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No one can predict when a dental emergency will happen. A broken tooth, missing crown, dental injury, or severe tooth pain can take you by surprise. At Sioux Falls Emergency Dental Pros, we provide immediate solutions to common dental emergencies. Patients can count on our 24-hour emergency dental care whenever they encounter a serious dental issue.dentist explaining to the dental patient photo

Dental emergencies can be painful and exhausting, but urgent dental treatment can help you avoid discomfort and complications. If you or a family member is suffering from a damaged tooth, tooth pain, or oral injury, our staff will set an appointment for you immediately.

Our professional emergency dentist in Sioux Falls understands the urgency of a dental emergency. Our emergency dentistry expert will see you right away to relieve your pain as soon as possible. We will carefully examine your lost teeth, bleeding gums, impacted wisdom teeth, etc.

Same Day Treatment For Dental Emergencies

Chipped or broken teeth are a nuisance, and if you delay the appropriate dental care, things can go bad quickly. When they do, same-day treatment is a must. You can contact us; we specialize in emergency dentistry 24 hours a day.

Your treatment plan will depend on the severity of your injury. Some dental emergencies can be addressed with a cold compress, warm water rinse, or over-the-counter medicine, but these are only temporary remedies.

Our dental emergency experts will conduct a comprehensive examination, take x rays, and run a series of tests to create a dental care plan suited to your needs. Sioux Falls Emergency Dental Pros believes our patients should not settle for anything less than complete dental care.

Minor tooth pain or a lost filling can lead to infection and severe swelling. When this happens, immediate treatment is a priority. Emergency dental care is our specialty; patients can contact our dentists in Sioux Falls, South Dakota anytime for a same-day appointment.

Our dental emergency experts can treat most common dental emergencies. Call our office right away if you have any of the following:

Cracked Tooth / Teeth

When this happens, the best option is to contact an emergency dentist immediately. An experienced oral surgeon can often save a completely knocked-out or cracked tooth if you act quickly. Contact us to set an appointment with one of our dentists in Sioux Falls, South Dakota to get help with a cracked tooth.

Injured or Fractured Teeth 

No one wants to have expensive oral surgery if it can be avoided, but a tooth injury can lead to infection, swelling, and complications. Patients shoould gently rinse their mouth with cool water before calling our office for emergency dental treatment. Our dental care expert in Sioux Falls, SD, will discuss your options prior to commencing with treatment.

Severe Tooth Pain

Dental floss can tear your gum or cause a sore tooth to ache. This is a dental emergency frequently encountered by our patients in Sioux Falls. Many home remedies offer short-term relief, but we still encourage patients to call our office.Emergency Dental Pros in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Regular appointments with our dentist can help prevent a dental emergency. If a patient is suffering from throbbing mouth pain, they shouldn’t hesitate to visit our emergency room. Give our dental care expert a call and schedule a same-day examination.

Missing Crown or Filling

A missing crown or filling is a valid emergency that can result in advanced tooth decay putting your oral health at risk. Don’t wait hours before scheduling an appointment with our dentistry expert. A healthy smile is essential, and a missing crown or filling can leave your tooth vulnerable. Schedule an urgent visit for an immediate repair.

Are you a new patient? Our 24-hour dental service has you covered!

Dental emergencies happen whether we like it or not. You can be eating crunchy food at Falls Park and end up with a painful chipped tooth. A regularly scheduled teeth cleaning can help your dentist identify a hairline crack in your tooth, but not all patients visit their dental hygienist twice a year.

Do your dentures need to be repaired? Are you looking for emergency dental care because of severe tooth pain? Hospital emergency rooms are not good at solving problems with your teeth, gums, dentures, braces, fillings, etc. Hospitals are best reserved for medical emergencies.

Our experienced dentist in Sioux Falls will save you hours of pain and discomfort. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Grab your dental insurance and book your first visit to our office in Sioux Falls, SD. You can even schedule weekend appointments.

Patients appreciate our friendly dentists and the great atmosphere of our clinics. Our dentist will begin with a comprehensive examination and conduct an x-ray if needed. Our office in Sioux Falls is equipped with the latest in dentistry innovations to ensure you get the quality of service you deserve.

Our dentist will treat your dental emergency with urgency and care. Whether you are a new or existing patient in Sioux Falls, we are here to ease your pain and end your suffering. Our goal is to help patients overcome frustrating dental problems. We work hard to consistently achieve that goal.

Call our office today and let our team address your pain as soon as possible.

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