Emergency Dentists in Kansas City, MO

A simple Toothache is not as simple as it sounds. A toothache is considered a dental emergency if it interrupts your scheduled work or prevents you from functioning normally at home. You don’t need to endure this level of pain for hours just because your family dental office is closed on weekends.

Emergency Dental Pros gives you peace of mind and an assurance that we will be available to take your call, begin to relieve your pain and work on that dental emergency. We understand the urgency in treating lost crowns, broken dentures, knocked-out teeth, etc., and that’s why we are here.dentist giving cleaning services to a male patient photo

Our local office in Kansas City is open 24 hours, Monday to Sunday, for existing and new patients. You can call us at 8:00 am and set an appointment in advance or in real-time. We have reliable dentistry experts available and ready to assist patients with their root canal infections, broken teeth, lost fillings, and other dental emergencies.

Call our emergency dental experts in Kansas City, MO., and get the emergency treatment you need as soon as possible. You may visit from Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, if you prefer standard business hours but you can also call us 24 hours a day to speak with a representative to get immediate help. Seek the assistance of our DDS-certified emergency dentist for immediate relief, treatment, or extractions to begin your journey to a brighter smile.

Do You Need Emergency Dental Care?

When you feel a sharp pain in your jaw or experience severe bleeding from your gums, we  highly recommend you call an emergency dentist immediately. Kansas City Emergency Dental Pros is known for round-the-clock and high-quality emergency dental care services.

Some patients believe that home remedies can resolve their dental emergency issues. They may be concerned about the costs involved with emergency dental care. But anything can happen if you ignore the need to address your root canal problem, tooth extraction needs, or  other dental emergencies – plus delaying care can result in a more expensive treatment.

Your oral health is important to your overall physical well-being. A minor denture problem can affect your eating habits, thus affecting your health in general. A lost crown can be painful, and without the help of a dental emergency expert, you might have to endure hours of tooth pain.

Kansas City Emergency Dental Pros is here to keep your teeth clean and your mouth free of dental problems. Call our team if you require an immediate tooth extraction or a chipped tooth procedure. Every emergency patient is given priority treatment, so you are assured of quality and prompt dental care service.

Dental FAQs

Do I need to see a dentist regularly?Emergency Dental Pros in  Kansas City, Missouri

Yes. You will maintain your oral health if you see our dental expert on a regular basis. Whether it’s for teeth cleaning or an unscheduled tooth extraction, we encourage you to phone or visit our Kansas City dentist as needed.

Can I seek urgent dental care on a Sunday?

With Emergency Dental Pros, you can call us or visit our office at any time. Sunday is not a problem as we are open from Monday to Sunday. Dental emergencies happen at the most unexpected times; that is why we keep our lines open 24/7.

How can I schedule an appointment for a tooth extraction?

When you have broken teeth and require an immediate tooth extraction, don’t wait a week before you contact us to schedule your appointment. The unnecessary delay may cause far greater problems. You may bring your insurance card and visit our local office on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. If you wish to schedule a same-day appointment on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, you may call us for availability. Just dial our hotline in Kansas City, MO., and set the date.

Do you accept same-day appointments?

Unlike other companies, we are open from 8:00 am onwards. If you want to bring your children for dental work on a Thursday, you can drop by our office and get it done. We also accept most insurance coverage, another reason to avail yourself of our dental services in Kansas City, MO, any time you wish.

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