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  emergency dental cincinnatiClose to 500,000 patients look for emergency dental services each year, according to research done on quality dental care. The sad fact is that even today many dental clinics are unable to provide excellent emergency dental services and many patients with dental problems are unsure if they should seek emergency dental care. Fortunately, a patient in Cincinnati won’t have to worry about the lack of quality emergency dental services. Our dental clinic specializes in providing top of the line, excellent emergency dental services in Cincinnati.

Emergency Services available for accidents and injuries

It’s impossible to prevent accidents, which remain the biggest culprits that affect teeth, thus calling for emergency Cincinnati dental service. Few facilities dedicate themselves to the provision of emergency services, and ours is one of them. We dedicate ourselves to providing customers with not only an emergency service but also general dental services. When in need of standard or cosmetic dental services, do not hesitate to call or visit us. Some of the most common conditions that force patients to go looking for a good dental clinic where they can get emergency services include:

  • Abscesses
  • Swollen gums
  • Infections on cuts inside the mouth
  • Broken teeth from accidents
  • Lost fillings and crowns
  • Broken dentures

Best Team of Dentists

  When you visit our clinic, you will find some of the best dentists in Cincinnati. Our dentists that have the best training and experience, and are thus capable of handling any emergency and providing timely solutions. If the emergency involves a bit of surgery, we’ll not keep you waiting long. You’ll receive information on the spot regarding the possibility of receiving surgery on the same day. Our emergency services are designed to ensure that the dental problem afflicting you doesn’t get any worse.

  Do not hesitate to come to us for urgent dental care as soon as you discover or suspect a problem with your oral health. When you go to a Cincinnati dentist and request emergency dental services, you need assurance and guarantees regarding his expertise when it comes to tooth care. We’ll provide you with the guarantees and more to help alleviate any concerns that you might have regarding the quality of services offered here. Moreover, our dentists have not only the training but also experience in handling a wide variety of dental problems that require emergency services in Cincinnati. There is nothing safer and better for a patient suffering any dental problem than the knowledge that he is in capable and experienced hands. This is what we guarantee all the time.

Non-discriminatory Services

Emergency Dental Pros

You never have to worry about making a first ever visit to any of our Cincinnati dentists. This is because we don’t discriminate against first-time visitors. We offer services that take care of any emergency need that a patient might have. If all that you need is consultation to provide you with an idea regarding where to go to when an emergency arises, we will be more than ready to spend time and explain the width and breadth of our services. We are happy to oblige you when making such a request. Our friendly staff will cater for and listen to all your concerns before responding professionally and sincerely.

Emergency Services focus on pain alleviation

  The emergency dental services that we provide help alleviate pain immediately. On the other hand, we don’t design our services to cater for pain alleviation only. When in need of emergency services, do not wait until tomorrow or the following week. Seek the emergency treatment today to prevent the dental problem from worsening. A simple activity such as taking a cold or hot drink could trigger intense pain that makes doing anything else an impossible and uncomfortable task. The pain could be indicative of an underlying problem. At our dental clinic, you will receive treatment for not only the pain but also the underlying problem.

  Initially, after receiving the emergency treatment, you shall discover a bit of sensation with the teeth upon taking a hot or cold drink where there had been none in the past. This should not make you worried, as the sensitivity shall disappear within no time.

Emergency services to protect teeth and prevent further damages

  Some problems could get worse and lead to further damaging of the teeth, supporting bone/tissues and gums. This is why we recommend going for and receiving emergency services as soon as possible. The emergency services we provide offer enhanced protection to your teeth. The emergency dental services prevent further damages from arising.

What patients can expect from us

  For patients complaining of intense pain and in need of some relief, we provide the following types of treatment.

-Intravenous sedation

-Nitrous oxide gas

Any patient who needs emergency services from us regarding fillings can choose from the following:

  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Tooth Coloring
  • Silver amalgam
  • Porcelain
  • Gold

What does choice of treatment depend on?

Before any of our dentists proceeds with the emergency treatment, they undertake a proper evaluation based on the following:

– Oral Examinations

– X-Rays

– Check-ups

The plan that any of our dentists follow requires information from the factors as mentioned earlier. With this information, we are then in a better position to advise each patient on the treatment that we consider the best. With this information, it’s much easier for us to recommend the best types of treatment. For that reason, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today when in need of any type of emergency treatment or service for an annoying, uncomfortable and painful dental problem.

Our team of specialized, urgent care Cincinnati dentists are proud to serve you. If you are looking for an Omaha emergency dentist or a 24 hour emergency dentist in a different location please check out our list of offices and locations.

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