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Have you ever experienced an uncomfortable zing in your tooth after eating an ice-cold pop? Maybe you were crunching on a fried taco at the Kansas Speedway when you felt a sudden pain in your teeth. Or maybe your child was hit with a baseball and chipped their tooth.happy dentist photo

These are dental emergencies that need immediate attention and the expertise of a licensed local dentist. If you are dealing with bleeding gums, do not delay treatment. Call one of our skilled emergency dentists to get help right away.

Emergency Dental Pros experts have provided emergency services to numerous patients in Kansas City, KS. You can count on us to get the job done whether you need a cosmetic procedure, general dentistry, or emergency dentistry.

Many of our emergency dentists are members of the American Dental Association. During your evaluation, they will perform a comprehensive exam using digital x-ray imaging. Their years of procedural experience performing tooth extractions, dentures, and filling replacements is your benefit.

Indeed, there are many general dentistry providers in Kansas City you can go to for cleanings and checkups, but can they provide emergency dental care when you need it?

Check the emergency dental services on our website or for faster service, see our dentist immediately. Call our office in Kansas City, KS. We are open Monday to Sunday, during and after regular business hours.

Whatever oral concerns you may have, we can help. We provide the best care modern dentistry can offer and we ensure your family’s teeth and oral health are well maintained.

Emergency Dental Care Checklist

A knocked-out tooth due to a dental accident, oral injury, severe toothache, and missing crown are just some of the common dental emergencies patients deal with every day. When any of these happen, the best course of action is to phone our dental care experts and schedule a same-day appointment.

But how do you select the best dentist for the job?

Finding a reliable emergency dental care provider isn’t easy for a new patient. Sometimes patients believe its easier to just settle for a cold compress or go to the nearest office. When you require high-quality emergency services, settling is not an option.

New patients should consider three things when trying to find the right emergency dentist. First, see if their staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Are they accommodating, accessible and thorough? If yes, go ahead and schedule an appointment with their dentist.

Second, check the list of professionals they have employed. It’s not enough that their front office staff or clinic assistants are personable. Remember, the experts who treat your mouth infection or broken tooth are their resident dentists. Choose a dentist that is certified, skilled, and experienced. This way, any treatment they recommend for your teeth and gums is likely to be accurate and effective.Emergency Dental Pros in Kansas City, Kansas

Lastly, check the services they provide. Visit their website, and ask what types of treatment and services they offer to patients.

Can they repair broken dentures? Are they skilled at treating infection and providing long-lasting relief? Can they perform tooth extractions?

Emergency Dental Pros is well known for our comprehensive emergency dental care. We staff professional and experienced emergency dental professionals. All our emergency dentist in Kansas City are certified to perform teeth extractions, root canal therapies, and chipped teeth repairs.

Whether it’s tooth pain or a gum tissue concern, you can call our office and set an appointment with our local dentist.

Our Pediatric Dentists

When should you take your child to the dentist?

It is recommended that children visit the dentist when their first tooth appears or they can see the dentist after their first birthday, whichever comes first.

Regular cleanings and checkups lower the risks of gum disease, tooth pain, root canal infection, tooth decay, and other oral problems. They are the best way to keep your child’s oral health in great condition.

When it comes to visiting an emergency dentist for a tooth examination, in most cases children will feel apprehensive. Even so, parents shouldn’t settle for remedies that offer temporary relief like a warm water rinse or cold compress when dental emergencies occur.

Do not wait for toothaches to become severe before bringing your child to our office. Unexpected oral problems happen, and when you delay treatment your loved one could suffer not only severe tooth pain, but dental complications that can lead to immediate tooth extractions.

Set an appointment with our dental emergency experts immediately so they can address the problem as soon as possible. Early treatment gives our emergency dentist the best chance to save your child’s tooth from extraction.

Are you concerned about high dental costs? Don’t worry; most dental insurance plans cover the cost of our twice-a-year dental visits.

If your child is without dental insurance, we can discuss payment options with you.

Broken Teeth? Call our Dental Emergency Expert in Kansas City.

No patient should have to tolerate pain and suffering. If you or a family member encounter problems with your teeth, dial our office phone number ASAP.

We are open seven days a week. We answer your calls every day, even after office hours. You can contact us and schedule an appointment at your convenience or drop by our dental clinic for same-day treatment.

Our dental professionals will be more than happy to address your pain and repair whatever problems you are having with your teeth.

Do not let minor dental issues become big problems. Call us today!

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