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When you have a sudden toothache, sleeping, eating, working, and even concentrating can be a struggle. Scheduling an appointment with our emergency dentist is your first step to eliminate pain permanently and keep your teeth looking their best.dentist ready for tooth extraction photo

Whether you need a dental abscess treatment or a wisdom tooth extraction, Emergency Dental Pros is simply the best emergency dental care provider in Chula Vista, CA. We have a team of round-the-clock emergency dentists equipped with top-of-the-line dental facilities to assist patients within the city and areas nearby.

Emergency Dental Pros specializes in providing efficient, affordable, and 24-hour dental care solutions. We understand how painful a root canal infection can be so it’s good to know you can always get assistance from our certified emergency dentist.

Chula Vista patients are often able to schedule a same-day or next-day appointment. Whenever a knocked-out tooth, lost filling, or abscess strikes, our emergency dental services will bring you relief. We serve patients in San Diego, Chula Vista, and other areas in California.

Check our website for a list of emergency dental services we provide. Our emergency dentist in Chula Vista promises a pain-free treatment for your infection, mouth injury, dental trauma, broken tooth, and other dental emergencies.

Give us a call if you or your family members need an emergency dentist. You can visit our local address or dial our phone number to get a same-day appointment. Find a dentist that is not only experienced but also accessible after office hours. Let us help you manage your pain and maintain your oral health.

At Chula Vista Emergency Dental Pros, we bring back beautiful smiles.

What are the most common dental emergencies?

Some dental care can be delayed for a day or two, but emergencies need to be addressed immediately. Severe tooth pain and dental trauma require immediate attention but a broken denture may be repaired the next day. If you’re unsure what to do, call our dental office in Chula Vista, CA as soon as possible.

If you have any of the dental emergencies listed below, please schedule an urgent appointment with our dental emergency expert.

Severe Tooth Pain

A patient should never ignore a toothache that is causing unbearable pain. This can be an indication of a severe problem such as an abscess or root canal infection. You may try rinsing with warm water or applying a cold compress while you wait for an emergency dentist. Over-the-counter pain medication can also help. These are only temporary remedies, so be sure to follow up with prompt dental care and immediate treatment. Painful nights are sleepless nights, so schedule an appointment with Emergency Dental Pros as soon as possible.

Tooth Injury

Common dental emergencies are typically the result of trauma and should receive quick emergency care. An accident can cause teeth to loosen or become dislodged. When you have a loose or missing tooth, contact our dental emergency expert in Chula Vista, CA. Our 24-hour dentist will check your tooth and provide full cosmetic dentistry restoration. We discourage patients from attempting to repair their own teeth. Instead, seek professional dental care immediately.

Broken or Knocked-out Tooth

Accidents are inevitable, especially if you are into extreme sports or activities. If you ever had to deal with broken or missing teeth, you know there is no time to waste. On average, a dentistry expert only has two hours to place a tooth back in its socket after being knocked out. You may rinse with a salt and water solution and place the tooth in a container with milk or salty water. Please schedule an appointment with our local dentist or visit our dental center immediately.Emergency Dental Pros in Chula Vista, California

Cracked Fillings or Lost Crowns

Like most dental injuries, a broken filling or a lost crown should receive dental emergency service promptly. You should never attempt to repair a fractured tooth, broken filling, or lost crown on your own. Make sure to contact one of our emergency dentists to address the problem.

Why seek urgent care?

A dental emergency is something you should address right away. When you have issues with your teeth and gums, or oral health problems, don’t wait. Your dental needs are as important as your medical needs.

If you are at Cabrillo National Monument with a tooth problem and are unsure if you need emergency care, call our phone number or head to our local dental center to speak to our experts. Even minor issues can lead to severe infection if not treated right away.

Smiles are important to us. Call us for any issues concerning your teeth and gums. Our emergency dental services are available 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week. We have a great dental group, experienced and certified to help you and your family.

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