What to do when you lose a filling

What to do when you lose a filling

Losing a filling can be very sad and painful at the same time. Especially when it happens in the process of brushing your teeth, eating or just chewing a gum. In fact it traumatizes. A lost filling may be accompanied by abnormal sensitivity and pain within the dental system and more so around the area from where the filling fell off. It is always recommended to regularly visit a dentist to check on any abnormalities subject to the fillings to avoid being at risk of losing them. However, in case you lose your filling these are some of the things you ought to do to guard your teeth and to reduce much pain.

1. Remove it from your mouth: When you remove the filling from your mouth, you alleviate the possibility of swallowing it or even inhaling it. Note that if you swallow the filling, it may just pass out later through bowel evacuation. But inhaling it may result into serious lung infections.

2. Make a call to your dentist: It is prudent to call a professional or an expert in the field of dentistry for proper medical assistance. In doing so, you will be in a position to get more instructions on what to do further. If possible you will schedule for a replacement of the filling.

3. Observe and practice high levels of oral hygiene: sometimes it may not be possible to see your dentist in time. In such cases, the temporary solutions lie with you. You need to observe and practice perfect oral hygiene especially in sections surrounding the former position of the filing. This is a simple and effective measure to ensure that the vulnerable teeth areas remain bacteria free. To ensure proper dental hygiene to this effect, you need to:

(a)Brush your teeth gently and extend a soft brush to the cavity left behind by the lost filing to remove any food deposits that can attract bacterial breeding.

(b)Besides just brushing, you can have your mouth and the dental system properly rinsed and washed with warm salty water. This will be a good disinfectant against bacteria that can easily thrive in the holes left behind by the filling.

3. Get painkiller prescription or opt for a temporal filling material: a lost filling usually leave the nerves exposed. This results into sensitivity to cold and hot stuff. To check on such cases, it may be advisable to use over the counter painkillers to alleviate pain and or go for temporary fillers like gums to cover the exposed tooth areas. Note that the gum must be sugar free. Furthermore, you may as well get dental cement over the counter to cover the exposed part.

In fact if you have fillings, it is well judged to have emergency dental kit with you. In so doing, addressing an haphazard case of lost filling becomes much more easier. Remember that the temporary measures only curb pain, aches and other forms of sensitivities but the paramount action is to visit a dentist.


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