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At Emergency Dental Pros, we’re giving Macon residents a reason to smile.doctors of dentistry thumbs up photo

Our dental group was established to care for your dental emergencies. We are here to ensure you have a safe, convenient, and enjoyable place where you can discuss and address your dental needs.

Why search aimlessly for a dental clinic trying to find high-quality emergency dental care? Everything you need to address your oral health (broken tooth, gum problems, dentures, braces, etc.) is here.

Our clinics in Macon, GA are exceptionally comfortable and safe for families, even kids. If you have anxiety, fear not. Our emergency dentists will make you feel safe here.

There are no judgments or pressure. Everything is safe, accessible, and high-quality.

Our Macon, Georgia team are experts at providing prompt and affordable dental treatment. Our emergency dental services are designed for families and those with dental anxiety. So whether you need dental implants, a permanent tooth extraction, treatment for oral disease, or other dental services, tap one of our dental specialists for urgent care.

What Makes Our Emergency Dental Care Stand Out?

Dental providers are everywhere, but not all Macon dentists are equipped to handle dental emergencies. When it comes to urgent and reliable emergency dental treatment, patients regularly turn to Emergency Dental Pros.

Over the years, we have rendered emergency services to patients with a variety of dental needs. We have hygienists and oral surgeons well-versed in emergency procedures, and an urgent care dentist on stand-by, ready to help.

Our emergency dental center in Macon, GA, is equipped with the latest machinery and tools to ensure we can address any dental emergency. Our dental provider accepts scheduled and same-day appointments for emergency care regardless of whether you are a new patient or a returning patient.

Patients looking for reasons to entrust their dental health to us, should contact our office immediately and speak to our emergency dentist.

The Latest Technology

Our clinic ensures quality by using digital processes to improve your diagnosis and overall dental care experience. Using the latest technology ensures you receive quality checkups and thorough exams, and that your treatment is conducted with precision. Our emergency dentist can perform your surgical procedure and instruct you on how to best care for your mouth, teeth, and gums.

Our team in Macon, GA, strives to achieve outstanding results for current and new patients in our community.

Your Peace of Mind

Patients are assured that their cleaning, emergency tooth extraction, denture repair, and other dental services conducted in our office, are done safely under the guidelines of the American Dental Association. We value your safety and comfort. Our emergency dentists use medical-grade sterilization and the most modern equipment.Emergency Dental Pros in Macon, Georgia

We do more than advise you to use fluoride toothpaste and send you to our Macon dental office. Our dentists in Macon are trained and have the education to determine the root cause of your dental pain or gum disease. If emergency surgery is needed, we want to get it done it as soon as possible. Our family dentistry experts pay close attention to detail which makes it possible for us to bring our community the very best care.

Emergency Dental Pros – Macon, GA, strives to give patients excellent service. From basic teeth cleanings and prevention treatment plans to proper handling of a critical emergency dental care situation, you can count on our emergency dentist. Many patients can attest to how well we care for their teeth, mouth, and oral health.

Family Dentist in Macon, GA

No matter your age, you are welcome in our clinic. Our emergency dentists can schedule a same-day appointment for both adults and children.

Our performance is backed by years of experience and countless hours of training. We have treated root canals for adults and numerous extractions for children of different ages.

And if it is your first time seeing our Macon dentist, fear not. We have the best customer service around. We value the diversity of our community. Our team will check on your oral health and make you feel right at home. You can count on our practice to help you or your family members get that sweet smile back.

This is a dental visit redefined. We make sure your visit to our local dentist in Georgia is stress and worry-free. If you are looking for a 24 hour dentist, skip the medical appointment and call our licensed dentist right away.

Even if you experience a dental emergency at The Allman Brothers Band Museum at The Big House, our Macon dentist will ensure that you and your family get relief of tooth pain or tooth decay and maintain excellent oral health.

Scheduled Cleanings and Same Day Dental Visits

Our recommendation is to visit your dentist twice a year for scheduled dental care.

Your visit allows our dentist to give you a comprehensive oral checkup. This checkup should include x-rays of any tooth concerns, cleaning sessions, and a dental examination with our licensed dentists.

A twice-a-year appointment with our local dentist is the easiest way to prevent a severe toothache and keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Aside from giving you the services you badly need, we will also answer all your questions! It’s important to us that you are well informed of your treatment plan.

You can schedule appointments by calling our office number and get immediate attention for a chipped tooth or other dental emergencies.

Flexible Payment Methods

When you call our dentist in Macon, we will provide relief from common tooth pain, replace a lost tooth filling, stop bleeding gums, etc. We also take time to discuss related costs for any emergency dental service, like a a wisdom tooth extraction or a broken tooth cemented.

Unlike medical doctors, we are dental emergency experts. You can trust everything will be discussed in our office when you come here for help. It all starts with a phone conversation.

Payment-wise, we offer financing options to help. Schedule your tooth extraction or tooth filling procedure and pay in cash, card, or through your insurance.

Set an appointment for emergency dental services. Let our highly qualified dentists treat your severe tooth pain today.

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