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A sudden toothache is a scary experience, and the idea of dealing with it alone is not comforting. Winston Salem Emergency Dental Pros understands your pain, and that’s why our professional team is here 24 hours a day to end your suffering. Do you have a dental emergency? You can call us right now!

Emergency dental care services are our expertise. No matter when a family member encounters a dental injury, trauma, or severe toothache, you can always see our emergency of a dental patient during teeth cleaning procedure

Winston Salem Emergency Dental Pros has top dentistry experts (DDS) and utilizes the latest technology and innovations. Our DDS accredited dentist will diagnose and identify permanent solutions for your cracked tooth, broken denture, gum swelling, knocked-out tooth, lost filling, and other dental emergencies.

Our Winston Salem emergency dentists are available 24 hours to answer questions and help you get the services you require. You can schedule a regular dental appointment for a teeth cleaning, or a cosmetic procedure. For immediate treatment of a swollen jaw or an oral infection, call our Winston Salem NC office right away.

Visit our local office or check the menu of dental services on our web page for details. If you are dealing with a fractured or chipped tooth, call our emergency dentist, and we’ll get you in as soon as possible.

Our Emergency Dentist can treat you immediately.

The awful part is, it is impossible to plan for a dental emergency. Dental emergencies can happen anytime. A family member may have cracked their tooth while playing at the Old Salem Museums and Gardens on a Thursday, or a family member may experience severe toothache pain while spending the day at the Children’s Museum of Winston Salem.

Contact us so our emergency dentist can see you right away.

Some oral issues don’t require treatment by an emergency dentist. However, for a dental injury or accident, you need urgent treatment. When this happens, we recommend you visit our emergency room.

We encourage every Winston Salem patient to phone or message us for an appointment whenever they have oral discomfort and pain. We can help you with pain relief and permanent protection for your teeth – that’s what we do.

When a dental emergency strikes, sometimes a home remedy can help to temporarily manage the situation. But, wouldn’t you feel more confident if you could call a dentistry expert to explore your options and get out of pain immediately?

Winston Salem Emergency Dental Pros’ goal is for every patient to be treated with the utmost care. Our DDS emergency dentist will protect your smile and oral health. Like other emergency dentistry services, we observe standard office hours, but our emergency dentist in Winston Salem is equipped to treat your dental injuries after hours and on weekends.

Delaying treatment for dental trauma or a broken denture can lead to complicated issues. If you wait to treat dental emergencies, you could be putting your teeth and oral health at risk. Visit our dental office or contact us to schedule an appointment for you or your family. We offer a free consultation to new patients. When you have tooth damage, please contact our emergency dentist for fast dental care services.

We never want to see you suffer from a severe mouth infection. Visit our Winston Salem office on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday. You may call the phone number listed on our web page. Our emergency dentist will be happy to help you with any cosmetic, general, or emergency dental services.

What are Dental Caries?

Patients may be unfamiliar with the term “dental caries”. However, many patients will recognize the more familiar term, cavity. Caries or cavities are what we use to describe decay in the enamel of a tooth. Caries or cavities are caused by bacteria that exist on your teeth. These bacteria consume sugars left on your teeth and in turn, produce acid. The acid wears away the tooth enamel allowing infection to form.

Cavities and other tooth decay are conditions that are of great concern to your emergency dentist. Winston Salem patients need to be aware that even minor tooth decay can sometimes cause acute pain and dental complications. Tooth pain and sensitivity are both symptoms of tooth decay. Please don’t wait another day to get help if you are experiencing this dental emergency.

Even a modest change in your diet can give your teeth enamel the help it needs to fight decay. Our emergency dentist in Winston Salem NC recommends patients avoid food options that are high in sugar. Sugar on your teeth can give bacteria a chance to grow, especially in the area between your teeth.

Cavities mean pain and a trip to an emergency dentist. Don’t let a chipped tooth or cavity affect your oral health. Patients with emergencies can see our emergency dentist for options to free themselves of oral discomfort. Please call right now – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or even on the weekend. Immediate care from our emergency dentist, its what we do best.

What if I need root canal therapy?

Tooth trauma includes infection inside your tooth. Infection can affect the pulp or root of a tooth and is marked by gum swelling or severe toothache. Sometimes, it’s possible for an infected nerve in your tooth to go undetected.

A root canal infection is 100% a dental emergency that needs urgent treatment. If not treated immediately, this can compromise dental integrity and your overall health – and we don’t want to see that happen. Please call us if you need root canal treatment and emergency care.

Yes, there are many dentistry experts in Winston Salem, NC 27103, but not all of them can address an infected root canal. Most Winston Salem North Carolina emergency dentists undergo regular training to treat more common dental emergencies but they need additional certifications to handle issues involving the pulp and roots of your teeth. Our Winston Salem team of expert dentists can handle injuries that include infected teeth and damaged pulp.

An endodontist is an emergency dentist and root canal specialist. They will determine your oral health situation and diagnose the severity of the root canal issue. Treatment may require removal of the pulp or root, depending on the results of their thorough dental examination. Soreness is a common aftereffect of root canal therapy, but our root canal dentistry expert can prescribe over-the-counter medicine for relief.

Winston Salem Emergency Dental Pros is your one-stop dental care partner. Emergency patients don’t need to wait to contact an endodontist for their root canal problem. Our emergency dentist in Winston Salem has everything you need. So keep our phone number handy and give our team a call for your root canal therapy appointment.Emergency Dental Pros in Winston Salem, North Carolina

How can I avoid a dental emergency?

Dental emergencies are a real drag. No patient wants to deal with a severe tooth abscess or have their tooth extracted. If your denture is broken, how can you enjoy a yummy steak, right?

Preventive dentistry is the best way to avoid dental emergencies. Scheduling a twice-a-year appointment with our dentist lowers the risk of knocked-out teeth, severe tooth pain, bleeding gums, swollen jaw, etc.

Our emergency dentist recommends you visit our office in Winston Salem, NC, every six months for a dental cleaning, check-up, and x-ray (if needed). That way, our dentist can check on tartar buildup and tooth decay to prevent dental pain and possible infection.

Of course, you need to observe a healthy dental routine to achieve the best results. The goal is to have zero problems with your teeth. Regular brushing and flossing are essential. If you are into extreme or active sports, you can avoid dental emergencies and protect your smile with a mouthguard and protective gear.

Never delay your dental care. Call our office for same-day appointments!

A dental emergency at midnight is hard to ignore, especially if it’s causing sharp pain in your teeth. The truth is, any dental emergency can affect normal biting and chewing and the appearance of your smile. In this situation, it is best to contact us for emergency dental care services.

A family member may not appear to be overly concerned about gum bleeding. On the outside, it may look fine, but it could be a serious issue hidden at the root of the tooth. The message is clear, don’t delay emergency dental treatment. Phone our office as soon as possible. Our local dental office in Winston Salem, North Carolina, is open from Monday to Sunday, 24 hours a day.

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