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Dental injuries and severe tooth damage can happen any time of the day, even after midnight hours. Finding an emergency dentist in El Paso is the first step to relieving pain. But it’s not easy to find an El Paso, TX emergency dental company that offers after-hours services. When you need emergency dental care fast, visit El Paso Emergency Dental Pros to get immediate dental service.

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Most dental emergencies require urgent treatment. You can schedule an appointment with our dentist 24 hours a day to address any dental health problem. Unlike other El Paso, TX dental companies, our services are not limited to the usual office hours.

Set an appointment with our emergency dentists in El Paso, TX if you’re suffering from tooth sensitivity, bad breath problems, mouth cuts, sore gums, etc. You may not think of these as dental emergencies, but simple dental issues can quickly escalate and lead to complications.

Emergency dental care is the remedy for any serious dental problem. Patients with severe tooth pain should contact our dental office as soon as possible. If you are struggling with a nasty toothache, chipped tooth, or any oral health issue, call our local El Paso clinic and set an appointment immediately.

It is vital to deal with the damage associated with a knocked-out tooth and other dental emergencies appropriately. You may call our dental clinic for guidance if you or a family member is experiencing extreme pain due to a dental emergency.

Bleeding gums or a broken dental crown can cause a patient significant discomfort. A cold compress or pain medication may offer temporary relief. Our El Paso office can help you manage your dental emergency while you wait for our dentist.

Emergency Dental Pros will get you the treatment you need fast. A jagged broken tooth can cause damage to your teeth and gums. Dental wax can be used to cover a sharp tooth to prevent damage to your mouth. If a family member has an accident resulting in a cracked tooth, they should see a dentist right away.

We handle any dental emergency

It’s unfortunate if your visit to the El Paso Zoo results in a broken tooth, cracked teeth, or unrelenting tooth pain. The good news is, we can fix a broken or knocked out tooth immediately. We are open 24 hours, Monday to Sunday, for your dental emergency. The services provided by our outstanding dentist are available at a time convenient to you.

Our El Paso, TX dental experts are licensed and equipped to handle emergencies related to your teeth and gums. We welcome walk-in appointments, so you can call today to see our insured and reliable dentist in El Paso, TX. Patients may also walk in for an on-the-spot check-up with our emergency dentist.

Don’t deal with a dental emergency or severe tooth pain on your own. Treatment for a dental emergency need not wait for the next day or an appointment next week. Contact us immediately through email, phone number, comment, or message. Give us a call now or visit our local emergency dental office.

Contact our 24/7 emergency dentist in El Paso, TX

For next-day appointments, call our dental office. We are open Monday to Friday, plus weekends. You may contact us using the number indicated on our website. Walk-in appointments are also welcome during and after office hours. You can schedule same-day or next-day appointments. Ring our dental office hotline. Our local emergency room is ready to go.

Our El Paso dental office and emergency dentist can handle various types of common dental emergencies. Our dentist is trained to treat root canals, bleeding gums, and dental injuries. Patients regularly come to our El Paso location to receive specialized dental emergency care.

A broken crown may not be life-threatening but it can cause damage to your mouth and acute oral discomfort. Our emergency dentist can repair your broken teeth or cracked crown and finish the job with matching and functional cosmetic dentistry. If you have a difficult dental emergency, schedule an appointment with our emergency dentist, El Paso TX.

Emergency dental services for walk-in and scheduled appointments

Oral health problems can affect your daily routine and cost more if you don’t treat them immediately. Taking supplements may help strengthen your teeth, but they are no substitute for regular appointments with a dentist.

Our emergency dentists in El Paso, TX know when a natural tooth can be saved or when a tooth extraction is necessary. We are your everyday general dentist and your emergency dental care partner. We solve common dental problems and handle dental emergencies 24 hours a day.

Patients in El Paso, TX and areas nearby can call us for teeth problems, pain management, and other dental emergencies. They trust our round-the-clock services to address their broken tooth, bad breath, teeth misalignment, and cosmetic dentistry needs. We have listed below some in-demand dental emergency services we have provided throughout the years.


Continuous tooth pain in your mouth can be devastating. It can affect your appetite, deprive you of sleep and interrupt your work routine. Toothaches are often caused by tooth decay, a severe abscess, or a dental infection. When over-the-counter medicines don’t help to reduce the pain, our emergency dentist can assist you right away. A toothache is a sure dental emergency so call us as soon as possible.

Our El Paso Dentist will schedule an appointment, check the affected tooth, order an x-ray if necessary and perform a detailed examination to identify the cause of the pain. Dental abscesses may need immediate root canal treatment or tooth extraction, so don’t hesitate to visit your local emergency dentist immediately. In some cases, antibiotics may be prescribed to save a tooth and stop the spread of infection.

Knocked-Out Tooth

Just like a serious tooth abscess, a knocked-out tooth is an urgent dental problem that should receive same-day emergency dental care service. Not only will you endure hours of pain unnecessarily, but you will also fail to save your natural tooth if you don’t visit a local dental emergency room in El Paso, TX immediately.

For a knocked-out tooth, our dentists recommend you place the tooth back in your mouth or in a glass of milk. To save your natural tooth, set an appointment with our dental clinic immediately. Only a qualified dentist should attempt to place the tooth back in the socket.

Emergency Dental Pros in El Paso, Texas

Damaged Tooth Filling

Sometimes a cracked or missing filling won’t cause immediate pain so a patient may not feel an urgent need to contact us for emergency dental services. Even if the pain is tolerable, you shouldn’t wait to visit our dental emergency room. If a patient is unsure what to do, our dentists recommend calling our El Paso dental clinic for help.

If the pain is significant, give us a call right away. Speak to our dental emergency experts to find out the best way to handle a lost or damaged filling. Delaying treatment can put your dental health at risk. A lost filling is definitely a dental emergency, so be sure to contact our licensed dentist—El Paso, TX for help.

Lost Dental Crown

Like a lost filling, a displaced crown is also a dental emergency. Although there is no simple remedy to put the crown back in place, you may store it in a plastic container for safekeeping until you see a dental emergency expert.

Don’t let this minor problem lead to complications. Make that dental emergency call today and allow our skilled dentist to work on your crowns. We will repair the crown and ensure that your teeth are properly aligned.

Emergency Care

Anything that concerns the health of your gums and teeth is a priority; that is why our services are available to patients at 3am, 9am, 10pm, or any time of the day. Whether you are dealing with a broken denture, a lost filling, or a cosmetic dentistry problem, we are here to help.

We want to be your same-day emergency dental care partner, so don’t waste time, call today. Stay in touch with our dentist through email, phone number, comment, or message. Your dental emergency is our business. We are here to help you and your family 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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