Emergency Dentist San Francisco, CA

It is important to mention that there are very few 24-hour dentists in San Francisco that offer what we do. Whenever the issue of a lost or chipped tooth occurs, we are your best bet to handle the situation. Also, we are open on Saturdays and you can call on us for emergency dental services/treatment. Our office is open every day, including weekends and it is important to call for prompt attention right now. We have been at the forefront of shaping the dental care industry in the Bay Area.

When you find out that something is wrong with your dental health; you do not need to second guess on the next step to take. We are the San Francisco emergency dental professionals that can take care of you. We believe that each procedure to relieve you of pain is the reason why we are leading the league in our niche. From the moment you place your call, we have experts who would be quick to examine you and offer the best solution.

Emergency Dental Care

A picture of a patient at a 24 hour dental clinicSan Francisco is exquisitely beautiful and is situated in the Northwestern part of the United States. It has a high-tech pull with companies like Google, a dynamic real estate market and a splendid culinary.

Despite the rich sense of this city, a sudden injury to the jaw or a cracked tooth can put your world in a spin. You will need to get immediate attention from an emergency dentist. We have been able to carry out different procedures with speed. Our commitment to addressing each need with speed has made us a renowned name in our niche. Each issue requires that we carry out an X-ray consultation and give you the best medication to handle any infection.

Everything we do is geared to make you comfortable. We have experienced and savvy emergency dental personnel who would quickly handle your pain. The good part of what we do is that our staff can see you on the spot but you can schedule an appointment that suits you. We provide antibiotics for infection and pain medication for your dental issues. We have more experience in handling severe injuries than the general dentists.

It is important to mention that each case is treated on a fresh basis. If you have had an X-ray in the past year, it is important to have a new one. The Gum line and jaws can change drastically with each passing month. Dental Implants, Gum Disease Treatment, Mouth guards, etc are some of the things we cover in our practice. There are many things that come to play when you want to work with a team that keeps you covered. People have suffered pain but our expertise would give you the relief you greatly desire.

Generally, we have established a system that is giving dynamic service across the board. Our office is built on our philosophy of providing top-notch dental care. We would continue to shape our field by extending our professionalism to a broader segment of patients around the San Francisco area.


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