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If you have an infection and swelling in your mouth or a tooth that is aching, getting the right emergency dental care is absolutely critical. Richmond Emergency Dental Pros has an urgent care clinic staffed 24 hours a day for your dental at work photo

Immediate dental care is our specialty. Our emergency dentists have the solutions and treatment options to resolve your common dental emergencies. If you are in pain and you need immediate attention, our dentistry experts can accommodate you.

A dental emergency can leave patients feeling nervous and confused. Help is only a phone call away. Our 24-hour dentists will assist you promptly. Richmond Emergency Dental Pros can handle tooth extractions, dental pain, broken teeth, bleeding gums, and all manner of dental trauma.

Most dental clinics are only open Monday through Friday with limited office hours. Our Richmond VA emergency dentistry office is open for day appointments and after-hour dental services. This is critical for patients who are experiencing tooth pain and serious oral discomfort.

Our dental care is designed to take care of your dental emergencies right away.

24 Hour Urgent Care Clinic

Here is the great thing about our 24-hour urgent care clinic. You can call us right now. Our emergency experts are ready. Tooth pain can be excruciating and that’s no joke.

When you have a knocked-out tooth, chipped teeth, a cracked crown, or any dental emergency that affects your natural smile and the function of your teeth, contact our emergency dentist for treatment as soon as possible.

When you have a 24-hour urgent dental clinic ready to provide emergency dental care at a moment’s notice, you need to take advantage and call our office for an immediate appointment. Contact us for a root canal procedure, a cracked crown, or denture repair. Our emergency dentistry experts are well equipped to handle any dental emergency.

There is no reason to hesitate. Treatment of tooth pain or oral discomfort is our priority. Phone us for a free consultation. Our Richmond VA dentistry experts will set an appointment as soon as possible. Our family dentist can provide pain relief and permanent solutions for your dental emergencies.

For Any Patient Who Needs Treatment After Hours

Some patients are concerned about the cost of a dental emergency procedure. As an alternative, they may try a home remedy to soothe the pain and hope their infection or swollen gums will go away. Here’s the thing. If you end up with broken teeth or a chipped tooth late at night, what are you going to do? Avoiding treatment will only make matters worse.

Don’t hesitate to call our emergency dentist. We combine convenient dental care services with reasonable prices. We know our patients are on a budget. That’s why we accept dental insurance and offer flexible payment options for patients paying cash.

You can search endlessly for an emergency dental company that is open after hours, but you could be wasting your time. Our Richmond Virginia emergency dentists are well trained in the latest dental techniques and technologies. We are available right now; you can contact us any hour with your questions and concerns.

General Dentistry

Most general dentistry practices do not focus on emergency dental care services. However, this does not mean that your general dentist can’t help with common dental emergencies. Depending on the circumstances, your general dentist might be able to treat a knocked-out tooth or a cracked crown.

The real focus of general dentistry is maintenance and prevention. Their job is to check your oral health, clean your teeth, take x-rays and ensure every patient leaves their office with a bright healthy smile.Emergency Dental Pros in Richmond, Virginia

Richmond Emergency Dental Pros can certainly handle your dental emergency, but we can also accommodate your general dentistry needs. Preventative maintenance can help reduce your exposure to tooth pain caused by tooth decay, infection in your mouth, a cracked crown, and other dental emergencies.

To protect your oral health, call our dentistry experts and set an appointment for an office visit. A general dentist visit now can save you a lot of money and pain later. Your family is too important. Contact our Richmond VA family emergency dentistry expert for all your preventative dental needs.

Knocked-out Teeth

Knocked-out teeth are a serious dental emergency. The trauma caused by the impact can affect the surrounding teeth and gums. But there is good news. Sometimes your dentist can place a knocked-out tooth back in the socket.

It’s important to collect the tooth as soon as possible, rinse it, and preserve it by placing it in milk or putting it in your mouth. If you rinse the tooth and place it in milk, you increase the chances that the dentist can successfully return the tooth back to the socket. During this process, take care not to touch the root of the tooth.

To save your natural tooth, seek dental care immediately. Contact our Richmond dental office. We can repair your broken or cracked tooth and even finish the treatment with some cosmetic care to restore your smile.

Same-Day Emergency Dentist

We all know dental emergencies happen. The only question is, what to do about it? The toughest thing to find is a dentist that is willing to give you a same-day appointment. Same-day dental appointments are necessary if you have serious mouth injuries and jaw pain.

Unlike a cosmetic procedure, a dental emergency requires urgent attention. Our dentist can treat your dental trauma fast. Mouth injury? Jaw swelling? These things happen. We won’t leave you in the cold; your dental emergency is in good hands.

Contact us for any dental emergency. We will be there to answer the call.

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