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Even for an experienced general dentist, treating dental emergencies can be a challenge. Home remedies are available for patients online but they may not be reliable. It’s the same with your primary dental clinic. Are they qualified and equipped to handle emergency dentistry?Happy patient at the dentist

Not every dental practice is staffed and equipped to provide emergency dental care. When a dental emergency occurs, you need to find a skilled emergency dentistry expert to get rid of your tooth pain and stop the suffering. Midland Emergency Dental Pros can do just that.

Severe dental pain, tooth decay, gum disease, a knocked-out tooth, missing dental filling, and dental injury are some of the most common dental emergencies. Our patients experience these types of oral problems every day. We have a local dentist on N Garfield St., ready Monday to Sunday with extended office hours, to provide immediate assistance whenever a tooth problem occurs.

A warm water rinse can help to lessen severe tooth pain or clear the bleeding of a knocked-out tooth, but this is not comprehensive dental treatment. We suggest you call or visit our office immediately when you have a dental emergency. Why wait for next week when you can have your tooth examined right away with a same day appointment?

Understanding Common Dental Emergencies

A dental emergency is an urgent matter that needs immediate attention. You might want to save your tooth or ease the pain of your surrounding teeth. Maybe you need to treat a sensitive tooth, cure an infection, or stop uncontrolled mouth bleeding or teeth grinding.

At our clinic, our dental team on N. Garfield St. will provide you with immediate attention, especially during an emergency. Our emergency dentist, Midland, TX, can get you a same-day emergency appointment that can help prevent dental emergencies from happening in the future.

Dental emergencies vary. Severe tooth pain, loose dental implants, chipped teeth, knocked out permanent teeth, lost fillings, are just a few. You can easily access information online to find the best way to handle these situations or you can settle for a warm water rinse as a temporary remedy. Even if you if you find yourself with a dental emergency at Midland County Horseshoe Arena, it is best to seek emergency dental care as soon as possible.

Emergency Dental Pros is more than qualified to treat lost fillings, restore dental crowns, work on tooth decay, and more. We are happy to put you on our schedule the same day you encounter a problem.

Gum Disease or Periodontal Disease

Statistically, about 50% of adults suffer from some level of gum disease and it is a serious oral health concern. Swollen and bleeding gums, receding gums, bone loss, loose teeth, and tooth loss are common gum problems.

To complicate matters, some gum problems are not accompanied by painful or noticeable symptoms. People can have dental emergencies like gum disease, and never know it.

Our team of qualified dentists will examine your oral health, check for signs of disease and determine the condition of your gums.

Treatments for Periodontal Disease

Depending on the dental emergency involving your gums, we will recommend certain treatments.

Our treatments are tailored to your specific situation. Our emergency dentist in Midland, Texas, will only recommend what is best for your oral health.

Deep Cleanings

Also called scaling and root planning, deep cleanings are more than your standard dental cleaning. These treatments can minimize inflammation and prevent disease from spreading.

We do these procedures right in our dental office. If you are in Midland, TX, and want more information about what a deep cleaning can do for you, give us a call.


Bacteria is the root cause of tooth and gum diseases.

In addition to deep cleanings, we may also recommend antibiotics to treat your gums. Antibiotics can heal gum infections and relieve severe pain.


A durable and natural-looking tooth crown is one of the best ways to stabilize a compromised tooth and restore your smile.

When tooth fillings fail, crowns are the perfect solution for badly decayed or damaged teeth.

A common procedure, a dental crown is a cap that is fitted on top of your tooth. A tooth stabilizing crown can match your tooth size, function, shape, and aesthetic and give you a continuous matching smile.

Emergency Dental Pros – Midland, TX will provide you with a durable, expertly-fit, and aesthetically-pleasing tooth crown. Our dental crowns feel natural and look beautiful.Emergency Dental Pros in Midland, Texas

Dental Implants

When you have knocked-out teeth or missing teeth, dental implants are the best solution.

Implants look and feel like your natural teeth. With dental implants, you can eat any foods and smile with confidence.

Our dentists use the latest implant technology available. They are able to perform everything from full mouth restorations to replacement of a single missing tooth.

We only use the highest quality materials like corrosion resistant stainless steel to provide long-lasting prosthetics for your teeth and gums. We are committed to giving you the best smile possible.

In need of immediate care? Call our emergency dentist – Midland, TX.

We specialize in emergency dentistry. For years we have provided treatment for chipped teeth, root canal therapy, and dental restorations to thousands of patients in and around the city.

We understand how crucial it is to receive immediate dental care, especially for a severe toothache, dental bonding, chipped tooth, unusual tooth sensitivity, and other dental issues.

Seeking immediate medical attention from the nearest emergency room is unlikely to resolve your dental emergency. Call our emergency dentists and schedule a same-day appointment. Call us for an urgent tooth extraction or when you have to deal with a severe tooth problem.

Our dental team can treat toothaches and knocked-out teeth and they can provide first aid tips for any emergency situation.

Insurance is accepted too!

You do not have to suffer in silence because you are worried about costly emergency dentistry treatments. Emergency Dental Pros provides efficient and reasonably priced dental services.

We accept most dental plans to cover an emergency exam, permanent tooth extraction, dental bridge placement, lost filling treatment, or any general dentistry procedure. We offer flexible payment options so you can set an emergency appointment without being concerned about the cost.

Our office has extended operating hours. Call us for a tooth x-ray or same day tooth filling replacement. Don’t live with tooth pain. Call today!

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