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A dental emergency is a terrible experience. A chipped or broken tooth is no fun at all. It can cause unexpected delays and ruin your day at home or at work. Emergency Dental Pros knows how inconvenient that can be, and that is why our emergency dental services are accessible seven (7) days a week.tooth and tool photo

If you are a patient with a dental emergency, you have come to the right place. Our emergency dental care staff is trained to handle complex and common dental emergencies. Our emergency dentists in Providence, RI, are experienced in tooth extractions, knocked-out teeth restorations, mouth infection treatment, and other procedures.

Every Providence emergency dentist on our team knows the pain and discomfort patients go through because of a lost crown or a missing filling. When you call our North Providence, RI office to schedule an appointment, our friendly staff will ask you questions about your condition and walk you through first aid remedies over the phone.

If you are dealing with a knocked-out tooth, a cold compress with an ice pack can provide temporary relief while you are on your way to our dental practice. A warm water rinse is also an excellent way to clean your mouth before your dental visit.

Emergency dentistry is our expertise. As with any dental emergency, we know immediate action is critical. Emergency Dental Pros will provide immediate treatment and help you get rid of severe pain as soon as possible.

Same Day Treatment

Dental emergencies are difficult because they catch you off guard. They always seem to happen when you least expect it. There is no time to waste when there is pain in your mouth. A simple dental emergency can worsen, causing further damage to your teeth and gums. Even common dental emergencies can put your oral health at risk if not treated immediately.

Keeping our number handy is a great idea. You’ll have direct contact with us, just in case you lose a filling or crown, end up with a chipped tooth, or have to deal with a broken denture. Our team provides guidance to any patient that calls our office for help.

If at all possible, our staff will schedule you for a same-day appointment at our Providence emergency dental care office. We don’t want you to wait, worrying about what’s wrong with your teeth or gums. Call us for an emergency appointment or walk into our office in North Providence for same-day treatment.

Full Range of Dental Services

Dental emergencies happen no matter how good you are at maintaining proper dental hygiene. An accident can happen, even while you are enjoying Waterplace Park. That is why our team offers a complete range of emergency dental services.Emergency Dental Pros in Providence, Rhode Island

If you are dealing with any of the following, call us as soon as possible:

Tooth Pain
Lost Filling
Knocked-out Tooth or Teeth
Broken Denture
Excessive Bleeding
Infected Root Canal
Other Dental Emergencies.

Don’t rely on the pharmacy to treat your tooth pain. Without proper treatment and immediate care, the pain from a dental emergency can spiral out of control and last for hours or even days. It can put your dental health in danger.

Affordable Service with No Hidden Charges

Our patients recognize that emergency dentistry is not inexpensive, especially for after-hours emergency appointments. Most patients need help as soon as possible, but hidden costs can discourage people from seeking treatment. That’s why we provide reasonably priced emergency dental care with no hidden charges.

When you come to our office for implants to replace your knocked-out teeth, our staff will examine the affected area, run tests, and give you upfront prices.

We are the top emergency dental care office in Rhode Island. Our experts will get you the care you need without straining your budget!

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