Same-Day Dental Appointments in Bridgeport, CT

Dental emergencies are never convenient. They result in extreme pain and swelling that is anything but comfortable for patients. The occurrence of a dental emergency can cause you to move an important meeting, reschedule a planned event or cancel a prior commitment. In short, it could ruin your entire beside dental chair

No dental emergency should be taken lightly. When the issue is dental trauma, seek emergency dental care right away. If you have severe tooth pain or happen to suffer from a broken tooth, don’t waste time. Call our emergency dentist – Bridgeport, CT.

There are many dental care professionals in Bridgeport, CT, but not everyone can handle an emergency dental situation. That is because some dental clinics lack the equipment and tools to treat patients with serious trauma. Before you hire someone for the job, we recommended you do some research and find an emergency dentist that fits your dental needs.

Emergency Dental Pros has assisted thousands of patients dealing with dental trauma, tooth infection, abscess, chipped tooth, on and off tooth pain, etc. They have extensive experience handling all types of dental emergencies. Many of our emergency dentists in Bridgeport, CT, are certified by the American Dental Association.

Our dental office offers a comfortable and cozy environment with the latest innovations enabling our local dentist in Bridgeport, CT, to provide top level emergency dental care.

Accessibility-wise, we are your best option. Our dental offices are open seven days a week. We understand that a dental emergency can happen when you least expect, so we keep our lines open for you. Our business hours are from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday to Sunday but our dental experts will take your call, even in the evening.

Call our dental office and book a same-day appointment with our emergency dentist in Bridgeport. Whatever concerns your oral health is our priority. Our team consists of a family dentist, general dentist, oral surgeon, and emergency dentist, ready to provide you with immediate attention.

If you wait for your regular dentist to be available, your tooth extraction may end up needing further treatment. This is not the case when you come to our dental office. Call us today. We have you and all our new patients covered.

Reasons Why You Should Hire Emergency Dental Pros

You can seek the service of any Bridgeport dentist, but you should hire only the best when you dental health is on the line. Fractured teeth and dental injuries require the skills of a unique specialist, not someone who has only practiced for a limited time.

Contact an emergency dentist with a reputation for handling infection, pain, and swelling. You want a local dental office who can ace dental procedures in a timely manner. A cold compress is not enough when what you really need is root canal therapy.

New patients don’t need to visit dental offices outside of Bridgeport, CT, just to seek treatment. Our local dental care experts are here to help. They will assess your symptoms and treat your emergency promptly.

Why you should call Emergency Dental Pros for advanced dental services:

Skilled and Experienced Dentists

Only an expert knows the common reasons for bleeding gums and chipped teeth. And you will need an experienced dentist to get permanent relief for a chipped tooth or gum disease. No worries; our emergency dentists are more than capable of providing the treatment you need. They are licensed, professional, and friendly. Their experience assisting patients allows them to identify obvious problems and other symptoms less apparent that could be an indication of further damage.

Every emergency dentist on our team is trained to handle tooth pain and identify solutions for your oral emergencies. So whether you are dealing with swelling gums, broken teeth, or non-stop pain, get in touch with our dental experts for immediate relief.

Personalized Dental Services All Under One Roof

Family members dealing with oral issues will sometimes head to the nearest emergency room to get treated. It’s likely you will spend more money to eliminate pain at a hospital emergency room than our local dentist. Emergency rooms are for medical emergencies, so anything that concerns your tooth should be addressed by an oral expert.Emergency Dental Pros in Bridgeport, Connecticut

Patients are assured of complete dental services whenever they set an appointment with our dentist. We have the resources to address your discomfort, especially when you need treatment for tooth decay, an abscess, knocked-out tooth, or any kind of oral pain.

Left untreated, infected teeth can lead to swelling and wreak havoc on other parts of your body. Even if the bleeding stops, give us a call.

Visit our office or check out the dental services on our official website. When necessary, see our dentist immediately.

Options to Make Every Treatment Affordable

Sometimes it seems the best way to get pain relief is to visit the nearest hospital emergency room. But that can be more expensive than you think.

When dealing with broken braces or chipped teeth, setting an appointment with one of our Bridgeport dentists is not only prudent but also cost-efficient. You can rinse you mouth with warm water and follow up with a cold compress but you shouldn’t stop there. It’s best to see our experts in office for proper treatment.

If money is your concern, don’t worry. We have several payment options available for patients. If you do not have cash, you can still have your braces adjusted and pay via credit card. You can also use your dental insurance.

Broken Tooth Problem? Call our Bridgeport Office today!

If you brake a tooth while enjoying Seaside Park, don’t panic. The trick is to stay calm, put your tooth in a small container and bring it with you to your appointment.

We can surely accommodate you with our extended hours. If you are experiencing tooth pain, don’t wait. Give us a call to schedule your appointment as soon as possible.

Why suffer in silence? Call our dentists today!

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