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When you have a dental emergency, it’s crucial to pay attention to your symptoms. If you treat your problem at home it may only make it worse. A warm water rinse, a cold compress, or application of essential oils may work temporarily but none of these are long-term solutions.happy dental patient smiling after teeth cleaning photo

Over-the-counter pain relievers can help to relieve symptoms during a dental emergency but you should never take antibiotics “leftover” from another prescription. You should never take any medication that has not been prescribed to you specifically.

Dental emergencies are difficult to handle, but not if you call our reliable emergency dentist in West Valley City, UT. Emergency Dental Pros can provide quality emergency care when you need it right away.

Dental emergencies brought on by mishaps, persistent toothaches, or shattered teeth are conditions we treat regularly at Emergency Dental Pros. If you are dealing with a toothache, a damaged tooth or teeth, and you are looking for a local dentist who can provide fast dental services, call our emergency dentists in West Valley City, UT.

Our objective is to lessen the likelihood that you will need emergency care. To meet this objective, we spend a lot of time preparing a treatment plan that will help you avoid the risk and unanticipated discomfort of tooth pain.

Home remedies can be used to address dental problems, but are not recommended. Why opt for a temporary measure when you can benefit from top-quality emergency dental services?

Emergency Dental Care is recommended when you are faced with sudden and exhausting dental trauma, knocked-out crowns, infected root canals, and cracked tooth fillings. No one in West Valley City provides comprehensive emergency care like Emergency Dental Pros.

We have clinics located within the city and other areas in Utah. We want to make root canal therapy, teeth realignment, and filling restoration accessible to every patient in need of immediate attention. Current and new patients can call us for a same-day appointment to see our local dentist right away.

If a dental emergency strikes at Maverik Center, don’t panic. Our team takes immediate responsibility for our patients tooth pain and dental problems. Call our emergency dentist in West Valley City, UT, to schedule an emergency appointment today.

Top of the Line Facilities and Unquestionable Dental Expertise

West Valley Emergency Dental Pros invests in advanced equipment and specialized devices which allows us to provide exceptional and prompt dental care services.

Every emergency dentist on our team is well versed in the latest dental methodology, procedures, and equipment. As emergency dentists, our main priority is your comfort; our facilities are designed for relaxation while you wait for that tooth extraction, teeth cleaning, or other dental treatment.

Our emergency dentists receive continuous training which enables them to master a variety of skills and increase their knowledge in pediatric, cosmetic, and emergency dentistry. We understand that to efficiently deliver excellent dental services to patients, our dentists need in-depth knowledge and advanced skills.

So whether it’s a broken tooth, an infected root canal, severe tooth decay, or lost tooth filling, you can trust our West Valley City team will have the problem fixed immediately.

What to Expect at Your Dental Appointment

Patients dealing with dental emergencies are encouraged to contact our dentists for immediate treatment in order to avoid further damage to your teeth, gums and mouth.

If you or your loved ones are dealing with a knocked-out tooth, dental injury, broken denture, or any trauma requiring immediate care, please call us immediately. We have a skilled and licensed local dentist on shift, ready to relieve your pain.

What can you expect when you call our West Valley City, UT dental office?

After calling our emergency dentist for urgent dental care, you can expect the following:Emergency Dental Pros in West Valley City, Utah

Schedule a same-day appointment

We do everything possible to help our patients. Don’t worry about last-minute service calls; we’ll make sure to squeeze you in the same day you reach out to us. While you wait for your appointment schedule, our West Valley City dentist will provide some tips to help manage your cracked teeth, lost fillings, broken brace wires, etc.

Conduct a quick and thorough emergency exam

When you arrive at our dental office in West Valley City, UT, our dentist will get you checked in so you can fill out the necessary forms and schedule a dental exam immediately. Our dentist will schedule an X-ray if needed. To heal broken teeth or an infection, we will need to know the severity of the dental emergency.

Discuss an appropriate solution

Dental emergencies can be difficult to handle, but our dentist in West Valley City, UT, is here to assist you. After examining your tooth, our dentist will discuss the steps and procedures you must undergo. The goal is to relieve pain immediately and ensure that a similar occurrence doesn’t happen in the future.

Address your dental emergency ASAP.

Throbbing tooth pain caused by a missing tooth filling can be exhausting. But once we have agreed on an action plan, we can proceed immediately to get that beautiful smile back.

It is important you set an appointment with our dentist in West Valley City, Utah without delay. If you are hesitant because you do not have insurance, don’t be. Contact our business office and our staff will be happy to discuss payment options. We are ready to assist you with any forms and confirming coverage with your provider.

With or without insurance, dental emergencies need to be addressed as soon as possible.

Call our West Valley City, UT office to hear all your options.

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