Columbus 24 HR Emergency Dental Care

Dental emergencies can crop up at the worst hours or days of the week. When you are experiencing severe pain, the last thing you want is to wait until the regular business hours to receive treatment. Or perhaps, every dentist you want to book an appointment with says they’re too busy.

Your best course of action is to turn to a 24 hr emergency dentist in Columbus, Ohio. If you’re looking for a trusted dental emergency clinic to relieve your pain as soon as possible, then you can’t go wrong with Columbus Emergency Dental Pros.

As a top-rated dental practice, we utilize the latest technology and advanced dental services and techniques for delivering a seamless dental experience with fewer visits to our clinic. We take pride in going out of our way to ensure patients always receive the highest level of professional service whenever they need it.

Open 24 Hours to Meet Your Emergency Needsemergency dentist Columbus Ohio

At Emergency Dental Pros, we understand that without immediate treatment, some dental emergency issues can worsen quickly and lead to more serious complications. That’s why we are available round-the-clock and offer same-day appointments to provide high-quality dental services that address your urgent situation.

Don’t let that severe dental pain lock you inside your home while everyone heads out to enjoy the weekend. Our dental offices are open Saturday to restore your smile. Just give us a call today to connect with a skilled 24 hour dentist in Columbus, OH.

Certified and Highly Experienced Dentists

Our Columbus emergency dentists have all the necessary board qualifications and experience to provide patients with the most reliable oral healthcare solutions. With our expertise and wealth of experience, you can rest assured knowing that we can quickly identify and treat nearly any emergency dental issues, including:

· Broken or cracked teeth

· Swollen gums

· Abscess


· Lost fillings and crowns

· Broken dentures

· Foreign objects stuck between teeth

· Dislodged teeth ( partially or completely)

· Infected cuts and wounds inside the mouth

If your tooth has been severely damaged or infected, you will need an emergency tooth extraction in Columbus, OH. We will thoroughly examine and evaluate your oral health to make the most informed decisions. With us, you won’t undergo dental procedures you don’t necessarily need.

Our friendly Columbus emergency dental care specialists understand that many patients feel anxious when they’re in our offices. As a caring patient-centered company, we strive to make your experience positive. We will let you know what to expect during your treatment and ensure you feel relaxed and comfortable as much as possible.

Comprehensive Dental CarePicture of a professional dentist

Besides dental emergency care, we also specialize in other professional dental services. The team of skilled dentists we have onboard can perform teeth cleanings, checkups, restorative care, implants, crowns, dentures, cosmetic procedures, and more.

If we must refer patients to other oral surgeons, we promise to recommend colleagues who are carefully vetted and apply the same professional standards Ohio requires as our company.

If this is the case, we also make sure to recommend a professional that accepts your dental insurance (or we will help you figure out your best option).

What time does the dentist close?

Many local Ohio dentists are often available Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. These hours may be your working hours. Some dentists also have long waiting lists, and this might be quite inconvenient for anyone who needs urgent dental care in Columbus.

If your current dentist is not available when you need them the most, you will want to consult a Columbus emergency dentist at Emergency Dental Pros. Our 24-hour dental facility in Columbus, OH is prepared to alleviate your pain quickly.

Do dentists do walk ins?

Since the typical dental clinics can get booked up for several weeks or even months, chances are there is little room to accommodate a walk-in patient.

Instead of wasting time trying out your luck, it is a good idea to look for a walk in dentist to provide you with the immediate attention you deserve. Unfortunately, you won’t find tons of dentists offering walk-in appointments. But do not worry as we have you covered!

Contact us today

For professional and reliable emergency dental in Columbus, Ohio call us to schedule an appointment immediately. Don’t wait! The issue could get worse and cause you so much pain and discomfort, disrupting your daily life.

We hope that by now you realize what so many other of our customers already have, that we are the best choice when it comes to dental in Columbus, OH. Call us right away to get to get seen by an Ohio dentist you can trust.

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