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As an award-winning dentist in Sacramento, we are committed to meeting the dental needs of our patients. Over the years, our company has witnessed the demand for urgent care dentists continue to grow. The emergency work we have accomplished is proof of our ability to handle the needs of our customers efficiently and effectively. Our passion is helping patients through treatment of their pain and trauma caused by incidents such as a broken tooth, a broken jaw and much more. We are aware that situations that demand immediate dental care most often happen unexpectedly.

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The systems we have implemented ensure that we are available and open to serve you and your family during an emergency any time of the day. As the leading 24-hour dentist in Sacramento, we can perform surgery on your teeth even after office hours. A  common occurrence that requires emergency dental care is damage to your dentition due to an accident. We have a track record of positive results in the treatment of accidental damage to the dentition. Our commitment to our customers is a promise to always serve you and provide quality dental service.

Dental Implants and Gum disease treatment are some of the work we do. Our process ascertains the current state of our patient’s dentition prior to implementing any treatment. People who have come for our emergency service treatment have noted that we are the professional standard in the emergency dental care industry. Each of our staff is trained to serve in our patient’s best interests. We are where we are today because our customers have come to trust our brand.

Knowing our patients needs is an important part of our system. We accomplished this with comprehensive diagnostic testing accompanied by a detailed investigation to formulate a treatment plan for you. Each step in the process is designed to provide you optimal care. In Sacramento, Emergency Dental Pros is the premiere company in the emergency dental care space. This is why we remain your best bet when you want safe, expert dental care.

For those who need the attention of an emergency dentist, we provide immediate, around the clock appointments. Our quick emergency response service has prevented many of our patients’ issues from escalating into an infection. As experts in emergency dentistry, our customers enjoy the best oral care because we go the extra mile to serve you. 

Not all general dentists can treat a dental emergency. Some dentists lack the requisite expertise and training. Furthermore, the demands of this type of dental practice require a fast and dynamic approach to ensure you are receiving the proper care. We are incredibly pleased with the many positive testimonials we have received from our satisfied clients.

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When you need dental emergency care, you might have several immediate concerns. How much will this cost? Does the team have the expertise to complete the treatment? The good news is that you don’t need to undertake significant research to conclude why we have carved out a niche in this industry. With our experience and excellent customer service, our expert team is ready to handle any dental emergency and our pricing is extremely competitive. We continue to build on our success by incorporating the latest technological advancements in our treatments. Our stringent training protocols mean our staff’s preparation is second to none. Why do we do all this? Because your dental health is what matters most to us. 

Life’s events can happen to anyone at the most unexpected time. If you experience a cracked tooth or a severe injury to your mouth, it is important to contact an emergency dentist. There are limits to what a general dentist can do especially when faced with a challenging dental problem. Our focus remains emergency dental care and our customers know we are the dental partner of choice when facing such a challenge. 

It is important to note that certain prerequisites must be carried out to ensure you get the best treatment. For standard dental check-ups we first examine the gum-line to determine if there has been an adjustment. This step is carried out routinely, because as we advance in age, our dentition changes.  We will also check your teeth for cavities and other abnormalities and your gums for bleeding, infection, or extreme recession. 

Our goal is to get your bright smile back no matter the damage to your teeth. We engage with our patients to ensure they receive the most pertinent and relevant information to protect their interests. We do this is by advising you of important information before you commit to any emergency dentist. Our pedigree and precision are what sets us apart and is the reason we are the renowned name in our field.

For the many individuals who have used of our service, we have become a household name. We believe there is nothing that cannot be accomplished when the dental needs of a client require emergency attention. Our commitment to go the extra mile has made us the best emergency dental practice in Sacramento. We continue to expand the limits of our service to cover more individuals in our area of Sac. We set the standard in our industry because our commitment to serving you is unparalleled.

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