Dental Care Services in Miramar, FL

Access to emergency dental care is essential. Dental emergencies can happen any time, and if you have no one to call when you are in severe pain, you may end up suffering a long sleepless night.

Emergency Dental Pros has outstanding emergency dentists in Miramar. They are trained to address common dental emergencies and assist patients in upholding and preserving their oral health. Tooth pain is not an inconvenience if you have our phone number and patient high five photo

Like most dentists around the country, we are certified by the American Dental Association. ADA certified dentists can bond a chipped tooth, extract decayed teeth, treat a mouth infection, tighten loose braces, or fix a broken wire. Our emergency dentist in Miramar can expedite these issues faster than most dental offices.

In addition to our skilled dental emergency experts, Emergency Dental Pros invests in the latest equipment and tools. We want to ensure that our Miramar Emergency dentists achieve the best results as efficiently as possible.

Emergency dental accidents at Miramar Regional Park can be painful, inconvenient, and, if left untreated, can spread and lead to other complications that could compromise your general health. Do not wait for a minor dental emergency to escalate. Call our emergency dentist and ask about our comprehensive list of dental services.

You can call our office to schedule a same-day appointment. We specialize in urgent care, specifically for oral health issues. No one deserves to suffer from unending pain. Call our emergency dentist in Miramar to get immediate relief.

What You Can Do While You Wait For Our Emergency Dentist

Emergency Dental Pros has been serving patients in Miramar, FL, for years. Miramar, FL is celebrated for its diverse culture and Caribbean roots. We are well known for providing outstanding dental health services, including advanced dentistry and general oral care.

When it comes to urgent and general dentistry, not all dental clinics can provide immediate treatment when you need it. You can count on us for general dental procedures, cosmetic dentistry, and urgent dental care. You don’t want to wait when you need to see a dentist.

While at home, you can do the following:

  • Cleanse your mouth with a warm rinse;
  • Apply pressure if there is bleeding;
  • Use a cold compress to help decrease swelling and lessen the pain;
  • Take over-the-counter medicine for temporary relief;

In rare cases, our dental emergency expert will perform an emergency tooth extraction if they are unable to save your tooth. Your dental health is our priority, and we want to ensure that it is not jeopardized in any way.

Dental Emergency – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take a pain reliever for infected teeth and swollen gums?

Swelling and infection are serious dental emergencies, meaning your tooth and the attached tissue are likely both affected; this can lead to extreme pain and permanent damage. If you experience mouth swelling or suspect a tooth infection, set an appointment for immediate assistance. Over-the-counter pain relievers are recommended for temporary pain management but they will only lessen the pain, not prevent the damage an infection can inflict.

I live outside Miramar. Can I still call for dental emergency service?

Yes, of course. Emergency Dental Pros caters to patients inside and outside of Miramar and never turns down those in need. Even though our dental office is in Miramar, patients from surrounding cities are encouraged to visit for same-day treatment and care.Emergency Dental Pros in Miramar, Florida

We have provided high-quality dental services to thousands of patients in FL. Dental emergencies such as broken dentures, cracked teeth, loose dental implants, broken wires, and lost fillings are issues we can address.

If my brace wire breaks, can I fix it myself?

This is not recommended. Similar to a knocked-out tooth, broken brace wires need the assistance of our dental emergency experts. A visit to our office will allow our dentist to check on your teeth to ensure none of them are impacted. Our dentist will replace the wires to ensure they are still properly adjusting the alignment of your teeth.

Can a cold compress treat bleeding gums?

If your tooth is impacted and bleeding, a cold compress is recommended. But this will only numb the area. You will need a damp sterile gauze to temporarily stop the bleeding but this is not a permanent remedy.

Call our office for help and set an appointment to receive a permanent dental solution.

We are ready for your call.

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