Phoenix Emergency Dental Care

When you are in need of a 24-hour emergency practitioner in Phoenix, you don’t have time to waste. Please, don’t sit around in pain a moment longer, call us and let us take care of you. We are open after hours and on the weekends. Your dental health and comfort are of the utmost importance to us, and we don’t want you to be in pain. It is for that reason that our urgent dental care clinic is open around the clock.

We have a full staff of highly trained dentists that have the knowledge and experience to handle any problem you might be having at the moment. Our emergency dentistry specialists are the best of the best and have been taking care of patients for years.

Dental Emergencies

A picture of our emergency dental care clinic located in PhoenixThere are many reasons that you might find yourself in need of immediate need of a dentist. Below we have listed just a few of them:

Lost Filling

There are many reasons that you might find yourself in a dental emergency, don’t worry they are very common and happen to all of us. Probably the most popular reason among our patients is something as simple as a losing a filling. Although a routine visit fixes this, it can be extremely painful!

Lost Cap or Crown

The runner up for most common emergency dental services is losing a cap or a crown. The same goes for this as for losing a filling. We handle situations like these all the time, and we will be sure to take care of you promptly.


Then, we have the classic cavity, and we all know how painful that can be. It can stop you in your tracks and bring your day to a halt. Although some natural remedies work mildly well to subside the tooth pain for a short time, these are no substitute for getting an office visit to see a dentist.

Broken or Chipped-Tooth

If you find yourself in a situation where you have a broken, cracked or a chipped tooth, you will be in excruciating pain. This situation is probably the most common time our customers search for a Phoenix emergency dentist that takes patients with no insurance. Why is this? Because even people with an incredible tolerance for mouth pain find it difficult to deal with the pain of this variety. Truth told you should never try to deal with the pain of a broken or chipped tooth.

Tooth Knocked Out of The Mouth

Lastly, our fifth most common reason for seeing our dental patients on an emergency basis is due to a tooth being knocked loose or completely out of their mouth. A situation like this can happen for many reasons such as playing a rough sport, horsing around with friends (mostly younger individuals), it can also be from chewing on something that is very sticky and chewy.

So there you have it, those happen to be the situations in which we most often see patients. However, if you are searching for a dentist near you for a different reason than listed above, do not fear, we are equipped to handle any general dentist/dental service as well. You can also contact our Dallas office or our main Cincinnati emergency dental & Omaha emergency dental offices to get general information at any time. We hope that you are never in pain, but we want you to know that we are your emergency dentist of choice should you ever need us!

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