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Dental emergencies can be stressful and frustrating. Most cases require patients to see an emergency dentistry expert to determine the root cause of the problem. Testing and x-ray imaging may well be needed before an urgent dental procedure can begin.female dentist smiling in a photo

When the time comes that you need emergency dental care, it is a relief to know there is a reliable dentist in McAllen you can call – and that’s us.

Responsive dental care and emergency dental services are never a problem. Emergency Dental Pros has been a reputable emergency care provider in McAllen, TX, for over 20 years. Our skilled and certified emergency dentists are able to treat complex and common dental emergencies.

When your regular dentist in McAllen is unavailable, our dental office is open and can set an appointment for you and your family. You can get quality emergency dental care the same day you encounter severe pain, broken teeth, root canal infections, missing teeth, etc.

Emergency Dental Pros serves all patients in McAllen, TX, and the surrounding area. Our emergency dentistry services are available 7:00 am to 9:00 pm every day. You can call us at 1:00 pm or as early as 8:00 am, whatever works for you.

We understand how important your oral health is to you. That’s why every emergency dentist on our team is part of the American Dental Association. When you call for general dentistry or dental emergencies you want to speak to a qualified expert.

Do not delay treatment for a broken tooth or suffer through the agonizing tooth pain of a knocked out or cracked tooth. Emergency Dental Pros can help you get relief the same day. Contact our dental office in McAllen, TX, and set an appointment immediately.

There are effective ways to treat and prevent infection, and we can help you with that.

The Efficient Way to Handle a Dental Emergency

If you had an accident at Zinnia Park that impacted your teeth, knowing how to handle your dental emergency before reaching our dental care expert will help us help you.

When faced with a knocked-out tooth, dental injury, or unknown pain, follow these steps:

  1. Don’t panic. Patients with pain and dental trauma tend to panic. Remain calm as much as possible. Some patients opt to head to the emergency room for immediate care. Unless you are suffering from a medical condition or injury, a licensed dentist is the right person to call. Medical attention will be recommended if the injury is beyond our expertise.
  2. Observe and assess your dental emergency: Emergency dental care starts with gathering the right information. This will determine how we treat your dental emergency. Is there bleeding? Did you save your knocked-out teeth? Is there mouth swelling? By assessing the situation, we can tell whether you need a cold compress or a warm water rinse. Regardless, you will need immediate attention, and calling for help is a must.
  3. Take control: Once you assess the situation, you can decide how to manage it while you are on your way to see us. If there’s pain, you can take a pain reliever or apply a cold compress to reduce swelling. To prevent infection, clean the area with a quick warm water rinse.Emergency Dental Pros in McAllen, Texas
  4. Call our dentist as soon as possible:  Emergency care is necessary whenever you have an urgent oral injury or concern. Even if it’s late in the day, give us a call. If you need to schedule an appointment after office hours, we’ll squeeze you in the next business day.

To prevent tooth infection, contact our dental care experts today!

Emergency dental care is not an option but a must for patients with oral issues. You need a professional to treat a trauma affected tooth and relieve pain. No other dental office can match the experience and skills of our emergency dentistry team.

You or a family member can drop by our office any time between 7:00 am and 6:00 pm, Monday to Sunday. If you have a loose tooth or an infected gum after 7:00 pm, you can still give us a call.

Our McAllen, TX dental offices take calls after hours so you can schedule an appointment for your dental emergencies right away. We handle a variety of dental emergencies like chipped teeth, severe tooth pain, missing tooth fillings, and infected root canals.

Critical Care Emergency Dentist – McAllen, TX

Responsive emergency dental treatment is critical to avoid infection and worst-case scenarios. Your minor tooth pain could escalate to an abscess resulting in hours of discomfort.

Emergency care is our expertise. We take care of all patients in McAllen, TX. Whatever you are dealing with, call Emergency Dental Pros as soon as possible.

We are your best option to resolve any dental problem. We’ll be happy to schedule a same-day appointment, assess your condition, and provide a permanent dental solution.

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