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If you are concerned about a family member who is in pain or has experienced dental trauma, call Vancouver Emergency Dental Pros. Our office is open 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. When you need emergency dental care services our dentistry experts are waiting for your call. Our local dentist in Vancouver is equipped to handle dental emergencies cleaning session on going photo

When it comes to emergency dentistry, experience and training matter. Our Vancouver, WA dentists receive advanced training in the latest dental techniques. In addition to advanced emergency care, our patients can expect to receive immediate attention.

Our comprehensive suite of dental services means you can also schedule an appointment for preventative care. Sometimes the best way to avoid a dental emergency is through regular preventative care check-ups. Our Vancouver emergency dentist will examine your teeth for hairline cracks, missing fillings, and signs of gum disease. Preventative dental care and early detection is the best way to maintain your dental health.

Whether you are looking for emergency dental care or professional preventative care, Vancouver Emergency Dental Pros’ skilled dentists can help. Call for an appointment today for all your dental needs.

Professional Emergency Dentist Vancouver, WA

Professi0nal dentistry means new patients can expect the same consideration and attention to detail as our existing patients. When you need emergency dental services you want to know that your dentist has the expertise and knowledge to treat your root canal infection, repair your lost filling, and replace your broken crowns.

A dental injury or accident can cause severe pain and require an expert with advanced training. Our emergency dentist can not only handle common dental emergencies like a toothache or a chipped tooth, but they can also treat an infected root canal, broken tooth, dental implants, and even perform cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Emergency dentistry is about much more than tooth repair. Our emergency dentist will make sure your teeth are aligned to prevent uneven wear when you chew. They will ensure your implants and dentures fit properly, that your crown won’t come off, and that your dental injury is healing properly.

Professional care means you will get immediate help at a fair price. It means patients can get a same-day appointment or a next-day appointment with our Vancouver emergency dentist. Our urgent care dental office accepts dental insurance, cash, cards, and even payment plans.

Our Vancouver WA emergency dentist is waiting for your call. Don’t let pain keep you out of the game. Contact our office today.

Dental Emergencies Can Happen Anytime – What Do I Do?

If your family member is injured at the Esther Short Park and Playground, the first rule of any emergency is don’t panic. Dental emergencies can cause anxiety and stress, leaving you wondering what to do. If you have extensive bleeding, use a moist gauze to control it. For swelling and pain use a cold compress to reduce the swelling and numb the pain. Pain can also be controlled with over-the-counter medications.

Once your emergency dental situation is under control, contact our Vancouver dentist to get immediate help. Our staff will answer any questions you have and set an appointment as soon as possible. When it comes to a dental emergency, waiting for treatment may make matters worse and cause you or a family member needless hours of suffering.

Our Vancouver emergency dentist understands sometimes patients are reluctant to call for emergency care due to concerns about the cost but there is nothing more important than your health. There is no reason for concern. We have earned our reputation as the best dentist in Vancouver because we don’t take advantage of a patients’ dental emergency. Our standard pricing is the same regardless of when you contact us.Emergency Dental Pros in Vancouver, Washington

Can Your Emergency Dentists Treat Cracked or Broken Teeth?

YES. Our emergency dentist can certainly provide treatment for cracked and broken teeth. Left untreated, damaged teeth can cause injury to the soft tissue and other parts of your mouth. The exposed edge of a tooth can be temporarily covered with dental wax to prevent it from cutting into your gum, tongue, or teeth.

Depending on the severity of the injury, a damaged tooth may be saved or tooth extraction may be required. A dental implant can be installed as a permanent tooth replacement. A dental crown or cap may also be a suitable repair. Our Vancouver, WA urgent care facilities are equipped to enable our emergency dentist to determine the best course of treatment for your damaged tooth.

If your dental emergency is accompanied by swelling, redness, and fever it demands immediate attention. If you have a medical emergency, you will want to visit a doctor at your local hospital emergency room. Once the doctor has cleared you medically, you may contact our office and schedule an appointment for dental care.

Dental emergency help when you need it most

Did you lose a tooth? According to the American Dental Association, you should collect it, place it in a small container with milk or saliva for safe storage and contact a dentist right away. A dislodged tooth can be successfully reinserted in the gum socket, but it’s vital you get to a dentist in time.

Don’t wait. Even a small infection can turn into a big problem. Our emergency dentist is available for an immediate appointment. When you have a critical dental injury, complication, or even a painful toothache, call us right away.

Our emergency dentistry experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take your call.

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