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No matter how careful you are with the food you eat, dental emergencies can happen. And when they happen at 11:00 pm, you should have a dentistry expert you can call immediately. Dental trauma is tough to manage. You need an oral care expert to help you with the pain and provide permanent relief.photo of a licensed dentist with boy patient

Louisville Emergency Dental Pros is your best choice when it comes to emergency dental care. Knocked-out teeth, a mouth infection, a lost tooth filling, bleeding, and gum swelling are just a few of the dental issues we handle every day. Our dentists are well versed in treating trauma from a mouth injury. From a minor toothache to the most severe crown pain, we have you covered.

Emergency dentistry requires years of education and our licensed dental experts are well versed in the latest dentistry techniques; general, cosmetic, special, etc. To be a certified member of our team, one needs to undergo extensive training and have the experience necessary to meet our rigorous standards.

When you visit our local dental office, you are assured a one of a kind experience. From the moment you step in the door, our friendly staff will assist you and assess your needs while our certified dentist prepares the emergency room for you. We are everything you are looking for in a dental care partner – great facilities, high-end equipment, and highly-skilled dentistry experts.

Don’t hesitate to visit our local office in Louisville, KY. Let us check on your gums, teeth, and jaw. You can call us for an appointment or walk-in for immediate dental treatment. We are open on a Wednesday, Thursday, or any day convenient to you. Check out our services online and reach out to us as soon as possible.

When Should You Visit An Emergency Dentist?

While you may not be sure if immediate assistance is necessary, you should always call our office whenever you think you may have a dental emergency. Taking over-the-counter medicines may offer temporary relief but they will never be a solution to swollen gums or a lost filling.

A knocked-out tooth can lead to a severe tooth infection. Even if you have a tolerance for pain, delaying treatment can escalate that pain into an intolerable toothache. We always advise our patients to make arrangements to see an emergency dental care expert as soon as possible. It may be possible to place an adult tooth back into the socket, but this should be done by one of our dental care experts.

No dental emergency is too small or too big for our highly trained dentist in Louisville, KY. Whether you are dealing with a common dental problem such as a broken tooth, lost filling, crown misalignment, or a root canal, schedule an appointment with our emergency dentist to receive the necessary treatment. Louisville Emergency Dental Pros will take care of you and your loved ones. Don’t let dental trauma keep you in discomfort. See us immediately.

Emergency Dental Pros – FAQs

What if I end up with a broken tooth over the weekend?

You can encounter any type of dental emergency any time of the week. It helps when someone is available around the clock. Emergency Dental Pros has a 24/7 hotline accessible for patients who need an urgent tooth extraction, root canal therapy or any other dental problem worked on right away. Maybe it’s a busy Friday or a lazy Sunday, either way you can call us or visit our office in Louisville, KY.Emergency Dental Pros in Louisville, Kentucky

Even if you feel your tooth pain can wait until next week, you can still give us a call or send us a message with your questions. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Should I wait to get emergency care?

In a dental emergency, you are putting your oral health at risk by not seeking immediate attention. For knocked-out teeth or cheek pain from a swollen gum, we recommend you see a dentistry expert right away. A broken tooth may not appear to be serious but an urgent extraction may be necessary. A quick rinse may lessen the pain, but this will never treat a tooth decay problem.

We advise every patient to take all dental matters seriously. Schedule an urgent appointment and see our emergency dentist in Louisville, KY. No need to wait for next Tuesday or Friday. Our services are designed for dental emergencies, so contact our office from Monday to Sunday.

Will over-the-counter drugs relieve the pain?

If you feel a shooting pain in your mouth, it could be caused by infected teeth or a chipped tooth. The first thing that may come to mind is to take painkillers to manage the pain. Will it relieve the pain? You may experience temporary relief but you shouldn’t mistake pain relief for proper dental care.

Our team of experts understand that many dental issues can affect your smile. That’s why we offer permanent dental solutions and provide top of the line dental care. Why settle for short-term fixes when you can go with permanent ones instead. Our office is open after hours, not just Monday to Friday, 8:00 am – 6:00 pm.  For emergency care, you can get in touch with us and set an appointment from 7:00 pm onwards.

Do you accept insurance to cover dental emergencies?

We offer various payment options for our dental services. Our patients can settle their treatment with cash or card. But if you have a current insurance plan with dental coverage, you may present it to our receptionist during your appointment. We also have in-house financing available for cosmetic procedures. Emergency Dental Pros will address all your dental needs and restore that brilliant smile again.

A dental emergency needs immediate treatment.  Our team is on stand-by, right now, ready to assist you.

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