Bleeding Gums.
  • A Swollen or Numb Jaw.
  • A Chipped or Broken Tooth
  • Severe Toothache – biting down, especially when chewing, can result in sharp pain.
  • Pus in your Gums – a clear sign of dental infection.
  • Tooth Numbness.

If you experience any of the dental conditions mentioned above, you should immediately set a dental appointment or drop by our dental office in Honolulu, Hawaii. Why endure hours of suffering? Our Honolulu dentists are available 24 hours a day. If treated immediately, these highlighted symptoms can be mitigated or addressed permanently.

With early and proper diagnoses by our certified and highly experienced dental professionals, patients can lower the risk of severe infection, avoid hours of discomfort and prevent further complications. Check out our dental office near you and let one of our round-the-clock dentists take care of your health.

Essential Tips During A Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies can happen on a quiet Sunday morning or during Monday rush hours. The experience can be frightening, and the pain can be unimaginable. It can be a challenge to deal with these symptoms, but there is no need to panic. Stay calm and call a dentist as soon as possible.

To further assist our patients in Ala Moana and other parts of Hawaii, we have outlined some essential tips when dealing with an unexpected dental issue. Read on to know more about how to handle a toothache, swollen jaw, bleeding gum, etc.

Tooth and Gum Emergencies

Your teeth have a natural variance. This is very different from a knocked-out or broken tooth which can be a serious problem. In these instances, some patients panic and fail to call for immediate help. Whenever you are dealing with an emergency, the first thing you should do while waiting for your dentist is to stop the bleeding. Put pressure on your gum if you can. Place the knocked-out tooth in a bag with milk or saltwater so your doctor can reattach it. Make sure to call or visit one of our dentistry professionals immediately.

Dental Trauma and Jaw Related Emergencies

Swelling, severe pain and movement difficulty (mouth movement or biting down) can be the result of dental trauma. If you believe your jaw might be broken, you may want to use a piece of cloth to wrap around your head for support. Ice packs can be used to numb the pain. If you are on your way from Ala Moana or waiting for a call back from your dentist, observe minimal movement and refrain from moving your jaw.

Lost Fillings, Crowns, and Bridges

You could encounter a lost filling, crown, or bridge problem while you are enjoying a meal. Aggressive chewing can cause your fillings or crowns to delaminate or detach. When this happens, make sure to retrieve the crown or filling and save it. Schedule an appointment with our dentist immediately, and do not wait hours or days before taking action. If you can’t stop by our dental office, avoid applying excessive pressure to the affected teeth while waiting. Observe a liquid or soft diet until your filling or crown gets replaced.

How much will it cost me to get treatment for my broken teeth?

Occasionally patients suffering from root canal issues or other dental concerns might refuse to see a dentist because they are concerned about cost. Often, they delay their clinic appointment not because they do not have time, but because they are not sure how much it will cost to get treatment. Even though we offer premium care, you might be surprised to find the cost of our emergency dental services are very reasonable when compared to other emergency dentists.Emergency Dental Pros in  Honolulu, Hawaii

Patients with insurance do not hesitate to visit our dental clinic. The cost of care is often covered and they know our professional dentists are well equipped to do the job. If you do not have insurance coverage, you should know that an emergency visit may not cost more than a normal checkup. Furthermore, if your dental coverage does pay to repair your broken teeth, then you don’t have to worry. Contact us through our website or call our dental clinic for an appointment.

Our friendly staff of reliable professionals is available and ready to cater to patients coming from Oahu, Kapiolani Blvd, Ala Moana, and the other parts of Honolulu, including Honolulu, HI 96814. Affordability is not a problem as our dental service rates are very reasonable. A free estimate will be provided when you visit our center detailing all the possible expenses related to treating your broken tooth.

How long a procedure takes ultimately depends on how complex the dental work is. What we can tell you is, when your family arrives at our center, our 24-hour dentist will show them the same attention to detail we give to all clients in our practice. Allow us to demonstrate the skillful dental care treatment we provide our patients every day.

Call today to speak to a member of our call center staff. Get a free estimate and schedule a same-day appointment for you and your family. Do not prolong your struggle to get that broken tooth treated by our doctors. Urgent Dental Care is our expertise, so every patient in Ala Moana, Kapiolani Blvd, and other areas in Hawaii can count on us 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week.

Our 24/7 Emergency Dental Services

We provide all types of dental care services. Our staff and doctors are well versed in emergency service and cosmetic care. If you are a new patient and in need of immediate dental care, we have listed some restorative and preventive care you can call us for:

  • Denture Repair Service
  • Cyst or Abscess Procedure
  • Deep Teeth Cleanings
  • Tooth Extractions
  • Root Canal Treatments
  • Chipped and Fractured Tooth Restoration
  • Lost Crowns and Bridges
  • Lost Tooth Fillings
  • Other Emergency Services

If you encounter issues aside from the ones listed above do not hesitate to phone us or send us a message through our email address. You may visit our dental clinic using the address indicated on our website.

A Dental Emergency Can Happen Anytime, Even When Visiting Ala Moana

As we mentioned earlier, a dental emergency can happen at any time. No matter how well you care for your teeth and gums, a dental injury or trauma can hit unexpectedly. It could happen on a Saturday while participating in a Mokomoko practice or on a Sunday while you are eating a delicious meal with your family.

We understand how difficult it is to endure hours of suffering and how vital it is to get prompt service from a dedicated and licensed dentist in Honolulu, HI 96813. That is why our services are accessible 24 hours a day. We have dentistry staff on stand-by in our office, ready to provide immediate service to new and existing patients.

Whether you are a patient coming from the northern part of Hawaii or Ala Moana, our office is open for you 24 hours a day. So if you have a dental concern like an infection, severe bleeding, a cyst, abscess, lost filling, or a broken tooth, please phone our office to set an appointment.

You may visit us at our local address on a Saturday or on the same day you encounter a problem. If you’re not sure if we can help or if we can get the job done, we suggest you check our excellent reviews online. We help each patient end hours of suffering to bring out their confident smile again.

Call our office and set an appointment with our certified dentist in Honolulu, Hawaii. We are open 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week. Let us know if you have a severe infection, experienced a dental accident, or any other oral issues. We will make sure you get the dental care service you need.

Call our team immediately for any dental emergency. Even after your dental health procedure, we will be there for you if anything should go wrong with your teeth and gums.

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