24 Hour Portland Emergency Dentist

Our patients need quality care at all times when they visit their dentists. This is what we strive to provide with our services. Although we specialize in emergencies, this does not mean that any patient in need of regular checkups would have to turn away and look elsewhere. We’ve opened our doors to receive all types of patients. We offer a full range of dental services here, as you’ll notice below.

All Dental Emergencies Welcome 

Portland emergency dentalWhen you need emergency services in Portland, we recommend that you begin and end your search for the most reliable, professional and experienced group of dentists right here.

Some of the emergency and regular services that we provide include:

-Wisdom teeth
– Root canals
– Emergency Tooth Extractions
– Oral Sedation
– Swollen Jaw
– Broken teeth
– Abscessed teeth
– Cleanings
– Full or partial dentures
– Oral surgery
– Preventive care
– Cosmetic surgery
– Fillings
– Crowns

Our Outstanding Qualities

As leading dentists in Portland, Oregon our patients can expect the best services based on the following traits that make us stand out from the rest:

-We provide quick and efficient dental services

-Patients are free to take advantage of our same day appointments

-We are open seven days a week throughout the year

-Our scheduling is not only convenient but also flexible

weekend dentist

Comfort of patients

The comfort of our patients is an issue that we take seriously. This is why we go out of our way to make the visit as comfortable as possible to our patients. This is also the reason our company employs 24-hour dentists to treat you when you need them. We do this because of our understanding that urgent dental work can be a scary experience. The fact that our clinic is open to adults and children alike means that providing patients with comfortable services is not an option, but mandatory for us. Our ability to provide the best treatment solutions to any dental issue or problem that our patients bring to us is something for which we’re immensely proud.

When to seek our emergency services

We know that patients need dental services round the clock. It’s for this reason that our dental clinic remains open 24 hours every day of the year without fail. The need for a visit might crop up when

  • Patient suffers an injury
  • Patient develops a sudden illness

The need for immediate dental care never issues a warning. The problem crops up with the least warning. When a patient discovers that he has lost or cracked his fillings, our practitioner will be there to provide immediate care and the best treatment solutions. A broken tooth is as good a reason for a patient to come to our dental clinic for emergency dentistry as any.

When in need of a dentist, do not hesitate to give us a call and make the same day appointment. Do not panic when your crowns fall or break. If you need dental implants we can help with those as well. Get in touch with us, and we’ll be more than willing to eliminate the problem through some of our state-of-the-art treatment services.

What to expect from us

When you visit our Portland dental clinic for the first time, we’ll provide you with a thorough examination before commencing treatment. The analysis often includes but is never limited to comprehensive risk assessment as well as X-Rays. After treatment, our dentists shall provide you with a hands-on dental care plan. The care plan is unique in that it revolves around each patient’s immediate needs as well as current dental state and your oral health goals over the long-term.

Regardless of the exact type of services that a patient requires, we’re careful to clean your teeth during that initial visit. The cleaning is dependent on the recommendations that our dentists make after examining your mouth and dental health thoroughly. Therefore, don’t spend an extra minute at home in pain merely because you think there is no after hours dentist who is open on the weekend and provides 24-hour urgent care in Portland. We are open over the weekend to provide emergency dental services. When the area just behind the molar develops stabbing pain, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. If the pain occurs after business hours, you’ll find our dental clinic open and ready to serve you.

Professional Services

We never take the professionalism of our emergency Portland care lightly. We believe in taking a professional approach with all of our patients. We treat what afflicts your teeth presently and put some measures in place to help you overcome future problems if they arise. Therefore, when you come to us, expect a holistic approach to the dental treatment services that we provide. If you need general services, we are more than willing and equipped to provide these. If you need family or cosmetic services for your dental problems, we have the expertise needed to provide excellent treatment solutions.

For that reason, feel free to contact us for any dental services that you require. Do not hesitate to call us today for the best remedies regarding an emergency dental problem that has cropped up. Whether the problem occurs after hours or during the weekend, we are ready to provide you with the best treatment.

Why Do We Love Portland So Much?

Over 90% of our team was trained right here at OHSU or the Oregon Health & Science University. Here are some interesting facts that you may not have known: There are many different nicknames that Portland has acquired but the one it is most known for is the City of Roses. Alternatively, it is also known as Stumptown, P-Town, Bridgetown and PDX. It is also on the Willamette and Columbia rivers.

If you have a dental emergency in the Portland area, call us right away!

For more information on our beautiful city, please visit: PortlandOregon.gov


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