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When people have dental pain, they often look for over-the-counter pain medication to relieve their symptoms, but that’s not a solution for dental emergencies.

Killeen Emergency Dental Pros can treat any dental emergency that affects you or your family. Our emergency dental services are available during and after normal business hours, Monday to Sunday. You can even call our emergency dentist hotline on holidays.professional dentist photo

Oral pain caused by a broken tooth, root canal infection, or other dental emergency can result in sleepless nights and severe suffering. When this happens, your local emergency room is unlikely to help. A hospital emergency room should be reserved for medical emergencies.

Keeping good oral hygiene can’t help you avoid emergency dental problems. Sometimes you need a licensed emergency dentistry expert that is certified by the American Dental Association to ensure excellent oral health.

A dental emergency can strike while you are enjoying your date at Lions Club Park or while you are presenting at a crucial meeting. Sometimes patients are forced to cancel plans because of broken wires, impacted teeth, damaged dentures, and other dental emergencies.

At Killeen Emergency Dental Pros, oral trauma, tooth injury, or other dental issue is our primary focus. Our emergency dentistry experts are experienced in handling permanent tooth issues, chipped teeth, or severe tooth damage. Plus, we offer a same-day appointment.

Don’t settle for a cold compress when pain persists. Contact our dental office in Killeen, TX, for immediate dental treatment.

When should you call for emergency dental care?

Some people have never been to an emergency room, and they are lucky enough not to know the anxiety of spending just a few hours there. People feel the same way about treatment for dental emergencies. That is why it is important to have access to quality emergency dental care. When you have questions, you can call our Killeen emergency dentist for answers.

A toothache can be a symptom of gum infection or a broken tooth. Severe tooth pain is a clear indication that something is wrong with your oral health. A compromised mouth condition can put your general well-being at risk. Once a patient has experienced a severe toothache or other dental health concern, it is vital they contact one of our Killeen emergency dentists.

Emergency Dental Pros is the clinic to call when you are faced with a dental emergency. If you are struggling with a mouth infection, bleeding gums, or other oral health issues, set an appointment with our skilled emergency dentist in Killeen, TX right away.

Patients can avoid complications by seeking treatment and getting immediate care at the soonest time possible. If you are a patient coming from Fort Hood, Clear Creek, or Harker Heights, Killeen, TX, our dentists will conduct a thorough examination and quickly treat the cause of your pain.

So when should you call for emergency dental care? The answer is now.

Common Dental Emergencies

When it comes to emergency care, choosing the right dentist is critically important. Our Killeen, TX, emergency dentists handle everything from tooth fillings to the most complex dental emergencies. Some patients require a same-day appointment because of the severity of their condition. This is where we excel.

To provide comprehensive emergency dental services, our team must also be exerts in the fields of general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. Our dentists are well prepared to treat all patients, from common problems with chipped teeth and missing fillings to a complicated dental accident.

A chipped tooth or broken denture might not sound alarming, but they are some of the most common dental emergencies patients can encounter. If left unattended, it can cause infection, unbearable oral pain and other health issues. This is when you need to come to us for an emergency dental visit.Emergency Dental Pros in Killeen, Texas

If you encounter any of the following dental emergencies, reach out to us for immediate treatment:

  • Chipped Tooth or Broken Teeth

  • Knocked-out Tooth or Dislodged Teeth due to an accident

  • Dental Injury

  • Broken Dentures

  • Bleeding Gums

  • Severe Toothache

  • Missing Tooth Fillings and Crowns

  • Root Canal or Mouth Infection

  • Any Dental Emergency

Setting an appointment with our office and scheduling emergency dental work with our dentist is easy. Just dial our number and speak to our friendly team. Fell free to call our local office anytime.

Our Killeen emergency dentists will carefully examine your mouth, gums, and teeth and provide immediate relief. We accept dental insurance, credit cards and offer flexible payment plans.

How to book our emergency dental care services?

Call our team to review the available treatments at our office. You can also inquire about financing options during your free consultation.

Speak with our Killeen, TX office staff, to schedule a tooth extraction or teeth cleaning service. We can help you prepare for any possible dental emergency that you might face in the future.

Schedule your tooth check-up in advance so you don’t waste time waiting for an office visit. Whether you are looking for treatment to fit dentures or for tooth removal, you may need to set aside time to rest afterwards.

Our patients are aware of the cost of their procedure in advance. For any given treatment, we will verify insurance coverage. Our team provides emergency dentistry aftercare instructions with no additional fees.

Book a consultation with our dentist today!

If a warm water or cool water rinse is ineffective, it’s time to call one of our Killeen dentists. For bleeding, apply pressure on the affected area with a moist sterile gauze. For knocked-out teeth, head to our office immediately.

For any dental problem, ring our Killeen hotline number or visit us today!


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