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The capacity to serve as urgent care dentists in Long Island demands a high level of professionalism. The pain of a swollen gum, trauma as a result of broken teeth from an accident, abscesses, etc.; require urgent emergency dental care. Each emergency dentist in our staff has the requisite experience to deal with any dental challenge. One of the things that mark us out is our 24-hour service schedule that enables us to handle every situation with prompt dispatch. Many individuals have been saved from agonizing tooth pain or damage based on our expertise.

We have seen a growing number of people who can attest to the fact that urgent dental care has saved them from a terrible situation. We place our 24-hour dentist service schedule at the top of our operational framework. When you require immediate dentistry to fill that tooth, it has to be done with speed. Our philosophy to alleviate the pain of our clients has made us open Saturdays and Sunday. No one knows when the need to get immediate help from a dentist would arise.

Dental Emergency Care – “We Come to Your Rescue”

A picture of one of our patients during a dental emergencyIn the light of the things we do, we have averaged a sizable number of visits to our weekend dentist. These stem from those who accidentally hurt their teeth while eating or those who gums suddenly became inflamed. We are poised to keep leading the frame of operations in our niche. We open late to cater to people who may be passing through town and have a dental emergency or for those who live in our area. A look at the numbers provided by research shows that half a million people have dental emergencies each year.

Our after hours dental service caters for accident victims who have experienced damage to their teeth. We have seen the various complications that arise due to an accident. It is expedient to mention that our staff is practically trained to have full mastery in handling emergency situations. Issues such as bleeding from the gum, hole in the teeth, damage to your dentition, etc.; are things we can control based on our expertise. The good news about what we do is that we offer our services at fairly priced rates. Many clients have been saved from a life threatening situation because we are committed to caring for people.

Here is a list of some of the common conditions that require emergency dental treatment:

  • Infections or Cuts inside the mouth
  • Broken Dentures
  • Lost Fillings and Crowns
  • Swollen Gums, etc

Each of the conditions mentioned above is merely a fraction of some of the things that can make anyone require an emergency dentist. There is an extensive list of the things we do to safeguard your dental health. Also, it is important to mention that we have aligned our practice with the requirements of the National Dental Association. Every time you walk into our clinic, you are guaranteed of the best possible dental care that you can find. The search for the experts in the dental world could be complex if you do not know where to search. We have earned the name as one of the leaders in this industry in every range.

A picture of one of our urgent care dentists smiling for our patients to seeThere are situations that may require surgery for the health issue to be corrected. We can give you an on-the-spot assessment to determine what is ideal for you. Most times, many factors determine the best treatment for our clients. We run through your records, ascertain the state of your overall health before we proceed with our plan. However, if it is necessary to carry out surgery, our emergency team has the competence to deliver with speed. We keep honing our skills to match the realities that are prevalent in our contemporary times. You cannot be lost in the crowd when you walk with us.

It is sad to mention that dental issues which are not addressed promptly can degenerate into very complex situations. Emergency dental care is not just to salvage you from the trauma or pain you are going through; the aim is to ensure the stability of your dental health. A quick or timely response to any issue you face could be the difference between a recurring challenge or a lasting solution to the problem. We weigh our options and focus on the best plan that would give you the requisite peace of mind. Our priority remains to give each client the access to a 24-hour dentist that would always be there when you need them.

The size of Long Island must not be misconstrued as a safety net for picking anyone as your emergency dentist. Most individuals assume that this location would naturally have many emergency dental experts to cater to their needs. In a sense, this is true but to get the best service; it is important to do your research. We are not just a brand; we have continued to run our service to match the expectations of the client. Our staff has pulled together many years of experience in this industry, and we are proud to state that no matter the urgent care or ambulatory situation, we have you covered.

The consultation service that we run helps us to address people’s dental concerns in a professional manner. There are times when people assume that they have a severe dental challenge but our consultation with them would prove otherwise. Our quest is to create a system where everyone knows that their interests are well protected. Each of our Emergency dentists is friendly, courteous and professional in handling all your issues. We are open to deal with any unforeseen circumstance between we are fully prepared to handle emergencies.

Certain tips can help anyone to deal with an emergency dental issue. However, it is always advisable to go a step further by getting professional help. We have continued to set the pace in the emergency dental world, and we would not rest despite our accomplishments. Do contact us today for the best emergency dental service in Long Island.




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