Immediate Emergency Dentist, Queens NY

If you have a dental emergency our dentists can help. Emergency Dental Pros has extended office hours for patients who experience severe pain after hours. Call us for any dental problem. We can treat your broken or damaged tooth, cracked teeth, broken crowns, and slow bleeding gums. We do emergency extractions, provide instant pain relief and immediate treatment.

Urgent dental care is our focus. Our dental professionals are experts at identifying the source of your tooth pain. If you need root canal therapy due to a dental abscess, we can help you with that. If you need urgent care or emergency treatment we suggest you call us right away.

A picture of a patient during a routine emergency dental care situation

When you are experiencing tooth pain, our emergency dentists will address your oral pain and relieve your severe toothache fast. Alleviating dental pain is only the first step in your comprehensive dental treatment. Our goal is to get you back to excellent oral health.

We welcome new patients to call our dental office. Our emergency dental services are available to all patients in Queens, NY. Whether you are coming from Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Astoria, Forest Hills, Glendale, or anywhere in Queens, we have a local emergency dentist in your area. Call today to get more information about our emergency dental treatments.

The Emergency Dental Care You Need

Emergency Dental Pros can certainly provide your family with general dentistry services, but not many Queens general dentists offer emergency dental treatment. Depending on when you call, our local emergency room may be available for a same day appointment. Many emergency dental treatments simply cannot wait without risking further damage.

When it comes to eliminating tooth pulp infections, fixing dental crowns, or repairing a broken tooth, Emergency Dental Pros can get you the help you need fast. If you need an emergency extraction for an affected tooth or to remove wisdom teeth, our emergency dentists can get that done for you, often the same day.

What to do with a knocked-out tooth

If you have a knocked-out tooth, then emergency dental care is a top priority. Natural teeth can sometimes be saved and placed back in the socket if you get to our dental office in time. Rinse your mouth with warm water and place the dislodged tooth in a container with milk or saliva. Contact our office to set an emergency appointment right away.

If you have facial swelling you can apply a cold compress or ice pack to reduce swelling. You can also use sanitized wet gauze to control bleeding inside your mouth. For minor dental pain, over-the-counter pain medication can be effective at alleviating dental pain.

Dental emergencies come in all forms. From tooth decay to broken teeth, our emergency dentists will not only relieve your pain and repair the damage, but they will also provide cosmetic dentistry to restore your smile and the proper function of your natural teeth.

We handle everything, from a dental emergency to dental implants

When your oral health is on the line, you want to contact an experienced dentist who is an emergency treatment specialist. Emergency Dental Pros periodontists, dental surgeons, and general dentistry experts are here to help.

Our dental services encompass much more than dental emergencies. Our trained staff can install dentures, dental implants, tooth prosthetics, and other cosmetic dentistry. If you need a cleaning, x-rays, a check-up, or preventative dental care, we do that too. Our Queens, NY dentists can treat your infected root canals and do teeth whitening.

Anything that concerns your mouth, teeth, and gums is our business. Our emergency dentist can provide whatever dental care you or your family needs. From root canal therapy for the treatment of infected root canals to an emergency extraction of your wisdom teeth, our emergency dental services can cover it.

Call for gentle dental care today!

From general dentistry to dental emergencies, Queens patients can rely on our dentists to get the job done right the first time. Professional care means we are keenly aware of the pain and discomfort that can accompany a broken tooth, aching wisdom teeth, or accidental trauma to your natural teeth.

If you are experiencing tooth pain, don’t wait. Call today to get the help you need. Oral pain can interrupt your day and cause sleepless nights. It is an indication that emergency dental care is necessary. Our emergency dentist will examine you carefully and identify the problem using the latest equipment and techniques.

Our emergency dentist accepts cash, credit cards, dental insurance and they have payment plans available for patients who qualify. If you have been enjoying excellent oral health but now you are having trouble, contact our dentistry experts today.

Set an appointment to get immediate relief. Our local Queens dental office is waiting for your call.

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