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Any dental problem you can’t treat on your own is considered a dental emergency. A broken tooth, severe tooth pain, root canal, lost filling or dental trauma are just some of the common dental emergencies you may have to deal with.

Dental pain can be pretty overwhelming. It can mean sleepless nights, long hours of pain, and real discomfort. So why put up with the inconvenience when you can call our emergency dentist to get an immediate solution?dentist removing patient tooth decay photo

Any pain in your mouth should be checked and addressed quickly which is why you should always have the phone number of our 24/7 emergency dentist. Pittsburgh Emergency Dental Pros makes sure every patient has a place to go for care whenever they are dealing with an unexpected dental problem.

Our dental emergency experts are on standby 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week. Whatever dental issue you have, a chipped or knocked-out tooth, cracked filling, lost crown, oral trauma, gum bleeding, severe toothache, or an infected root canal, our emergency dental care services team in Pittsburgh, PA has the solution.

You can call us whenever you need emergency care. Our ability to set a same-day appointment is critical if you are dealing with a serious dental emergency. Pittsburgh, PA, has many dental offices, but getting help right away with your dental emergency may be a problem. A highly skilled, certified, and round-the-clock dentistry partner is not easy to find.

An Emergency Dentist for any Dental Emergency

Our team is well versed in all types of dental services. Patients call us for dental emergencies, cosmetic procedures, urgent treatment, and routine checkups. Repairing injuries to damaged teeth may seem simple, but it requires expert care. If not treated right away, your oral health could be compromised.

Call or visit our dental office as soon as possible. Never delay treatment for dental emergencies. Even simple toothaches can lead to severe infection. A broken tooth, lost crown, or minor injury may not bother you at first but the sooner we can check it, the easier it is to provide emergency care before the problem worsens. You can always refer to our list of dental emergency services before you set an appointment.

Save money and time by visiting our dental office immediately. We provide emergency care from Monday to Sunday, 8:00am to 11:00pm. So if you prefer to visit us or schedule your dental appointments on a Tuesday 6:00pm, Wednesday 8:00am or Friday 8:00pm, you may do so. Do not visit an emergency room looking for dental relief. Contact our hotline, schedule an appointment with our dental emergency expert, to get treatment as soon as possible.

Is a gum abscess an emergency?

Tooth and gum abscesses are common reasons patients set appointments with our dentist for immediate care. Taking pain relievers can offer temporary relief, but only an expert licensed and insured dentistry professional can offer you permanent relief.

Since it is normal for bacteria to live inside your mouth, your gums and teeth can be infected without you even knowing it. If you notice pus or sharp pain in your gums, contact us to schedule an appointment to get emergency care from our dentists in Pittsburgh, PA.Emergency Dental Pros in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

A chipped or broken tooth can pose a serious dental health issue. This could lead to a gum abscess if not treated immediately. An untreated abscess can do serious damage to your teeth or spread an infection to the jaw or other parts of the body.

Symptoms of Gum or Tooth Abscess

  • Toothache
  • Fever
  • Swollen gums
  • Swollen jaw (in case of high-level infection)
  • Unusual teeth sensitivity to hot or cold temperature
  • Bad breath problems

The treatment of a gum or tooth abscess varies depending on the severity of the infection. Your dentist will assess whether you need a tooth extraction or if the abscess can simply be drained. Antibiotic therapy can be used to treat infection, but in serious cases, your emergency dentistry expert might refer you to the nearest hospital.

What helps unbearable tooth pain?

Some pain is tolerable but not toothaches. Aside from the unbearable pain, a patient may have difficulty chewing food or experience sensitivity while drinking. No matter how minor your chipped tooth or lost filling problem is, tooth pain can disrupt your focus and ruin your day completely.

Patients can take over-the-counter medication to help manage the pain of toothaches, injuries, or accidents. Even in the absence of bleeding, your teeth may have extensive damage. Tooth pain is a clear indication your oral health is at risk, and immediate treatment from a certified dentist is needed.

It is essential you and your family practice a healthy oral care routine. Regular flossing, brushing, and rinsing can help avoid infection and serious pain. Keeping away from cold, hard, or acidic food can save a patient from soft tissue problems and tooth pain.

To maintain good oral health, it is best to set a regular appointment with our highly skilled dentist in Pittsburgh, PA for your general, cosmetic, and emergency dentistry needs. Visit us at 5:00pm Monday, 6:00pm Wednesday, 5:00pm Thursday, 8:00am Saturday, or at any time convenient to your busy schedule.

Our dental services are available Monday to Sunday. Whether you need care on a Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday, you can call our office anytime.

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