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John Burrows Story: Enjoying the good life

The desire to maintain my dental health has been foremost on my list for many years. My major challenge was to find a good dental practice that will give me a great service. The powerful adverts set up by some dentists made me give them a try but I discovered that it was just hype. At a point, I grew tired of gambling with my dentition so I stayed away from searching for the right dentist. It was at this point that I went for a free health seminar in my neighborhood and everything changed for good. I will quickly share the testimonial of the man that helped me get a good dentist. I will implore that you read this with an open heart because it has the answers that you need.

Walk in Dentist Near MeMy first experience with a dentist was when I was seven years old. I had a tooth decay and required urgent dental attention. I can clearly remember how the dentist calmed my Mom and told her that he will handle the issue. In my mind, I did not fully understand the process but I knew that man knew his job. After my tooth was successfully removed, the man gave me a toy car because he said I was his son’s age. This made me develop a special liking for dentists so it was not surprising that I am an unpaid advocate for these professionals. What I am about to share is a recent event that will help anyone who pays attention.

I came to this City because I realized that it was the ideal place to start my business. After I settled down, I began to look for a good walk in dentist near me. I thought it was going to be easy-breezy but I was proved wrong. There was no place where I could verify the competence of the dentists that a few friends recommended. I thought about this and decided to do something to change the situation. I put a little ad on a community newspaper promising individuals huge discounts and coupons in my business with a little catch. I told them to share stories of dentists that have made a positive impression in their lives.

I never knew that the ad will get a wide coverage but I am glad at the results. A high number of the respondents talked about the professionalism in a walk in dentist office near me. They shared the different ways the man helped them through a challenging dental situation. In fairness to their reports, I would have said it had been doctored if I was not the one running the program. Most of the dentist walk ins near me did not come close to some of the things I read about this dental practice. This made me conclude that there must be something peculiar about the man. I quickly arranged a meeting to see him.

When I got to the office of this emergency walk in dentist near me, I told him about the ad in the community newspaper. He was surprised to hear the positive reports that his dental practice got from lots of individuals. I told him to share the secret behind his astounding success. He told me that he made a commitment while he was in dental school to put a smile on people’s face. He shared how he rose from a very disadvantaged background to become a dentist. He said he was simply giving back to everyone in the community because it is his way of touching the world.

I told him of a few dentist walk in near me that did not place priority on service like he did. The dentist mentioned that he will not blame some of his colleagues. He said most of them came into the profession due to the monetary rewards. He believed that they see their patients as a means to an end but that he held a different view. He knew that each life matters and money is a by-product that comes as a result of truly showing people that he cares. I was impressed by his response and had to circulate his ideas to other walk in dentists near me.

The general response from the dentists and patients is that this man has raised the bar of service in our city.


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