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A common problem that leads to people in California to call an emergency dentist is difficult and unexpected toothaches. This can happen anytime and can cause long, sleepless nights.

A little cavity could became large and require treatment with root canal medication. Severe pain in your mouth could signal potential gum disease problems, causing the gums to recede and exposing the tooth and roots. Both situations can cause excruciating pain demanding urgent care. If so, it is a must to see our emergency dentist – Concord, CA.

Whether it’s a problem with your porcelain veneers, crowns, teeth, gums, or newly installed braces, it is best to schedule an appointment with our reliable concord dentist and seek treatment immediately.

It’s not easy to find a nearby dental clinic in Concord, CA, and it could take a lot of back and forth searching before you finally find your perfect match.

Call Emergency Dental Pros and schedule your first consultation. Skip the prolonged, excruciating pain while you look for an experienced Concord dentist.

For our list of emergency dental care services, please visit our official site. We have all the procedures listed for our patients to view. You can also call us to inquire about available payment methods and insurance processes.

Our dental care experts can replace loose crowns, fix broken teeth and restore your smile the same day you see us for help. Your oral health impacts your general well-being, so any dental issues should be addressed promptly.

How do you manage dental pain?

A dental emergency can be a traumatic experience, especially for new patients. When this happens at a place like the Concord Pavilion, beautiful smiles are impacted which can affect your general health, especially when immediate help is not available.

We understand the discomfort and suffering new patients go through when a knocked-out tooth or infection strikes after regular business hours. This is why we ensure our patients are aware of effective ways to manage their dental emergency while waiting for their appointment.

Here is a list of practical home treatments to help you feel more comfortable while you wait for care if you can’t get into our Concord office right away:

  • Rinse with warm water to soothe painful gums and teeth.
  • Place ice packs on the outside of your cheek.
  • For a broken tooth, do not touch the root. Place the tooth back in its natural socket or cheek pouch.
  • Jaw discomfort may be treated with heating pads.
  • Chewing shouldn’t be done near an injury to prevent further damage.
  • Cotton can be placed over a fractured tooth’s sharp edge to support and shield your mouth’s soft tissues.

Our site has tips to help you take control of the situation. We’ll restore your smile the right way when you see us for emergency dental care.

Non-Emergency Treatment We Offer

Aside from being your emergency dentistry partner, we also offer services that can be scheduled at a convenient time.

  • Cosmetic dentistry;

  • General Dentistry;

  • Family Dentistry;

  • Orthodontics;

  • Dental Implants;

  • Crowns and Dentures

We are experts in resolving dental emergencies such as lost teeth, broken dentures, gum infections, and more. But our team of dental experts is also trained to handle whitening, veneers, and extractions for you and your family.

So whether you are a patient in need of root canal therapy or routine cleaning, you can call our Concord dentist immediately.

Our office is accessible to all patients coming from Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, and other areas in Concord, CA. Check our official site or visit our office to find the service you need to relieve pain and get a healthier smile.

We are open Monday to Sunday, 7:00 am to 6:00 pm. Our representatives are available to take your calls after hours. You can reach out to us by calling the number on our official site.

Emergency Dental Pros is your trusted dental care partner, and we are here for you every day of the week!

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