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It can be challenging to find the right dentist. You want a dental specialist who, among other qualities, has extensive experience in their area of practice. And you’ll want someone who will pay attention to you and guide you toward the best course of action.happy male dentist in a clinic

Our company takes pride in providing prompt and quality emergency dental services in Stamford and nearby areas. We aim to provide the best dental care possible that is also affordable and timely.

You do not have to settle for temporary measures when you have a top-rated company like Emergency Dental Pros.

Though common dental emergencies happen unexpectedly, finding a reliable partner to address your dental pain is not easy. Most patients seek help from the nearest emergency room instead of heading to a qualified dental office.

We understand that any dental emergency can cause great suffering and discomfort, which is why we offer the best emergency dentistry in the US. On top of that, patients can call us for other services such as cosmetic dentistry, general dental procedures, pediatric dentistry, and more.

A lot of dental clinics offer affordable dental solutions, but it is always best to choose quality over cheap pricing. Check reviews online before you finally schedule an appointment.

You run the danger of the illness spreading if you ignore a cracked or damaged tooth. The same goes if you disregard a loose crown or filling. Call our emergency dentist immediately if you encounter an accident that results in a knocked-out tooth or if you have an infection that is causing a root canal issue. An infected tooth can grow into a life-threatening problem.

Seeking emergency dental care is a must, especially if you are dealing with dental injuries, trauma, severe bleeding, and other dental issues. Our emergency dentistry experts are well versed in addressing common dental emergencies.

Why Should I See a Dentist Instead Of Going To The ER For Emergency Dental Care?

Even though emergency department doctors are proficient in handling medical emergencies, they are not trained in urgent dental care. They can treat oral issues such as bleeding, but they cannot repair a broken tooth.

Similarly, if you go to the emergency room because of dental discomfort, they may give you pain medication, but they probably won’t figure out what’s causing the pain or try to permanently fix it. Instead, you are better off with a trip to the dentist.

Keep in mind that medical experts are not trained to handle a loose crown or missing dental filling, so they do not have the knowledge and skills to restore or replace them. The same goes for oral infection, mouth bleeding, and dental abscess.

Even if you visit the emergency department, you will probably still need to see our team. Instead of going through the additional agony, effort, and expense, call us for emergency dental care.happy dental patient in a clinic

Contact Emergency Dental Pros and speak to one of our dentists. We’ll do everything to ensure each patient is seen in a timely manner. Even if a dental emergency were happen on Cove Island, our team in Stamford, CT will take great care of you.

Set an emergency appointment today to receive treatment immediately for that nagging pain.

Common Dental Emergencies our Stamford Dentists Provide

There are many reasons why patients in Stamford, CT, call us for help. Some call us for their regular cleaning, others visit us for teeth whitening, but most contact our office for dental emergency treatment.

Some common reasons why patients call us for urgent dental services are the following:


Loose Dental Crowns;

Broken Teeth;

Cracked Tooth or Teeth;

Bleeding Gums; 

Lost Fillings;

Broken Dentures or Brace Wires;

Gum Infection;

Dental Abscesses;

Other dental emergencies. 

The list of dental problems that you might encounter goes on. For a lost dental implant or mouth disease, visit our office in Stamford, Ct, immediately. Your dental problem may not be as simple as a toothache. Regardless, we have the skills and tools to provide you sound treatment.

A warm water rinse or cold compress can surely relieve pain and discomfort, but these are just temporary remedies. Immediate treatment is necessary if you want to address that dental emergency the soonest as possible.

Anything that impacts your smile is our priority. Do not hesitate to call our office and seek relief for that toothache problem. Contact Emergency Dental Pros today!

Can a licensed dentist save my knocked-out teeth?

The difficulties associated with a knocked-out tooth or teeth is definitely a disaster. If you are one of the many patients with a severe tooth problem, you should call one of our certified dentists asap.

To restore your beautiful smile, we always try to preserve your natural tooth rather than replace your teeth with a prosthetic. When you call our office for help, we’ll advise you to secure your knocked-out tooth and store it in a container with milk. Make sure not to hold it by the root to increase the chances we can save it.

The same goes if a crown falls. You must seek help from an experienced and licensed dental professional as soon as possible. Seeing a medical doctor might take time and defeat the purpose of saving your tooth. Remember, they do not have the proper training and lack the necessary tools to work on your tooth, implant, filling, or crown.

Call us for immediate attention so we can save and preserve your natural teeth. Your dental emergency will get a quick response from our team. We’ll restore that beautiful smile in no time.

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