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If you live in Plano, TX, you might find that you need an emergency dentist. Dental emergencies happen at the most unexpected times, and if you are not prepared, you may end up enduring days of sharp pain and discomfort.

For your peace of mind, partner with a reliable and certified dental emergency expert like us. We can help you manage that severe toothache and treat your infected gums immediately. Visiting an emergency room for your dental needs is counter productive, instead, call the number of our emergency dentist.

Plano, TX Emergency Dental Pros is known for reliable round-the-clock dental services. A new or existing patient can always call us for a dental cleaning, routine checks, or an unscheduled treatment. Our team understands sudden issues happen. Sometimes getting a same-day appointment is quite impossible, which is why we offer 24/7 dental coverage.smiling female dentist before performing a tooth removal to patient photo

Some dental emergencies may not seem that urgent. If you have any doubt, we suggest you give us a call. While you wait for your visit, our dentist in Plano will explain everything on the phone and provide helpful ways to manage a broken tooth, bleeding gum, lost crown, cracked filling, etc.

Emergency Dentist for Your Dental Emergencies

Our professional emergency dentist in Plano, TX, is well trained to handle any dental treatment. Dentists on our team are experts at providing solutions to gum disease, severe tooth pain, a broken tooth, root canal infection, painful mouth, sudden toothache, lost crown, and more.

Our Texas office is always open for patients from within the city and areas outside. Patients can contact us for emergency dental care any time of the day. You can also call us for cosmetic procedures and cleaning appointments.

A dental emergency can happen while you are at work or home resting. Don’t panic. Give our Plano emergency dentist a call as soon as possible. We will address the cause of your dental pain. We are here when you need emergency dental care treatment.

Our office is never closed. We are open for all patients, Monday to Sunday. So there is no reason to wait for emergency dental care. Save yourself from long hours of pain. Let our dentistry experts treat your knocked-out tooth, lost filling, tooth infection, painful jaw, and other dental emergencies.

What will ER do for tooth pain? 

Some patients end up with an urgent visit to an emergency room by trying to avoid routine preventative dental care. They believe they can save money by skipping their bi-yearly visit to the dentist, incorrectly believing they can see a medical doctor to address a severe toothache. If you decide to make that urgent trip to the hospital, with no assurance of a permanent solution, you might spend your money for nothing.

Preventative care is a must and a wise investment. Aside from being inconvenient, dental emergencies are costly.

Many patients do not realize that only a dental emergency expert can address tooth pain permanently. Only a licensed Plano, Texas emergency dentist should perform dental treatment. A medical expert may not be trained to handle a root canal infection, broken dentures, oral bleeding, or gum disease.

Hospital doctors may prescribe antibiotics or pain relievers to patients suffering from severe tooth pain. This promises temporary relief but it is not a complete dental solution. Most likely, you will need an emergency appointment with a licensed dentistry professional.Emergency Dental Pros in Plano, Texas

If you have a broken or knocked-out tooth and your emergency dentist is not available, you can try some home remedies to manage the pain. Place the tooth in a container filled with milk, or rinse it, and carefully place the tooth back in the socket. Just make sure you don’t touch the root when you place the tooth back into the socket. This will increase the chances that your dentistry professional will be able to save your broken teeth.

The hospital is unlikely to help with oral concerns. If an infection is affecting your gums or teeth, but not other parts of your body, schedule an appointment with our dental emergency expert right away.

How often do you really need to go to the dentist?

There is no need to visit your emergency dentist every month unless, of course, you are undergoing a dentistry treatment that requires close monitoring.

It’s recommended that both adults and children receive dental services regularly. Patients are advised to call for an appointment twice a year.

Visiting a dental clinic for a routine check-up or cleaning is essential to maintaining your oral health. Plano Emergency Dental Pros encourages each patient to schedule an appointment twice a year. It’s easier to address a chipped tooth or avoid a potential dental emergency if the problem is detected immediately.

At Plano Emergency Dental Pros we offer patients free quotations and flexible payment options for a better dental experience. Many people schedule an appointment with our team because of our expertise and professionalism. They know they don’t have to worry when they partner with us.

Contact us for help. We will work on your chipped tooth and schedule a follow-up visit. Your smile is important to us, so call us right away whenever you are dealing with a dental challenge.

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