Precision Emergency Dentist Columbia, SC

Finding a trusted dentist is difficult, especially if you are a new resident of Columbia. The internet has many options, but there is no guarantee that you will end up with a dentist that has the proper skill.happy smiling male dentist photo

There is no need to search for an “emergency dentist near me” or wait for the nearest oral care expert to become available. Columbia Emergency Dental Pros is available during and after business hours, every day of the week.

Our oral experts are certified by the American Dental Association. They are skilled and experienced at handling these and other dental emergencies:

  • Chipped Tooth
  • Severe Toothache
  • Knocked out Tooth
  • Dental Injury
  • Broken Denture
  • Mouth Sore
  • Root Canal Infection
  • Other Emergency Cases

A dental emergency is best handled with a quick visit to the dentist. Call our team or visit our office to schedule an appointment.

Prompt and Reliable Emergency Dental Care

If a sudden, acute toothache or damaged permanent tooth happens at Riverbanks Zoo & Garden, Emergency Dental Pros and its staff are ready to give you the treatment you need. You can’t anticipate when you will need emergency dental care.

Receiving fast emergency dental care can be the difference between saving your natural tooth or not. We recommended that you see one of our emergency dentists for immediate help.

Taking action immediately is very important. This can help you avoid further bleeding, swelling, and infection. Ignoring problems with your teeth and gums can put your oral health at risk, and that’s the last thing you want to happen.

If you are dealing with broken teeth, infected root canals, loose fillings, or other dental emergencies you want to contact a reliable emergency dentistry company – that’s us. We offer top-quality dental services to patients in the greater Columbia, South Carolina area.Emergency Dental Pros in Columbia, South Carolina

Can You Treat A Severe Toothache at Home?

Tooth pain is a very common dental emergency. And considering this oral issue happens frequently, some patients will try to manage it using home remedies. But these only offer temporary relief.

Decayed teeth, abscesses, or any form of bacterial infection can cause pain for hours. Thanks to the internet and DIY home remedies, patients can find help to alleviate pain . But we still recommended you call our office and schedule an appointment with one of our dental professionals.

You can manage the situation when a toothache strikes with a warm salt water rinse. If there is swelling, grab an ice pack and apply a cold compress. If it persists, you can take over-the-counter medicines while you wait for our dental emergency expert.

Skip the emergency room and let our skilled Columbia dentist save your natural tooth. If necessary, we can schedule a same-day extraction.

We’ll provide you with the treatment and aftercare services you need.

Call our team and schedule an appointment today!

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