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No matter when you encounter a dental emergency, you can call our skilled and round-the-clock emergency dentist. San Bernardino patients count on us for quality emergency dental care 24/7.

A knocked-out tooth, broken wire, severe tooth pain, and cracked filling are serious dental emergencies. Although they can happen unexpectedly, they still require treatment as soon as possible.smiling woman dentist photo

Ignoring a toothache can lead to a severe mouth infection which can put your oral health at risk – and that’s something you want to avoid. Failing to take immediate action can impact your bite and the appearance of your smile.

When you visit our emergency dentist for an appointment, the objective is to quickly determine the cause of the dental emergency. A knocked-out tooth, severe toothache, lost crown, and gum bleeding requires urgent care. In these cases, a quick response can help patients avoid extreme discomfort.

Our San Bernardino dentistry experts are trained to identify difficult emergency dental problems and provide an appropriate solution immediately. We want your teeth and smile to look their best and to ensure the problem does not reoccur.

For dental emergencies, skip the hospital emergency room. Medical doctors at the local emergency room may not have the ability to properly address a dental emergency. Visit our office or call our 24-hour hotline whenever you need emergency dentistry services.

Our emergency dentist in San Bernardino, CA will check your teeth, gums, and mouth the same day you experience the problem. The goal of our dental group is to free you from pain and resolve your dental emergency right away.

Dental Care Near Me

There are many dental offices to choose from in San Bernardino, CA 92408. Patients can visit most dental clinics Monday to Friday. Some are even open a few hours on the weekend. But tooth problems can occur any time of the day or week.

San Bernardino Emergency Dental Pros offers local 24/7 dental care services. Our dental group recognizes patients’ urgent need for treatment to address pain, swelling, and bleeding. With our 24/7 emergency dentistry services, you can call us any time of the day.

Our emergency dentists are on call for patients who need root canal therapy, chipped teeth restoration, broken denture repair, or treatment for other dental emergencies to ensure they are assisted immediately.

Dental emergencies do not always happen during business hours. No worries, our 24-hour emergency dentist in San Bernardino can set a same-day appointment, give you a free consultation and work on your broken braces, mouth infections, lost crowns, and more.

If you had an accident at Perris Hill Park and your tooth was knocked out, you can get immediate help from our dentistry team. Reach out to us through our local phone number or visit our emergency dental office right away.

Our dental group in San Bernardino, CA, is available 24 hours a day, Monday to Sunday (closed on some scheduled maintenance). You can contact us if you have any questions about a dental emergency such as a chipped or knocked-out tooth.

Our services are accessible seven days a week, day and night. Our dentists are happy to check your teeth at our San Bernardino, CA center on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday – any day of the week.

Does a throbbing pain mean infection?

Pain inside your mouth is a clear sign of dental damage or infection. There could be a hidden abscess or tooth decay. Our dentist should address this right away.

Toothaches are often the result of tooth inflammation and infection. When ignored, this can cause damage to the surrounding teeth and gums. Infection may appear minor, but if not given immediate care, it can put your tooth and general oral health at risk.

To efficiently identify and address tooth damage, we have listed symptoms to watch for:

  • discomfort when you chew or bite down
  • sensitive teeth
  • constant tooth pain
  • Swollen gums
  • bad breath
  • on and off fever
  • pus and redness inside the mouth

If you or a family member has a minor or severe toothache, it could be an indication of infection. If you detect early warning signs, contact us immediately for dental care service. Our professional dentists recommend a comprehensive dental exam and x-ray to address the problem.

My insurance expired. Can I still call your office for a dental emergency?

When you have severe tooth problems, emergency dentistry is unavoidable. Some patients in San Bernardino, California may delay treatment or refuse to set an appointment with our dental group because of the cost to repair braces or a lost crown. The good news is, when it comes to treating dental emergencies, Emergency Dental Pros has reasonable prices.Emergency Dental Pros in San Bernardino, California

We encourage patients to contact our phone number and set an appointment with our dentist, with or without insurance. Any type of dental emergency or accident concerning your teeth, crowns, fillings, dentures, and gums should be addressed as soon as possible.

Expired insurance is not a problem. You are welcome to call our emergency dental office for these and other services:

Dental Exam and X-ray 
Tooth Extraction
Dental Cleaning
Root Canal Therapy
Denture Repair
Impaired Braces Repair
Dental Implants
Lost Filling or Crown Restoration
Any Dental Emergency

Whenever you need the help of our dentist, don’t wait. Phone our local clinic near Highland Ave, San Bernardino, CA as soon as you can.

Will I receive after-care following my dental treatment?

Not all patients’ dental emergencies are resolved by our dentist in one session. Our emergency dentist in San Bernardino, CA offers follow-up treatment with every emergency dental care plan. For best results and to prevent complications, we recommend patients strictly follow the guidelines recommended by their dentist.

After your initial dental care treatment, our professional dentist will schedule another appointment to monitor your progress. It could be few days or a few weeks after your initial treatment. You may even receive a phone call from our dentist between appointments to check on your progress.

Are you dealing with a painful dental emergency? Phone our dentist today!

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