Breweries in Portland

Wine lovers have the California wine valley. Beer lovers have Portland, Oregon. And, not many cities have a website, Twitter and Instagram accounts dedicated entirely to its beer and brewery industry!


Portland has been nicknamed Beervana by beer enthusiasts who flock from all over the world to its breweries and festivals. It’s home to more than 70 craft breweries. Toss a coin and it’s likely to land in front of a brewery!




The beer revolution began rather inauspiciously in 1984 with the opening of BridgePort Brewing and Widmer Brothers Brewing in the Pearl District. They are still part of the city’s vibrant beer scene and offer daily tours and plenty of pints and tastings. These two were followed in1985 by McMenamins Southwest Portland with the city’s first brewpub.


Within a few years, other brew masters began opening Portland locations in search of the city’s burgeoning beer crowds. Rogue Brewing Hood River’s Full Sail opened breweries. Rogue opened in the Pearl District and Hood River’s along the Hood River in 1987.


The 1990’s saw a boost of brewery startups. Lompoc Brewing has been making beer and opening locations since 1993 while Lucky Labrador Brewing Company opened in a 1925 history building. Hair of the Dog opened in the 1990’s and quickly developed a cult following.


The new millennium didn’t slow the brewery openings down. More have popped up as interest in craft beers continues to grow. The Common Brewery is a popular nano-brewery and Groundbreaker Brewer offers gluten-free ale. Occidental Brewing offers European-style brewing for those who prefer old-fashioned brews!




This comprehensive beer website is a beer geek’s paradise of beer information and statistics!


Their Beer Finder lets you set your ranges on IBUs, ABV, and even color! You can learn about any “recently mentioned beers”. Their “near beers” page is an interactive map allowing you to find the latest 100 beers mentioned. It’s likely you’re close to at least one of the establishments serving beers.  Lastly, the website provides any and all details you’ll ever need about beers at any of Portland’s bars!



Portland Breweries:


Alameda Brewhouse

Amnesia Brewing Company

Beetje Brewery

Breakside Brewery

Bridgeport Brewing

Burnside Brewing Co.

Cascade Brewing

Coalition Brewing

Columbia River Brewing Co.

Deschutes Brewery

Green Dragon

Hair of the Dog Brewing Company

Hopworks Urban Brewery

Laurelwood Brewing Co.

Lompoc Brewing

Lucky Labrador Brewing

MacTarnahan’s Brewing

The Mash Tun


Migration Brewing

Natian Brewery

Old Market Pub & Brewery

Upright Brewing

Widmer Brothers





Oregon has 234 brewing facilities run by 194 companies in 72 cities across the state.


Brewery 2014 numbers by city and region*:


  • 61 in Portland — 91 in the Portland Metro Area
  • 13 in Eugene — 42 in the Willamette Valley
  • 24 in Bend — 31 in Central Oregon
  • 6 in Medford — 24 in Southern Oregon
  • 5 in Astoria — 24 in The Coast
  • 2 in Baker City/Ontario — 12 in Eastern Oregon
  • 5 in Hood River — 10 in Mt. Hood/The Gorge
  • Oregon ranks #1 in breweries per capita
  • Oregon ranks #1 in percent spent on craft beer
  • 17% of the country’s hops is produced in Oregon
  • $2.83 billion economic impact on the state
  • State’s beer industry creates more than 30,000 jobs




Although many think of Germany first when they think of beer, true beer aficionados think of Portland as the Beer Capitol of the World. What began as a small beer movement in the 1980’s has grown into a global industry with the city’s beers shipped worldwide. The city is also has more micro-breweries than any other city in the world.






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