Who are the top Cosmetic and Pediatric Dentists in the Phoenix Area?

We understand that people look for different things when they want to pick a dentist in Phoenix. One of the things that have been done in this list is to compile those with great reviews. Each practice would be given a brief description so you can a fair understanding of how they can help you. Due to the geographical context that applies to Phoenix, it is better to find those who live closest to your area. This should not be the ultimate guiding factor because the major goal is to get your dental needs met. Do enjoy the compilation.

1. Desert Dentistry – This practice was opened in 1997 and has been serving Phoenix with top Cosmetic dentistry service. The Ahwatukee office uses advanced dental technology such as SPECTRA and intra-oral Camera. Their services include doing Porcelain Veneers, Sedation Dentistry and much more. Doctors Wilson and Mattern have been able to accomplish great feats since they began operation. The excellent reviews have gained the attention of those who are looking for excellent service. It is important to state that you must ensure that each service you pick must be customized to suit your Dental needs and that of your loved ones.

Besides the Ahwatukee office, they run offices in North Central Phoenix, Surprise and other locations.

2. Aesthetic Family Dentistry: Dr. Russell W. Roderick is one of the best reviewed Dentists in Phoenix. He offers Restorative and Cosmetic dentistry with a reach that covers areas around Arizona. This practice won the Vitals 2014 Patients’ Choice Award. A list of some of the things that can be done by this office include: Sleep apnea treatment, Identafi Oral Cancer Screening technology, Complete smile Makeovers, Periodontal treatment and so many more.

Beyond the issues of dental health; other matters such as Sleep apnea and Blood pressure are taken care of. This is one of the highest quality care practices you can find in Phoenix.

3. Bruce Nelson’s Practice: Dr. Bruce Lee Nelson takes serious interest in the competence of the Staff that works with him. He takes pride in ensuring that they keep upgrading their skills by going for relevant courses at each point in time. He specializes in Pediatric dental care and uses laser/Microscope enhanced dentistry in his practice. In order to ensure the comfort of each patient, there are other areas of Dentistry that you can enjoy in his clinic. Some of them include periodontal treatments, Preventive dental care, LANAP therapy and other services.

4. Marissa Rubio Ellis’ Practice: This Phoenix dental clinic are one of the best Pediatric practices you can find. With over 10 years experience, Dr. Marissa Rubio-Ellis has the requisite experience to cover all your areas of concern. The high precision in addressing Oral health care issues makes this one of the choice places you can visit in Phoenix.

Generally, these Dental clinics are among the many good practices you can find in Phoenix. Though we are the best choice when looking for an emergency dentist in Phoenix click here if you should need to make an appointment. It is time to connect with some of the best hands in the industry. Do make a smart move today.


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