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Are you looking for a reliable and highly qualified dental company in Sacramento? Someone capable of providing emergency dental care the same day? If so, call Emergency Dental Pros immediately.

If you are seeking quality emergency dental services that have been proven and tested by thousands of patients, you have come to the right place.

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Our award-winning dentists in Sacramento are committed to meeting all our patients’ dental needs. Dental emergencies are our expertise, and we never stop looking for better ways to serve our clients.

Over the years, our company has witnessed first hand the increased demand for urgent care dentists. We have seen patients struggling to find a reliable Sacramento emergency dentist that can address a variety of dental emergencies. This is what motivates us to be there for you when a dental emergency happens.

Finding an emergency dental care clinic is no longer a problem. A new patient can head to our dental office and visit our practice for any of the following dental emergencies:

  • Broken filling;

  • Excessive bleeding;

  • Severe toothache;

  • Chipped tooth or teeth;

  • Veneers;

  • Dental Abscess;

  • Missing Crowns;

  • Jaw swelling;

  • Dental trauma or injury

Most common dental emergencies can’t be properly treated with home remedies or over-the-counter relievers. A cold compress might alleviate pain but it can never treat a fractured tooth or permanently resolve a sore toothache.

For long-term solutions, see our professional and insured dental emergency experts. They have all the tools, resources, and training to assist you and your family. Your oral health deserves the best and we have everything necessary to resolve emergency dental situations.

Why Emergency Dental Pros?

The emergency work we have accomplished is proof of our ability to handle the needs of our customers efficiently and effectively. Our passion is helping patients through the treatment of their pain and trauma caused by incidents such as a broken tooth, broken jaw, and much more.

The systems we have implemented ensure that we are available and open to serve you and your family during an emergency any time of the day. As the leading 24-hour dentist in Sacramento, we can perform surgery on your teeth even after office hours. Our commitment to our customers is a promise to always serve you by providing quality dental service.

Knowing every patients’ individual needs is an important part of our system. Each step in the process is designed to provide you with optimal care. This is why we are your best bet when it comes to safe, expert dentistry.

For those who need the attention of an emergency dentist, we provide immediate, round-the-clock appointments for patients in the Sacramento area. As experts in emergency dentistry, our customers enjoy outstanding oral care because our emergency dentists take the time to get it right the first time.

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How to avoid a dental emergency?

Tooth pain can happen no matter how careful you are with your oral health. In short, a dental emergency can strike whether you are prepared or not. But is there a better way to prepare?

There is no way to determine when a mouth infection will happen, but you can take steps to lessen the possibility of a dental emergency. Our team has listed some effective ways to avoid bleeding or abscessed teeth from happening:

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day.
  • Use dental floss after every meal.
  • To protect your teeth and gums, wear a mouth guard during sports activities.
  • Avoid eating hard-to-chew food.
  • Occasionally do a warm water rinse, especially if you encounter a sensitive tooth problem.
  • Schedule a regular appointment with our team so we can check for issues that may require a periodontal procedure.
  • For dental concerns, skip the emergency room and visit us for treatment immediately.

Do not let a minor tooth problem lead to infection just because you chose temporary relief. Contact us immediately if any dental issues occur.

Remember, a simple accident at the Old Sacramento Waterfront can impact your teeth and, if left untreated, can turn into something major. Don’t think twice about calling us for a quick repair.

Call the #1 Urgent Care Dentist to discuss how your damaged teeth can be brought back to life!

Call us for an emergency tooth extraction, same-day root canal therapy or any dental concern. Our clinic in Sacramento, CA, is fully equipped with the latest innovations in dentistry.

No matter how complex your dental emergency, rest assured that we have a dentist on-standby capable of turning a bad situation into a healthy smile. We provide emergency dental care every day of the week.

Check our website and call us to schedule your first dental appointment today.

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