Emergency Dental Services in Glendale, CA

A dental emergency can happen to anyone no matter how how well they maintain their oral health. A sudden injury or or accident can cause serious damage to your teeth and gums. Unfortunate dental emergencies often result in extreme pain and discomfort, but we have a solution. For patients who need immediate pain relief, our dental services are available 24 hours a day.happy dentist photo

Quick response and immediate dental services are our focus. When you visit our office for an appointment, our Glendale emergency dentist will attend to your needs right away. Our goal is to make you comfortable and relieve your pain as soon as possible.

With Emergency Dental Pros, after-hours emergency dental care is never a problem. An accident resulting in a broken tooth and unbearable dental pain can happen at any time. No matter when you need help, you can contact our on-call emergency dentist. Glendale, CA, has many dental offices to choose from, but who can you call for immediate dental treatment, especially after office hours?

You can call our emergency dental care hotline anytime for a cracked tooth, knocked-out tooth, dental crown issue, or any dental emergency. Our emergency dentist will help you manage the situation while you wait for your scheduled appointment.

If you are dealing with an infection that has spread to other areas of your body, you should head to the nearest emergency room and be examined by a medical professional. Once you are cleared medically, call our dental team for urgent care.

How do I avoid dental emergencies?

We regularly receive calls from patients after business hours to help resolve their common dental emergencies. Though every dental issue is unique, most involve tooth pain, swelling, and bleeding. Some major dental problems stem from infection, and when they do, prompt treatment is critical.

Our emergency dentist in Glendale, CA, is well versed in handling all types of dental emergencies. They can provide immediate solutions and help you with preventive care to avoid tooth decay that could lead to a damaged tooth or teeth.

Patients should note the following preventive care steps listed below:

  • Commit to regular brushing and flossing, at least twice a day.
  • Be aware of what you eat and avoid sweets and sugary beverages.
  • Dental cleanings are essential and should be scheduled every six months.
  • Schedule a checkup appointment with our emergency dentists twice a year.
  • For dental emergencies, drop by our dental office in Glendale, CA, ASAP.

Avoiding dental emergencies can be a challenge, but not for our skilled and experienced emergency dentist. Sometimes dental emergencies can be prevented by scheduling regular appointments with our emergency dental care experts.

Dental infections that affect your soft tissues, root canals, wisdom teeth, etc., can put your oral health at risk. Treatment delays can result in the spread of infection and oral complications. Don’t let this happen to you. Give our experts a call.

If you are a sports enthusiast, we suggest you wear the proper gear to protect your gums, teeth, and mouth. Protective gear is effective at preventing injury from dental accidents in adults and children alike.

If you live outside Glendale, CA, or reside near Los Angeles county, no worries, we have dental offices located throughout the region. Just give us a call, and we will schedule your emergency treatment immediately. To keep those bright smiles, call or visit our dental office. We will take great care of your teeth.

Can I prepare for a dental emergency?

There are many reasons why patients call us to schedule a same-day appointment with an emergency dentist. A new patient or even a former patient should know how to handle problems with a small cavity, lost tooth, root canal infection, etc. Without the proper knowledge, a dental emergency can lead to severe tooth pain. So the question is, can you really prepare for it?

No one can predict when a dental emergency will happen, but being prepared can lessen the impact. For accidents or injuries resulting in a knocked-out tooth, a dental kit and some first aid knowledge can go a long way. If you have an emergency dentistry plan in place, you can respond to dental problems appropriately.Emergency Dental Pros in Glendale, California

Here are some tips to prepare for a dental emergency:

Learn first aid treatment

Consider learning basic dental care terms and treatments. You can always take a first aid course to understand how to better manage situations like severe pain from a damaged tooth. There are online courses related to treatment of oral swelling, lacerations, and dental bleeding. Even though knowledge is vital for preparation, it is not a substitute for professional dental care treatment administered by an emergency dentist.

Plan ahead

It’s impossible to predict when a lost crown will occur, it can even happen while you are shopping at the Glendale Galleria. If you are eating and you feel sharp tooth pain, check for food debris stuck between your teeth. Emergency dental care can start with something as basic as dental wax or a sugarless gum for covering a jagged broken tooth or for filling in lost dental crowns. A cold compress can help if you’re suffering from broken teeth or swollen gums.

We have listed some practical steps you can take while you wait for your emergency appointment. For sudden pain, taking over-the-counter medicines can help provide temporary relief.

Invest in dental insurance

The truth is, the cost of root canal treatment, tooth extraction, and other emergency care services is above average. Without dental insurance it might be difficult for you or a loved one to address the problem immediately.

Getting insurance for your teeth and gums is a wise investment that can protect your dental health. Insurance will put your mind at ease if the need for urgent care should arise. Glendale Emergency Dental Pros will charge your insurance company before invoicing for any emergency dental care.

Secure the number of a reliable emergency dentist in Glendale

We recommend you contact a Glendale area professional dentist whenever you or a family member is facing a difficult dental problem. Your local dental office may employ licensed dental care experts, but most won’t be available for an emergency tooth extraction after office hours.

Glendale Emergency Dental Pros is here to help. We offer a variety of treatment options. Our advanced dental facilities, flexible operating hours, and experienced dentists are why so many patients call us for their dental care.

Can a cracked tooth wait?

If you play sports or engage in extreme activities, you are more likely to crack a tooth than the average person. Even though this is a common dental emergency, most patients don’t know how to mitigate the damage to avoid lost teeth.

Like most dental emergencies, cracked teeth can’t wait for a dentist to become available. We recommend you seek immediate attention and address the problem right away. If the crack or swelling is not serious, keeping the area clean can help you avoid infection. While you wait to see our dentist, we recommend that you only consume soft food.

Our dentists are all about bright smiles and keeping your mouth looking it’s best. Call Emergency Dental Pros today!

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