Cincinnati Schools

Cincinnati University

The city of Cincinnati has a number of highly rated schools and universities. As far as education is concerned, this is a city that is force to reckon with. The following is a listing of the very best schools that the area has to offer. The listing includes private, public, parochial, charter and collegiate level schools.

Kilgour Elementary School

Kilgour is a public elementary level school, whose principal is Angela M. Cook. There are 483 students that attend the school and there is a student teacher ratio of 21:1. Their teachers are among the most highly trained within the area. Their collective training and education includes the following:

Greater than 50% have at least a Master’s Degree

Greater than 20% have obtained a Master’s
Equivalent Bachelor’s Degree

All teachers have a minimum of a Bachelor’s

There is a daily attendance rate of 97% for
their staff

Sands Montessori Elementary School

Sands Montessori is a public middle school whose principal is Julie E. Ayers. There are 648 students with a student to teacher ratio of 23:1. Montessori education is an educational approach that was developed by the Italian educator and physician Maria Montessori (1870-1952). This method is characterized by emphasizing the respect for a child’s natural psychological development, freedom within limits and independence.

Sands Montessori follows the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) and the American Montessori Society (AMS) essential classroom elements that are as follows:

Classrooms that have mixed ages for students
aged 3 to 6, 6 to 9 and 9 to 12

Student choice of activity within a range of
options that has been prescribed

Blocks of worktime that is uninterrupted

A “discovery model” in which students will learn
concepts due to working with materials as opposed to direct instruction

Specialized materials that have been expressly
developed by Ms. Montessori as well as her collaborators.

Academy for Multilingual Immersion Studies

The Academy for Multilingual Immersion Studies is a Spanish immersion school that is located in the heart of the Roselawn community of Cincinnati, Ohio. This public school emphasizes a research based method of teaching students how to understand, write, read, speak and comprehend in a new language. The teachers at the Academy for Multilingual Immersion Studies teach in Spanish. All of the subjects are taught within the language which means that the students learn far more than simple conversational Spanish.

Walnut Hills High School

This is a nationally recognized college preparatory school that is for student in grades7th through 12th. The student
body consists 2,400 members and is the most culturally diverse within the area. Upwards of 87% of the school’s
graduates move forward with advanced standing. Every student of Walnut Hills High Schools consistently passes all
portions of the Ohio Proficiency Test and they are accepted into the country’s finest colleges and universities.

The University of Cincinnati

The University of Cincinnati was originally founding in the year 1819. Since its founding it has been the source of
a number of discoveries that have resulted in the creation of positive change for society. These changes have included
the discovery and original implementation of the oral polio vaccine as well as co-op education. This is a university
that is highly diverse not only in its student body highly diverse, but so is its staff and its course offerings.

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