Prompt Emergency Dentistry in Aurora, IL

Your dental emergencies should always receive immediate attention. Ignoring a broken tooth, chipped teeth, and other dental emergencies can lead to severe tooth pain and further damage. But there is no reason to wait when our emergency dentist is ready and available 24 hours a day.molar extraction photo

Most Aurora, IL, dentists are only open during normal office hours. When you need immediate assistance during and after normal business hours, our emergency dentists are on call to ensure your chipped teeth or bleeding gum problem is addressed as soon as possible.

Seeing an emergency dentist quickly is critical to relieving the pain of a severe toothache. Ignoring your dental emergency and avoiding our emergency dental office can increase the risk of permanent damage to your teeth and result in more expensive treatment.

Our commitment to our patients is to provide excellent dental care. A knocked-out tooth, dental infection, cracked tooth, root canal problem, or gum issue can result in severe pain and put your general health at risk. Maintaining your dental health is essential, and our dental emergency experts are here to help.

Emergency dentistry is our expertise. To schedule an emergency appointment, call our Aurora dental office. Our trusted emergency dentist will provide professional dental care and relieve your pain as soon as possible. If you have dental insurance, great, if not we accept cash, credit cards and installment payments.

Why Call An Aurora Emergency Dentist?

Accidents are the leading cause of dental emergencies and they can cause real damage to your teeth and gums. When it comes to treating complex dental emergencies, our professional dental care experts will deliver comprehensive dental care and permanent solutions. Common dental emergencies such as a severe toothache, cracked teeth, mouth infection, or broken fillings should also receive immediate care.

Aurora Emergency Dental Pros local dentists can handle any emergency dental situation. We offer a variety of emergency dental services accessible 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week. Our team provides urgent dental treatment to patients in Aurora, IL, and the surrounding area.Emergency Dental Pros in Aurora, Illinois

Emergency Appointments

We will make sure you get the right treatment when you need it most. Call our local dentist to receive immediate attention for tooth pain or a knocked-out tooth. We understand how crucial emergency care is to you and your family. Call Aurora Emergency Dental Pros for an emergency walk-in appointment today.

For patients with a medical emergency, visit the nearest hospital emergency room.

Round the Clock Emergency Dental Care

24 Hour emergency dental care means you can often schedule a same-day appointment with our Aurora, Il, dental office. We are open during and after normal business hours. Even if your scheduled appointment is the same day, you should expect to receive a thorough examination of your teeth and attached tissue. Rinsing with warm water or applying a cold compress won’t make the pain go away on its own.

Skilled and Experienced Dental Emergency Experts

A regular dentist can perform a scheduled teeth cleaning, but not every dentist is trained to handle broken dentures, knocked-out teeth, or complicated tooth extraction. If you want an experienced emergency dentist, call us. Our dentists will use x-ray images to diagnose your mouth condition and design an individualized treatment plan.

Check-Up and Cleaning Services

Preventive care is essential to avoid or lessen the occurrence of dental emergencies. This applies to patients of all ages. You should schedule check-ups and cleanings for younger family members in a timely manner. During these scheduled visits, our team will check for possible tooth infections and diagnose any existing diseases. Our goal is to maintain your oral health and prevent costly treatments in the long run.

Smile Enhancement

Every new patient is concerned about the appearance of their smile. We understand how your smile can affect your self-esteem. Don’t let a missing or chipped tooth influence your daily life or hinder your interaction with others. Call our office and let our experts restore your smile with our advanced cosmetic treatments.

Knocked out or Broken Tooth Treatment

Even at Riverwalk Park you can end up with a broken or knocked-out tooth. To protect your mouth, cover the sharp edges of your broken teeth with orthodontic wax. Our emergency dentistry service will take over from there.

For a knocked-out tooth, don’t forget to place the tooth in a small container with milk and bring it to our office. Immediately following an accident, secure the tooth and place a wet gauze on the empty tooth socket until the bleeding stops.

For Urgent Dental Care, Call Emergency Dental Pros today!

Why suffer in silence? Our emergency dental care services are available seven (7) days a week. Contact our professional emergency dentist to receive same day treatment. Our emergency dentists have been relieving pain and restoring smiles of Aurora patients’ for many years.

For emergency dentistry, cosmetic repairs, or other urgent dental needs, call our office today!

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